Stonehenge's story


I will not deceive you. We have been going around that curiously distributed "circle of stones" that we observed the DAY 1 of the getaway to STONEHENGE and BATH 2011 and today, that we are going to close it, we were not calm if not we delved a little deeper into that magical place.

It still seems incredible as such a place… mmm… simple a priori, detach both halo of esotericism and mysteries. Stones of 50 t come from it is not known where, druid legends or the magician Merlin, myths of races of giants called hyperboreans, UFOs or Neolithic men. That DAY 1 We concluded that possibly the latter were the ones who had the most to say.

Away from all the legends and previous mysteries are the evidence provided by Carbon14. Stonehenge was built by the native people of the place and was born in 3 phases well differentiated.

- Although there are constructions in the area that date from beyond 5,000 BC. (which is said soon, before the Egyptian Pyramids), the first phase of Stonehenge can be framed between 3,000 B.C. and 2,500 BC., where the monolith of the exterior would be placed as well as the famous 56 holes of Aubrey. It is said that people were buried between 2,700 BC and 2,600 BC. although later new data provide indications that the use as a cemetery of Stonehenge extended more than we think

- The second phase, from 2,500 B.C., introduced a path of almost 3 km to the river Avon, and two concentric circles around the main monument, the famous "blue stones". These stones came from so far away (southeast Wales) that the circle was never completed. Why from so far away?

- Finally, the third phase, around 2,000 B.C. and until 1,600 B.C., would raise the stones known to us and that give rise to the inner circle of the Sarsen Stones, composed of 30 carved stones joined by almost rectangular lintels (although today only seven of them remain standing). Inside, the altar. This last stage would last until 1,500 BC where Stonehenge would be abandoned to his fate.

We already know who and how this marvelous monument was built, but ... what was its purpose? What was it used for? Stonehenge does not have any remains of houses, farms or buildings around it. Is it therefore an isolated place of worship and burial?

If we already found it incredible as in the time of the Incas, more than 1,000 years ago, they were able to predict and interpret astronomical conditions perfectly, as we saw in the Raqchi temple he DAY 9 of the TRIP to PERU 2010 or on one's own Macchu Picchu he DAY 11 of the same TRIP to PERU 2010, or we were surprised by the Mayan legacy over 2,000 and 3,000 years ago and its impressive Kukulman pyramid in the Chichen Izta complex, of perfect square base and synchronized with the equinoxes of March and September that we already saw the DAY 3 OF THE TRIP TO RIVERA MAYA 1996, what can we say about a population that was able to align Stonehenge with the summer solstice and the sunset of the winter solstice almost millimeter does !! over 4000 years !!

Indeed, numerous scholars and archaeologists found the solution. Stonehenge is nothing but a calendar, an observatory. If someone sets in the center of the monument and looks in the direction of a stone called Piedra Talón, it can be concluded that the stone is aligned with the horizon, and on solstice days the Sun rises or sets just above that stone. This allowed farmers and ranchers to predict the arrival of the stations in advance and plan their activities.

A mystery that returned astrologers and mathematicians for dozens of crazy years was the famous 56 holes of Aubrey, whose name comes from John Aubrey who discovered 5 of them in 1666 although it would be William Hawley 222 years later, thanks to Aubrey's notes that he would discover the remaining 51 holes ... what were those holes for? What was its end?

It would be Gerald Stanley Hawkins, already in !! the 70s !!, who would relate eclipses and Aubrey holes. Eclipses depend on a balance between the inclination planes of three orbits, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. The relative orientation of these three planes follows an approximate annual cycle of 18.61 years, a Saros cycle. Curiously 56 between 3 gives 18.67 ... chance? NO. The creators of Stonehenge knew the spherical shape of the Earth and the causes of the eclipses ago ... !! 4,000 years !!!

- Why transport stones over 50 t from more than 400 km? Ostentation and power? Holy stones?

- Why the commitment to relate the Celts and Stonehenge if they would inhabit the area 2,000 years later of its construction?

- Was it just an observatory or was Stonehenge something else?

- Were such ancient peoples and cultures able to have such dominance of Astronomy or were later cultures (Celtic?) Who gave it such use?

- Are the questioned theories of Hawkins eclipses reliable?

- What about the theory that says that Stonehenge was a healing center where people from the continent came to heal?

- But, above all of them, there is a question that worries historians and archaeologists today. In 1998 a millenary astronomical observatory was discovered in Nabta (Egypt). In the North of the United States coast (New England, Massachusetts, Pennyslvania, Virginia and Vermont) many similar dolmens have been found. Recently a "kind of Stonehenge" has been discovered in amazement in Mexico in a place known as Las Aguilas

Is it really possible that a civilization prior to Christopher Columbus or the Vikings could cross the vast Atlantic Ocean? It would be the end of the story and the beginning of a multitude of controversies just thinking about it.


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While following all these mysteries and more, we will continue around the world (The Eagles?), In search of more answers or similarities that can clarify a little more about this incredible source of history and legends.

Isaac and Paula