Hotel Tribeca Viamonte in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires became my first place of passage on the trip through Argentina, Uruguay and Antarctica 2009, both when arriving from Spain and when returning from Uruguay.

Buenos Aires, located on the banks of the Río de La Plata, is the capital of Argentina. Currently around 3 million inhabitants, but if you look at its urban area are already more than 12 million, being one of the 20 largest agglomerations in the world and the second in South America.

The accommodation criteria for a city like this was not very clear at the beginning. Finally, I chose to place myself in the heart of the nerve center, which would allow me to "kick" the main attractions of the city. And so it was, the Tribeca Viamonte Buenos Aires It is located in 1373 of Viamonte, just one block from Avenida 9 de Julio, the largest in the world next to the Monumental Axis of Brasilia.

To manage your reservation can be done in many ways, from your Web page, even internet managers, or also take advantage that if you fly with Aerolineas Argentinas they give you a 50% discount (as it puts in the airline's magazine). This was my case, and I managed it, just like the flight, with Tuareg trips.

The approximate price of this accommodation is around $ 50-60 USD per room and night in individual regime.

If we talk about your Location, as we discussed earlier, it is located a few minutes from the Obelisk and next to the Teatro Colón.

The rooms They are modern and spacious, taking advantage of what was an old office building. In the same proportion we also find bathrooms spacious enough It has 45 rooms / suites with king beds.

If we talk about cleaning, dating back to the 1996 building and having been completely restored and converted into a hotel in 2004, it is in perfect condition and looks very new.

Other outstanding services are LCD television, WIFI in the room, air conditioning, etc.

Let's make a "GUIDED VISIT of the hotel already back from the trip ...

Without a doubt, the first big impression of the hotel is its very good Location, right in the center, on Viamonte street and within walking distance of major city visits. In addition, just three blocks away is the Steakhouse / Grill La Chacra, possibly the place of the whole trip where I ate the best, and one block away from Avenida 9 de Julio

The second big impression was upon entering the room (Impression that takes me 2 times, since they gave me 2 different rooms in the many times I appeared for the accommodation on the trip). A very spacious room, tastefully decorated, with all kinds of services (wifi, LCD television, table with chairs, telephone, refrigerator, coffee and tea and even microwave!)

He bathIn addition to being spacious and perfectly clean, it has all kinds of gels and soaps as well as a hair dryer. The bathtub is large, the shower and hot water work correctly and the mirror is large.

I would like to highlight two other services:

- He breakfast It is served in the hotel bar / restaurant, which is next to the reception. Without being copious, if it is more than correct, being able to choose between several options of pastries.

- The reception and its employees They are exceptional in all aspects. They let you have the phone in case of need, they answer any questions, they worry that everything is correct and they don't worry until everything is solved. A ten for them.

The we would recommend? Well, certainly. It is a good and economical option to stay in the center of Buenos Aires. If you had to put a counter, this would be that at night the city of Buenos Aires has seemed, at least in this area, dangerous. Maybe it's just an impression, but I wouldn't recommend walking out late. Otherwise, fully recommended by CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac, from Buenos Aires (Argentina)