Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri


With the belief that now the Caribbean is closer than we thought, we have returned these days from the Costa de la Luz in Cádiz. And is that the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri (former Barceló Sancti Petri Spa Resort, name it had when we stayed) has it all, from tropical gardens to the best Spa in Spain (for the second consecutive year) and largest in Andalusia, access to one of the best beaches (La Barrosa), a revolutionary Wellness concept (food, sport and mind), spectacular cuisine and one of the options to be valued for those looking for hotels in Cádiz all inclusive.

Where? Without leaving Spain, in the Costa de la Luz, a few kilometers from Cádiz capital and the town of Conil de la Frontera, in a quiet urbanization called Novo Sancti Petri from where you can also visit one of the most authentic coasts and with still virgin beaches in Spain (From Sanlucar de Barrameda to Rate, passing through Rota, Puerto de Santa María, Jerez, Cádiz himself, Caños de Meca, Zahara de los Atunes, ...)

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It will be difficult to condense everything in a small review, but we will try to make it as visual as possible. !Here we go!

Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, the most avant-garde luxury

Those who know us know that we tend to be as strict as possible in all those accommodations we went through so that no one gets a surprise ... what if we told you that we find it difficult to find negative points of our stay to tell you?

Enter the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri It is like entering one of the best resorts in the Caribbean but without leaving Spain, without a doubt the best definition

Since you enter the hotel reception, check in, luggage, map of impressive facilities and that nice smile that we miss many times, we are directed to our spacious room

Deluxe with different views, Suites (Balinese, African, Presidential ...) and even some family type, are the offers for an avant-garde stay that perfectly combines a exquisite design and a taste for modern even in the bathroom

Although for those who have any doubt, this exclusivity that is lived in the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, is complemented by the care for detail taken to its end. Why? Because you will always have a surprise: Truffles of different chocolates, trays with different fruits, small details ...

... great details and even chocolate strawberries! Tell me, where have you put them? because for us it was our first time

But when we talk about customer service we go much further, with a bottle of water every night (something simple and cheap that we always claim and few accommodations are given), but also with champange to receive you the first day

The room is completed with acentralized equipment in the purest home automation style, that to put a paste, perhaps it is somewhat more complex to understand than the usual button of a lifetime but to which you adapt in just a few minutes

As you are reading us, we are sure that many of you are thinking ... and what is on that terrace?

An exotic destination on the Costa de la Luz

An extraordinary room requires a great terrace, and that was not going to be missing. With different views, we had to enjoy the ones that face the extensive tropical gardens of the complex.

The terrace itself is a pleasant place to disconnect, sit and read, or just watch a sunset while the night lights that prepare dinner time come on

But what is most impressive is to see around us more than 35,000 m2 of vegetation, lakes and absolute tranquility which makes us feel (for the first time) that we are in an exotic destination on the other side of the puddle but without leaving Spain. !!We are in the Costa de la Luz!!, just a few kilometers from some of the best beaches in Spain and with a privileged climate

It is precisely these gardens that achieve that effect of feeling practically alone, since despite being a large resort, at no time do you have the feeling of agglomeration but quite the opposite

This is also achieved thanks to its large pools, spread across different environments that are intended to get, from a common, to a private one where children are not allowed

Although we do not have an experience with children, we must recognize that we have seen all these days (our stay has been 6) areas enabled for their special enjoyment, from slides pools to equipment in buffet dinners or other areas.

That is why we can dare to say without fear of being wrong, that the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri is ideal for couples, friends, families with children or even babies

The strong commitment to gastronomy at the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri

We all know that destinations such as Riviera Maya or any other in the Caribbean, currently have a strong price offer for very tight times, which unfortunately sometimes translates into loss of services among which the gastronomic aspect may be. The Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, however, not only fulfills this facet very well, but has managed to become a reference place in the zone. We present all the options

The Zumería

It is possibly the simplest bet of all, based on a Classic menu of snacks, snacks and other dishes to eat quietly from 11 to 20 next to the pool.

Spectacular the gazpacho (try it without a doubt) or the guacamole, but above all it does not lose the essence that the resort poses in the whole complex (it even has a nutritionist) that is the one of exquisite but healthy food

Especially note the natural juices, which richest

Buffet Almadraba

Both for the breakfast buffet (there is a different one reserved for the most exclusive rooms of the hotel) and for dinner, the reference is this buffet with ample space to provide shelter for all guests

He breakfast is one of the most complete that we have enjoyed, from the usual options with egg, hot dishes, cold cuts and others to all kinds of smoked, tropical milkshakes, cakes and pastries and for supposed coffees, teas and cereals.

The Dinner could not be less, including thematic options. In fact, for lovers like us of Japanese food, the Asian option on Saturday was a delight

Sushi, sashimi, prawns, noodles, Chinese, Thai dishes and even some with curry, all kinds of starters and desserts and even grilled food. We would not get the lines to put them all

Without a doubt, any of the buffet is a good option to satisfy the most exquisite palate

La Bahía Beach Club

Did you think you would only have La Zumería as an option in the gardens? Noo! Immersed in the spectacular tropical gardens and already in the area closest to the access to the beach, this special corner is located for taste the most delicious Mediterranean dishes more limited hours (from 13:30 to 16:00)

In addition to some rice that looked great, we chose to follow that healthy food option, especially tasting some of the dishes made with seaweed!

