The lost town of Indein


It was in the year 1990 when finally this area of ​​Inle Lake, one of Myanmar's tourist attractions, the traveler will open up. Until then his secrecy was so absolute that perhaps thanks to that today we could see what we saw, one of the most authentic villages of the entire Burmese adventure. And for this the day began very early, in our well-known motor boat with which we have crossed the lake these days. !!Time to wake up!!

If yesterday we left the domains of the Lake to approach one of those places that impact, Kakku, the jewel of the Pa-O territory, today we will introduce ourselves by one of his streams looking for our final destination. Later we will go directly to the main pier to move to the Airport back to the capital, Yangon.

If something really excites in this particular journey, is to see the life surrounding the river. People make their lives ignoring any external attempt of alteration, that is, we, and in the most manual way possible move their "packages" collected under the intense sun that has not left us in 17 days of epic.


The houses, farms or makeshift temples of this area do not improve those seen in previous days in this particular Venice of Myanmar, and in some cases it seems more in a state of abandonment than of having a habitual use.


But what really excites is to put on Indiana Jones hat, and cross the last section to our destination bypassing the lush vegetation and bamboo reeds in the water, and enter one of the most magical places of Inle Lake.


The meandering and labyrinthine water entrances finally lead us to Myaung Ohak, the jetty of the "lost" people of Indein, an area full of color, landscapes, traditional life and where to live with the most particular people in the interior of Burma.

Today the town dresses up improvised local market (which seems to be that there are every 5 days), where there are not only fruits and food products, but the star is livestock, typical of this part of Asia, with vaccine species of huge humps and large tonnage.


We asked out of curiosity how much those are worth huge and fabulous buffalo What do you sell. For "barely" 400 dollars you can take the biggest. They are really awesome! "Some" would have loved a Christmas present, hahaha

We cross the town watching their people make their lives, bathing in the waters, picking the harvest or just having tea, and we reach the highest levels through wooden bridges. We began to climb some small stairs, leaving aside stands that indicate that tourism is already installed in a place that was once completely virgin.


A series of columnar stairs leave dozens of stupas collapsed and trapped among the vegetation on the sides. It is the path that leads to Shwe Inn Thein, which we arrived minutes later. a set that keeps the most ancestral treasures of the country's culture.

East mysterious place is eaten by vegetation, which temples of Ankgor in Cambodia, but you can distinguish beautiful ancient murals, vestiges of figures and statues of rock carvings and floral designs of the artists of the ancient era to which they belong


The inscriptions of religious monuments tell us that there are relics belonging to the year 200 of the Buddhist calendar (dating from 543 BC, the year of Buddha's birth) donated by the great Emperor missionary Thiridhammam Thawka (King Asoka). Of course the reliefs create a really special mystical halo of the place.


Unfortunately not everything is beautiful at Shwe Inn Thein. The Burmese government has long begun a restoration of the complex, despising the magic that eroded the eroded stupas invaded and hidden behind the moss of this beautiful place transforming them through white lime and gold leaf inserting multiple plates of donations of doubtful artistic touch.

However, they are still the least, still retaining thenatural scenic splendor that detaches this corner of ancient cultural legacy and its impressive collection of ancient temples, prayer rooms, hermitages and the 804 stupas, before returning to the jetty to head for the Airport


The rest of the day will return us to Yangon. Returning through the same water channel and crossing the great Inle Lake for the last time, we set foot on the main jetty to head the small road heho airport. The local company Air mandalay it shows us again that the distance courses by CCC work in all Myanmar that is a pleasure. But ask the flight pilot, and his quick course of counterattack entering crossed in full runway… !!! THE MOTHER WHO DID IT !!!

The last night in this exciting country can with me, as well as accumulated fatigue, and the eyes take little to fall into a deep sleep. Tomorrow we come back

Isaac, photo from Indein, but already from Yangon (Myanmar)

DAY EXPENSES 17: 60 $ (approx 48eu) and 27,500 MMK (approx 17.6eu)