7 reasons for a holiday in Gran Canaria (all year)


Autumn arrives and after him, almost without realizing it, winter. Behind we leave the warm summer temperatures that suggest that sun and beach tourism that "oxygenate" and "relax" to face the day to day of the rest of the year. However, some of you (and ourselves) can enjoy the provision of dates of our free choice, the same as we began to discard destinations from our long list of places to visit where temperatures have dropped. However, there is one that always appears. Can you guess what it can be? Today we give you 7 reasons why a holiday in Gran Canaria is a choice for any time of the year, what do you agree with?

It goes without saying that the unbeatable infrastructure, its western part declared a Biosphere Reserve, its unknown interior nature, its beautiful capital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Las Canteras beach (one of the best urban beaches in Europe) and its villages, shelters and seaports facilitate the choice of destiny, and this is a very "sweet tooth". Here are some reasons not to think too much.

7 reasons to choose a holiday in Gran Canaria (at any time of the year)

There are reasons that go beyond the attractions you can see or visit in a destination or the choice of beaches in this case. Here are 7 fundamentals that will decline your balance for a holiday in Gran Canaria

1. Enjoy the best weather (even at Christmas)

Because in this part of the planet, in the Canary Islands and specifically Gran Canaria, the weather is nice to travel at any time of the year, even at Christmas. Yes, in summer we all know that if you are looking for heat (or a lot of heat) here you will find it ... what about spending a Christmas on the beach? Of course the original plan is a while and also different. Can you imagine receiving Santa in a swimsuit? Well you can do it with milder temperatures, yes, but with a wide range of hotels in Gran Canaria open all year.

2. Find those little corners you crave so much ... and you need!

If you choose to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria, whatever the time of the year, you will find that tranquility that only destinations can provide you with and that is that it has numerous beaches, some of them seem authentic deserts with their fine golden sand, but also appears on the list when we think about this destination for mountain routes with varied and abundant vegetation where you can lose yourself and forget even for a while in the world. It will be great for you!

3. Beautiful beaches where to spend an unforgettable day

Who doesn't know the Maspalomas beach? It is one of the most famous in Gran Canaria and for which many people choose to stay on their trip to be considered the most important tourist center of the island. Their golden dunes and its lighthouse are its standard bearers and the claim to complete this fantastic beach. Give shelter to any plan you have chosen, family, lonely, nudist, sports. It has an extra attraction the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas composed of several unique ecosystems of exceptional value.

But you can choose many more, the Playa del Inglés, Las Canteras, San Agustín, Las Burras or Playa de Mogán, or Amadores An ideal beach if you are looking for tranquility of white sand and crystal clear waters. And if we tell you that in addition its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has one of the best urban beaches in all of Europe?

4. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a perfect base to get to know the island

It is possible that when you consider choosing the area where to sleep in Gran Canaria, some of its beach areas come to you first. And if we tell you that Las Palmas has one of the considered urban beaches with more marine life that exists in Europe? A long tongue of sand of several kilometers where, in addition to enjoying sun and beach tourism, kayaking or snorkeling without having to travel several kilometers.

If we add to that the privilege of being in a city that grew around the historic center of Vegueta, its life and unique atmosphere, its colonial houses, castles or the largest botanical garden in Spain ... what ingredients may be missing?

5. Charming villages to walk without haste

Peoples to walk through is a delight and they offer you a lot of attractions so you can spend a different day touring its streets, its ports, its shops and its restaurants. An example is Mogán, a marine place with a natural beauty and a unique enclave that help it to be one of the most visited of the island and the most beautiful in the south. It is also known as the Venice of the Canary Islands because of the number of channels that make up its port and which is considered its main attraction.

As for its cultural part, you can visit the Church of San Antonio in 1814 where you can admire a beautiful coffered wood paneling.

6. Contemplate beautiful sunsets that Gran Canaria gives you

For example, live one in the Meloneras beach, located in the south of the island in one of the best areas to do so. At this point we can tell you, we just have to wait for the time and enjoy ...

There are much more spectacular sites to do as they can be: Maspalomas Dunes or Puerto de Mogán (of which we have spoken to you before) in addition to the Puerto de la Luz or Vegueta.

7. Multiple hiking trails to get to know another aspect of the island (includinga "small Camino de Santiago canario")

Gran Canaria also offers for all (and especially for trekking lovers) a great variety of hiking and mountain routes to know, enjoy and breathe that nature pure of which it is part and the diversity of vegetation that composes it.Teror It is another place where you can experience something different on your trip to Gran Canaria as it is that Pilgrimage site for all the inhabitants of this Canary Island. Here is the Basilica where the Patroness of the island, the Virgen del Pino, is located.

We are passionate about nature (which we have looked for in recent destinations such as Madeira) and Gran Canaria offers many options to enjoy it since its morphology also helps to make this happen. There are routes of various difficulties (low, medium and high) so everyone can do any of them to a greater or lesser extent. Examples with landscapes that remove the hiccups can be the Blue Puddle medium difficulty, BKestrel snatch also of medium difficulty or Afugard Route Low difficulty You can inform each and every one of them as there is detailed information for you to choose the one you want.

What have you already wanted to go to Gran Canaria? From now on The island will become part of your wish list and we hope that, like us while we were looking for future destinations, with this article you have "bitten the bug" and you will get to know this wonderful island. Surely you will not regret it and even now it is part of your usual vacation Photos that are not your own material belong to the image bank of Shutterstock to which we subscribe)

Isaac and Paula, visualizing the attractions of Gran Canaria