Don't miss the cheesecake or the chocolate brownie with vanilla for dessert ...

Zahara Restaurant (now Atunante)

Without a doubt, the Zahara restaurant is the most special of all Dining options UPDATE since 2016: You already have our review and opinion of the Atunante Restaurant what happened to be called in February 2016

From 20'00 until 22'30, we enter the concept "Healthy Gourmet Barceló that combines nutritional medical criteria with sophisticated gastronomic elaboration" as its slogan says

The dishes are not only sophisticated gastronomic bets, but they are true creations that invite you to travel along the Mediterranean coast without leaving the table, making use of the best product obtained from the sea on the Costa de la Luz…! bluefin tuna !!

Dishes such as gazpacho, cheese toast with tomato, a "breakwater", "red bull", "dark bullet" are some of those who passed by our table and with some that are to come ("living heart", ...) will form part of something big that is yet to come (but we can't count yet). Undoubtedly the best option for guests and a reference (next to the famous El Campero de Barbate) and that you can book any that comes from outside at + 34 956 242 790 oremail protected

Prado del Rey Piano Bar

A coffee or a drink accompanied by live music? !!It also can!!

And we must recognize that we were hypnotized with how the pianist played.

Dublin Bay La Bowling

A bowling alley? Siiiiiii, the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri Hotel has a nearby Spa area bowling alley and an irish pub for those who prefer another type of environment

Nearby is also theSiddharta disk They say it is very lively in summer, although we could not try it

The Wellness of the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, the differentiation

Although we have already launched some brushstrokes in their part of food, for us the great differentiation of the hotel is not only its excellent services, its tropical gardens or its commitment to gastronomy (well, maybe it is). Your challenge of distinction lies in that search for balance by food, body and mind that begins in the Zumería itself with its wellness shots

Barrosa Beach is located a few meters from the bottom of the complex.

More than 5 km of white sand that, without being part of the complex's facilities, adds value to it and also to some activities such as Chi kung

He Spinning It also finds a privileged environment in one of the terraces with some of the best views at sunset, and which is also part of the commitment to body care.

And where could be the best environment to practice Yoga? Undoubtedly, the gardens are responsible for achieving the perfect atmosphere for the search for meditation combined with physical exercise

But within this proposal it is necessary to highlight another added value that the resort has

Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri U-Spa

Although there will be time to make an article practically dedicated to him, awarded for the second consecutive year as Best Spa Resort in Spain for the World Travel Awards, we are in the most outstanding Spa we have ever enjoyed (where there is also a gym for those who want it)

Like the Zahara restaurant, The Spa can be accessed from outside without being a guest by reservation, and although the circuit is impressive, I think that neither of us will ever forget that Facial massage that does not surprise us that it is the "favorite by the stars"

Together with those we receive in Kandholhu Cruise and Spa Island in our trip to Maldives, 1 hour among the best hands we have found for our body and face, again accompanied by a thousand details

What to tell about the Spa? In addition to the awards, we find the Largest spa in all of Andalusia thanks to its 3,650 m2

The circuit has an upper part with several swimming pools and treatments, a lower part with a larger one that unifies many others, several saunas and Turkish baths, varied showers, thermal effects and a kind of heat hammock where we would very easily stay to sleep

And after all this, What would we highlight most? The magnificent quality / price ratio and the kindness together with the level of detail that all its workers have, the best we have found in the world and more in Spain. From these pages we take the opportunity to send a hug to each and every one of them.

More facilities and price of the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri

Response to any of the Typical questions we all ask ourselves:

- There are WIFI available throughout the hotel, free and works very well
- In addition to the plan you get the first day to locate, there are signs all over the facility to know how to reach the sites

- Those who need parking for your car They have two options: one of the hotel's own or an immense esplanade outside where we never had trouble leaving it and that also gives access to the beach

- There are 24 hour room service. Even one night we chose to order dinner there
- In addition to the activities for body and mind within the Wellness concept, there are many others animations even for the little ones or sports (we are in the land of surfing)
- Those who seek practice golf, they also have options
- There are as many facilities dedicated to meetings, conventions and even an amphitheater. Do you want to get married here? We know that you can and would be an option to value

The price? Although in August it may be the most complicated date to find offers, it is surprising to note the number of proposals that exist throughout its season, some even !! from 100 euros per night !! Try looking for yourself, we didn't believe it.Check availability and prices here for the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri

And to you, have we convinced you to go to the Caribbean without crossing the puddle? An unconditional 10 for the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri which if we had to find any fault would be difficult (the 100 stairs that save the height to reach the beach of La Barrosa? You already have one, to say something). !We will come back!

Paula and Isaac, from the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri of Costa de la Luz (Cádiz)