Motel One Sendlinger Tor in Munich


Finishing our trip by Munich and the Austrian Alps 2010 We arrived in the city that gives title to the trip and the place where we would spend more nights staying (2 nights), Munich.

Munich It is the Capital of Bavaria and the city with the most "quality of life" in Germany (according to a latest study). Crossed by the Isar River, Munich is a mixture of cosmopolitan city and rooted in traditions in a location full of monuments and cultural and architectural wealth without limits.

As with any trip when you arrive in a large city, the criteria for finding accommodation in which we will spend our nights are based on a balance between quality / location / price, often prioritizing a good location that avoids heavy means of transport for to know her (who said that time that gold?). Thus we arrive at Motel One München-Sendlinger Tor almost by chance (I think it was the key Ruth who found him, a bico for her).

This hotel, belonging to the chain Motel-One, it is just taken out of the package, since its inauguration was in April 2009 (less than a year).

To manage the reservation with them, at first we think of Booking but finally we end up doing it from trivago. His own Web page It also allows you to even manage cancellation without charges.

Perhaps their recent inauguration is the reason they have such competitive prices to be in the area they are. By 84 euros per room and night You can stay here (without breakfast).

And is that your Location It is unbeatable. 50 meters from a metro stop, 5 minutes from Marienplatz, the nerve center of the city, 5 minutes from the train station, with lots of parking lots and in a very quiet area. What more could you want?

The rooms, far from the rustic and traditional rooms found in Salzburg or Hallstatt, they are elegant design rooms with flat TV, new carpeting, fitted wardrobes and pleasant decoration. He bath It is also spacious, with all the necessary soaps and gels, with rain shower and granite and glass tiles.

Of course, being new, we can't talk about the cleaning. It is freshly unpacked.

Other notable services are that it has breakfast (separate), internet and Wi-Fi (both paid), parking attached to the hotel, 24-hour reception, etc ...

Let's make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel already back from the trip ...

The first impression of the hotel is very good. They are all facilities although perhaps the attention at reception is a bit cold. From the moment of the reservation they send you a PDF with all your data and number of "voucher", which even facilitates the cancellation of one of the two rooms booked in advance. The television throughout the hotel (including the one in the room upon entering) simulates a burning fireplace, giving it a pleasant and warm atmosphere at this time of year.

The Location It is as promised. We have kicked and kicked cities, but I don't think we were so close to the center in any. Excellent…

The rooms They are also what they promise, design, clean, with all the details. Perhaps, as you hit, they are too small (there is almost no space to open the bags) and also do not have a telephone (curious, right?)

He bath It is the best of all. Spacious, comfortable, with all kinds of soaps and gels, hair dryer, a large mirror and a giant shower, all surrounded by tiles of different colors and materials.

We didn't get to try the restaurant / breakfast bar but the tables didn't seem very comfortable, with excessively low chairs.

Parking costs 15 euros a day, and is a good option to avoid these days of important night frosts. Its access is easy and wide. The ticket is taken and paid at the reception to leave. The squares are also wide, although there are not many.

The we would recommend? Well in principle if for those who are going to use it only to "sleep." If someone is going to look for "extra" services, prepare the pocket. They charge you for the internet, Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking, telephone, etc ... The conclusion that we have drawn is that it is a hotel that uses the "low-cost" mentality to keep prices low in a good location obtaining benefits of the expensive "extras" that he proposes. To the taste of the consumer ...

Paula and Isaac, from Munich (Germany)