Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon of Iceland (what you should know)


They can tell you that if it is a very touristy place, that if it has become an attraction and many other topics… and yes! It is true, but the only fact that the prestigious National Geographic or Count Nast Traveler chose it among their 25 natural wonders or best healing spa in the worldsays a lot about Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon of Iceland and today we were not going to miss the opportunity to visit it and tell you everything you need to know (prices, book in advance, water temperature, where it is and all the advice we bring) after our own experience.

This natural spa, being very close to the international airport, is also an extraordinary option to consider it on a large scale to other destinations (Greenland, Alaska, ...) or for a first / last day of your route on the island.

What exactly is Blue Lagoon or the Blue Lagoon of Iceland?

It was in the late 70s when this whole area of ​​Svartsengi began to be exploited using underground steam to generate electricity. However the water with more silicon component It is not used by the main factory and is spill into an artificial lake. Do you guess which one? The curative effects of these salts do not go unnoticed and after years in which the Icelanders use it for their own baths, in 1987 they open to the public and in 1999 a complex with restaurants and shops around the lagoon that is still growing today ( a new hotel will open soon)

!! We are facing 350 m2 !! of the most impressive (and unique) turquoise blue waters in the world, located in a lava field in Grindavík (Reykjanes Peninsula).

My experience at Blue Lagoon (from when you arrive until you leave)

Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon of Iceland It is just 20 minutes drive from Keflavík International Airport and 40 minutes from Reykjavik, as we do on our last day. They have given us time for 1:30 pm (you must do the online booking and choose yours) so we will surely take advantage until 17'00 all we can (although then you can not be so much time there). The parking is immense so you have no problems parking

After a sign indicating the path, we enter through the lava fields that lead us to the entrance door of a large main complex. There, with your printed ticket, you put yourself in the corresponding queue to be given the bracelet that will allow you to do EVERYTHING (buy what you want, open and block your locker, have a beer ...) and you'll settle your account on departure

BLUE LAGOON SCHEDULES (open all year):

09:00 - 21:00 in high season (June to August included)
10:00 - 20:00 in low season (September to May)
The Blue Lagoon LAVA restaurant is open between 11:30 AM and 8:30 PM (in summer until 9:00 PM).

In my case, although I had Standard input (UPDATE 2018: It no longer exists), I accessed a upgrade Comfort(7,400 ISK) since I knew that that cold beer bathing at 38-40ºC was not going to be missing and it came out better in price (below I talk about this). From there, in separate dressing rooms man / woman, with swimsuit, flip flops, towel and bathrobe (these last two gave them to me even if I had my own towel just in case), you leave your belongings in some Intuitive lockers that close / open with your unique bracelet.

Leaving the showers and toilets behind, you access through a door to the common area where a small indoor pool and a small shop / bar service, offers you what you might be missing. In my case, something that had not occurred to me, a waterproof case for the mobile (2,900 ISK) that leaves it tight and allows you to take some "decent picture".

And that is when you ask yourself ... Where am I going with this cold? Even at 5ºC does the temperature reach outside and, without raining, the day is quite unpleasant. So many people in the water can't be wrong ...

You leave your bathrobe and flip flops in a place enabled for it, you stick the mandatory shower and you start a career up the stairs. What a cold pussy! You put the first foot, then the second ... and! ZAS!, You realize that paradise must be something similar to this and it must have been what the "National Geographic Currant" felt when he arrived at this place years ago. One of the 25 wonders of the world? I do not know but a lagoon of turquoise blue at 38-40ºC with healing effects and so large that you do not feel overwhelmed at any time could you enter that description perfectly

From that moment on, the experience increases according to "navigating" aimlessly along the "pond." A area with saunas or hammam, a waterfall that gives massages or banks of Jabota it's my first option

The Stardard ticket pack includes a silicon mask which is located in a kind of kiosk in the central part of the Blue Lagoon. With the Comfort you have the option of a second seaweed purifying mask which you can also add to your basic bracelet for 450 ISK.

Towards the bottom of the lake is the geothermal factory and a series of metal pipes. For me it was the best area because the water increased its temperature a little more, obtaining a unique feeling of well-being. Well, it's not quite true, the best moment was this ...

Need to explain how you know a very cool beer bathing at high temperatures in healing waters? Healthy inside and out ... that's why a second one (1,150 ISK) also fell and no more because I lost Hugo, haha

The experience does not end in the water. Once you go out, you take a shower and you change (there are hair dryers, mirrors and everything you need), you go out to the common area where you can find souvenir shops, aesthetic products and even a clinic where they treat skin problems, such as psoriasis or hives.

