15 fashion trips… for this summer's vacation!


Are you already clear about your vacation this summer? Traditional or exotic? Near or far? As every year it is time to do the Last call with the destinations that sound the most for this year and we will do it in two batches, one dedicated to adventure travel and this one dedicated to more traditional trips. Do you already guess which are the trendy ones that are hitting hard?

We already went to Riviera Maya a few years ago with one of these offers so to take a look you don't lose anything

The 10 most wanted trips this summer

Indeed, national destinations continue to be the main list. 7 of the 10 most wanted trips by travelers are within our country. Do you want to meet them?

1. Tenerife, a classic that never fails

Excellent weather, nature starting with the same Teide, third largest volcano in the world from its base and World Heritage by UNESCO, charming villages and hamlets or viewpoints that make you feel giant. Not long ago we told you and is that the Atlantic island never disappoints.

2. Menorca, our great discovery last year

We met her last year for the first time and we fell in love. Menorca is the closest thing to paradise without leaving Spain, with the best coves that look like swimming pools, an enviable gastronomy and enviable hiking and nature routes without leaving aside its prehistoric legacy.

3. Mallorca, a destination that has it all

No need to describe Mallorca too much. We begin to discover it from a very young age and today it is synonymous with beaches and coves of world prestige, culture, water sports, fun and a lot of family tourism. If you decide that your summer vacations go through Mallorca, surely you are not mistaken.

4. Lanzarote, the favorite to disconnect

Lanzarote has become an island designed for relaxation and disconnection for a few days, especially for couples, retirees (foreigners come to have a second home here) and families, with all kinds of facilities and an island to discover.

5. Gran Canaria, a trip that we still have pending

We were about to go last year but finally another trip crossed our path. Almost 60km of beaches under a soft sun, wellness tourism and a western part declared a Biosphere Reserve, are enough incentives to consider it in your list of options.

6. Punta Cana, preferred by couples and for honeymoons

Those who imagine those beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters in the Caribbean will find their paradisiacal tourist destination in Punta Cana. The trip to Punta Cana takes you to the best beaches in the world and to all-inclusive resorts that will help you forget your housework for a few days.

7. Fuerteventura, a destination that is going strong

Fuerteventura has long been treading as a holiday destination. His incentives? More than 150 km of beaches with sun, a virgin coastline of emerald waters and white sand, volcanic landscapes Biosphere Reserve and a wide complement of tourist and cultural activities to enjoy.

8. Riviera Maya, our choice for an all-inclusive vacation

Are you looking for more in the Caribbean than sun and beach? Definitely Riviera Maya it is your destiny. Beyond the all-inclusive vacations that we all yearn for on certain dates, the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan offers one of the legacies of the most exciting Mayan culture on the planet. You will not miss anything.

9. Sardinia, a nearby paradise for those who do not want to fly many hours

One of the most attractive islands in the Mediterranean. Alghero, Grotta di Neptuno, the 8 kilometers of beaches on the north coast of Costa Paradiso or Tombs of the Giants of Pascareddha, among many other attractions, makes Sardinia one of the favorite destinations of Spaniards but also Europeans.

10. Ibiza, the island of secret coves and nightlife

Ibiza is the liveliest island in the Balearic Islands, famous for its spectacular nightlife, but not forgetting its secret coves on turquoise waters, its beautiful traditional villages or its most typical dishes of extraordinary cuisine.

5 outstanding fashion trips that never disappoint

Those who look beyond sun and beach tourism also have their outstanding fashion trips that never disappoint in the following selection

11. New York, the big apple at your fingertips

What are we going to tell you about New York that you don't know? Paula is still in love with her and it will be sooner rather than later that we drop a summer for the big apple. You have our travel diary to New York More complete to read.

12. Rome, much more than culture and pizza

Those who seek one of the historical hearts of Europe will have their place very close to Spain. Rome, the capital of Italy, continues to attract millions of visitors year after year being a safe bet in all areas.

13. Bali, a unique trip at the best time of the year

If we talk about distant destinations to the East of the planet, Bali is the one chosen above all, especially for the tourism of couples and honeymoons that have made this the jewel of Indonesia their unforgettable memory among rice fields, excellent beaches and lots of cultural offer

14. Paris, the city of lights (with many combinations)

If Rome and New York are some of the outstanding trips, we could not ignore Paris and its combinations with Eurodisney and children, routes through the Loire Valley and many other options it offers.

15. Madeira, the unknown Portuguese island

We have been surprised when we have seen Madeira among the most outstanding trips, especially because we are delighted with our second trip. You have in our travel diary to Madeira all the details but if you are looking for something different ... this is your choice!

And you, Have you already chosen your summer vacation for this year? Can you tell us your choice? Something tells us that there will be sun and beach or pool. How many of this list do you know?

Isaac and Paula, deciding summer vacations