Mt. Popa and Kalaw


Before we start counting today, FAMILY, WE'RE WRITING = WE'RE OK! Our stories, after all, are sensations ... When we have loved something I think it shows, we even get something sensitive at the end of the day. Today ... anyway ... better read it.

Keep doing SOL, go 13 days doing SOL. It's nice to travel like this.

Yesterday we got up early to go to Kalaw across the entire Shan state and stopping at the Mt. Stern, next to an old extinct volcano.

777 Steps separated us from the top

Everything must be said. Mount Popa disappointed us a bit. We expected something else. Upon reaching the top we saw ... "one more temple", and quite normal views. It is more what it represents than it really is ...

... and with more and more usual friends on this trip.

From here we can only say that we have lived a true adventure. 300 km to our destination. We had proposed to go by plane but as we have squares and billfishes and we had to go back to Bagan ... !! We are not afraid of Coco! Anyway ... we began to discern the road that awaited us: a road 5m wide and ... !! only paved 2 m with terrible sinkholes and endless potholes!!! Joer, is that neither God used the paved part.

We stopped to eat something in the "Pepa house" of Burma, next to a lake

And we continue towards a place taken from the worst "spaguetti-wester". We were laughing at the buses and trucks that were pulled by those roads, broken or fixing them right there, of the dust that those places raised, jiji, hahaha, jojojo, when ...


... Arriving at a town our driver "Chon Cho" stopped the van? To get gas? To take a piscolabis? Nooo !! We lost oil !!!. In these I, who entertain me even with the monkeys (see previous days), I go in search of a Toilete, in a village of DON NOBODY, where DON NOBODY spoke anything but something intelligible, and arrived at a private house and made a piss next to a pig in something similar to a bathroom. Those in the house looked astonished as I greeted them, ruthlessly and descojonaba alone ... What did I know about a chicken with a guiri pint and sunglasses like Pedro by his house?

Goats, oxen, cars, trucks, and there we continued with "TonTon" under the van and Arale with a poker face looking at a cell phone without COVERAGE. And on Sunday and not a tourist 200km2 around ... Could it be worse? The fact is that we were unscrewed from laughter without knowing that we had 3 hours of travel left. We are dedicated to research the town, its pharmacy, its people ...

We restarted the trip, we don't know very well how (the change scratched a bit) and we stopped several times to add oil and Arale and TonTon called to have a new van the next day. The one we didn't reach ...

From here the road was a poem. Cars, cars or trucks moved to the sides because there was only one. The asphalt shone by its absence, all sand and gravel. And above! MOUNT UP!


Could it be worse? YES, WE DIDN'T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING and we were swallowing sand that neither in Petra

It was night, but not before having enjoyed a beautiful place, everything must be said, and suddenly we were !! In the middle of nowhere. He looked like a movie by Alfred Hittock.

We arrived in Kalaw and we only have one thing left to say ... MOTHERS, PARENTS ... !! WE KEEP LIVING AND WANT TO NIGHT POTATO TORTILLA WITH HAM OF THAT THAT IS DONE IN THE MOUTH !! We do not want prawns, meat, rice, na na… AND LESS CURRY! Just a simple and plain potato omelette. And we have nothing more to say for today. We really had a good time, hehe. Of course, if someone comes to Burma in the future, by God ... to KALAW by plane, even if it's a TUPOLEV.

The next morning, fresh as lettuce was the first moment we were aware of the hotel cutlery we had.

And it was time for a new adventure ... Fully equipped made in Decathlon, we left Trekking through the mountains of Kalaw. A pleasure for those who like it. We hit a good walk of 25 km. We decided to take advantage of the day for other things and we don't have many photos or videos, but weno…

Tomorrow will be another day, on the way to another Burmese jewel, Inle Lake. But as always, that's another story ...

Isaac, exhausted like a monkey, from Kalaw (Myanmar)

EXPENSES DAY 12: $ 25 (approx 20eu) and 34,300 MMK (approx 22eu)
EXPENSES DAY 13: $ 12 (approx 9.6eu) and 22,000 MMK (approx 14eu)