It also has two bars / restaurants, one buffet and one with a bar, where you can eat sandwich, salads and other types of simple meals while watching the lagoon behind the glass

Those who prefer to take advantage of the day to continue to treat themselves, have in the Blue Lagoon LAVA restaurant An extraordinary option with the best dishes of Iceland like the shrimp cream I tried (2600 ISK) !! The best I've eaten these days !!

At the scheduled time, Damian was waiting for us to move back to Reykjavik. It doesn't even have to say the "downturn" after such a long time at these temperatures is great ... and I fell round in the van! From there I did not get up today nor an erupting volcano

What kind of tickets can I book? !In advance!

It is important to know that, as its own official website indicates, it is necessary to have a reservation made in advance To be able to enjoy their services with a pre-set time and although they are somewhat flexible with possible delays, they will not be with another set of terms that include in their conditions.

exist 4 3 (since 2018) types of tickets that include different services In your pack: STANDARD, COMFORT, PREMIUM and LUXURY RETREAT SPA. This is what each one includes

Where to book your ticket? Although it may seem obvious to do so with its official website, we are going to give you a little trick oralternative if you want to value. In their terms and cancellation policy says clearly that if you want to cancel or MODIFY your date You will have to do it in writing to an email, in advance and losing 1,400 ISK and that, otherwise, you will lose everything if you do it with less than 24h, 50% between 1-3 days and 10% if it is more.

How to do it without losing anything? Do it with an agency! In that same policy he says that this is only valid if you take it with them. In our case we were going through the Polar Lands that did the paperwork but, in case you go free, you have an excellent alternative in a small group tour to the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon what includes Pick up and drop off at the hotel, visit the Golden Circle (Kerid volcanic crater, Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Strokkur geysers, Gullfoss waterfall, ...) and end the day relaxing at Blue Lagoon with comfort entrance included and with the benefit of being reimbursed 100% up to 24 hours before.

Why take the Comfort entrance? Whatever your preferences, if you buy the most basic you can do an upgrade there when you go in simply paying the difference. However, if you take the Premium, then you will not be able to request the refund if you were not going to use any of its extra services such as the second mask.

What do I do if I don't get a ticket to Blue Lagoon? Do not leave for the last minute the purchase of your ticket (then do not tell us that we do not notify you). In high season you may have to do it up to 1 month in advance. If this is your case and you have not achieved a ticket for the day you wanted to rate an option not too well known yet,a natural water spring in a small town called Fludir, its name the Secret Lagoon. Even if you go in winter you have a choice of Secret Lagoon excursion with dinner. Can you imagine seeing northern lights while enjoying a relaxing hot bath in the thermal pool?

9 tips you should know before visiting Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon

After our experience (and with everything explained) we leave you a series of tips that you should know before visiting Blue Lagoon:

1. Do not forget to book the entry in advance either in your official Web as optimizing your day with asmall group tour to the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. They clearly notify you on their website!
2. Take your own flip flops and swimsuitIf you want to enjoy the experience and save a few euros. With the entry Comfort will be more than enough in that case. The towel is included and, if you forget, the swimsuit can be rented there for 700 ISK each and bathrobe or flip flops for 1,400 ISK each one too.
3. If you have any GoPro water or action camera with housing, it is the ideal place to take it with you. Otherwise you can buy one for the mobile for 2,900 ISK
4. Bring you a plastic bag It may be a good idea to put flip flops and wet swimsuit when you're done.
5. If you are cold, despite the good water temperature, you will find in the bar area and under the pool bridge the hotter water areas, in addition to the lake closest to the factory
6. You do not need to bring anything to shower more deeply at the end of your bathing experience, although we are talking about a crowded blue lagoon, it contains some 10 million liters of water changed every 40 hours
7. You may want to spend the day there before going. Believe me if I tell you that with 2-3 hours is more than enough. If you want some extra treatment or to eat quietly in the restaurant of Lava, it is worth staying 3-4 hours but does not give for more than half a day (in my opinion)
8. If you go to have a beer or drink in the extra pool, has 1,150 ISK. Remember that the first drink is included (yes, also the beer)
9. They will tell you that there are dozens of thermal pools in Reykjavik and in other parts of the island. Yes, it is true, but (also in my opinion) although it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iceland and has many people, you can't leave Iceland without enjoying this experience in a landscape of unique lava fields and in these waters rich in silicon and microalgae, only comparable to the Nature Baths of Lake Myvatn

Tomorrow it is time to face the return journey after an exciting week in the South of Iceland. Something tells me that today I will sleep like never before. And you, Do you think you could resist a turquoise-blue lagoon at 38-40ºC with healing effects and a very cool beer in hand? It's Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon of Iceland

Isaac, from Reykyavik (Iceland)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 14,050 ISK (approx. 117.08 EUR)