The Antarctic Key Travel Guide


Concluding articles related to the trip to URUGUAY, ARGENTINA Y ANTARTIDA 2009, I wanted to comment on the new development of a travel guide ...

Already previously, both in Cuba 2008, in Japan 2008

… like in Syria 2009, we had brought our own guide.

You can find them here: JAPAN GUIDE and SYRIA GUIDE

For this trip, I have re-elaborated a new guide, which I will not publish for personal reasons, but if I want to thank the many websites, blogs and help that have facilitated its realization:

- The Antarctic FORUM of
- THE FORUM of / Geoplaneta
- He PKI Travel Diary, Excellent
- He Carlosolmo's Travel Diary, sparkly
- He Damian's blog, very detailed
- The information from
- He Slice of Ice blog (English)
- The excellent publicationsof the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty
- And much more information found thanks to Google (and some blogs that will be overlooked ...)

I would like, above all, to encourage all those travelers who undertake their trip to make their own guides, because every day I believe more firmly that a trip not only lasts the trip, but that it begins with its preparations and its PERSONALIZATION, and ends with your collection of photos, albums, etc ...

Another guide? Surely, for the next trip ...