Kyaikthiyo, the Golden Rock


We slept very well and recovered the lost time. Well, the energies will come to us today.

We had breakfast at the hotel buffet, one of the most complete we have found on any trip. Our destiny today is Kyaikthiyo, in the southeast of Myanmar, 5 hours from Yangon due to the roads that communicate it. One of the jewels of Burma

On the way, everything is still surprising us. Leaving Yangon is a difficult task since it is very extensive but the most surprising thing is that even the last m2 we see of the city has an intense life. They live more than 5,000,000 inhabitants. The monks continue to appear from under the stones, today with vessels in their hands asking for money for Buddha. We are also surprised by the km of cola to pour gasoline from the cohes and the patience of the population.

The trip takes us to Kinpun, the base to climb the mountains. I see how he lives the population in small wooden houses of agriculture. The villages remind the Vietnamese populations of the films. We make a stop along the way in one of them.

Around 12:30 we stop again, this time to eat. We do not get used to the schedule although it has a face when we ask for a DUCK and they bring it with a spike and everything.

Finally, around 2:30 we arrive at the camp where we begin an entire experience. And the photos from here are unique. The goal, the top of a mountain surrounded by overwhelming vegetation.

We suben in an open van at the back. The girls are very clever and manage to sneak into the cabin but Joseba and I seem taken out of the cartoons when the van starts to climb up the hill, hitting boats. We ended up with a complex of balls ... and the square idem. We must recognize that the landscape is a joy. The climb is a narrow path between all that vegetation.

When we reach a point, the truck can not climb more and we have neither more nor less than 40 minutes of climb ... although the GOLDEN ROCK is already intuited.

At this point there are two upload options:

OPCION A: Cleopatra >> Although it gives something initially, the climb is so steep that the girls decide to take the "LOCAL TRANSPORTATION". We give them a good tip and a deserved cocacola.

OPCION B: Er Matao Isaac >> While the girls get lost on the horizon, Joseba and I started talking about the squares we have and how macho we are. 40 minutes later I do not think we would have that idea, although in honor of the truth, I was better than I expected ... Those nights of revelry go a long way !!!

Us we stayed at the Montain Top, a rustic hotel with good looks, and we are going to see our deserved prize: the GOLDEN ROCK., although the experience we have had already been.

The GOLDEN ROCK It is a rock in perfect balance in the mountain, bathed in gold. They say it is held on a Buddha's hair but ... if Buddha was bald, would he have other hairy parts? Anyway ... existential reflections aside, a picture is worth a thousand words, as always.

What is a true wonder is to watch it from a distance as the light fades on the horizon, leaving bright colors of different shades


The sunset was incredible, and the starry night accompanies us back to the hotel. The day is over but the memory remains. The bed awaits us ...

Isaac, from Kyaikthiyo (Myanmar)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: $ 25 (approx 20eu) and 50,000 MMKs (approx 32eu)