Sunset in Amarapura


We admit that we consider ourselves lovers of lists, rankings, statistics ... in the same proportion that we are aware that we would never do two alike ...

... but if there is a list or ranking on which we would not hesitate to put a predilection, that would be about sunsets What has been the most beautiful sunset for you?

We also recognize that we wanted to write about the trip to Burma 2006 (currently called Myanmar since 1989). There, in one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, we live one of the greatest feelings of rapprochement and understanding with an honest, humble and gentle population, which we had never felt before on another trip.

Personally there have been sunsets that have marked our lives much more, but ... we are still able to remember that December 12, 2006, that sunset in Amarapura

That afternoon we went into Amarapura, what was once (until the 18th century) the capital of Myanmar, the "City of Immortality" and which currently shelters more than 1,000 monks in its main monastery, with the intention of visiting the shores of Lake Taungthaman .

There a bridge of more than 1200 m in length rises over the lake, the famous teak bridge, the U Bein Bridge, built under the mandate of Bodawpaya and very frequented and traveled by local people.

It is also about longest teak bridge in the world, both in its structure and in the planks on which it sits. There you breathe life, the life of the Burmese. Fishermen throw their hooks and locals return by bicycle after a long day. Meanwhile, children try to sell necklaces to some clueless traveler ...

The sun falls and the afternoon turns into twilight ...

They say that the most beautiful sunsets are those that can be dazzled in Africa or in some lost corner of Asia. We do not know what part of reason there is in that, but that sunset across the lake in a small boat was an indelible memory in our lives. One of those moments when time stands still and you are alone, you and life, the privileged environment ... One of those moments that you learn to relativize the whole world around you.

It is precisely these days, remembering that and other moments, when the moments described by the last book we are reading make more sense, "My trip to the Pacific Archipelagos" from Jorge Sanchez, one of the greatest travelers (but the most) of today ...

We assume that as in last week’s account of the most beautiful beach in the world in the Cíes IslandsEverything is very subjective. Surely the most beautiful sunset in the world has a lot to do with the time of each person's life, the company, the integration with the environment that surrounds you ... and you will also surely know what it is at the moment that time stops you as I was saying Laia in the comments of that story.


At trip to Jordan 2006 we had beautiful sunsets both in The dead Sea as in the desert of Wadi rum, also on the trip itself to Burma 2006 there were other very special sunsets in Mandalay, furrowing the Irrawaddy River and in the Venice of Burma, the Inle Lake.

Another one who took us on the road and stopped us for a good while, was in Cuba 2008, in a village on the outskirts of Trinidad called Casilda, among others, or that huge red ball that we saw in the sunset of Syria 2009 in the Mediterranean in the Latakkia city.

And we could go on and on, even within Spain. To remember two more, the recent trip to Peru 2010, in which time stopped mainly by the company, very special, as they could be in the Huacachina Desert or the magical sunset of Sandoval Lake in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

But we will always remember that Burma 2006, that philosophy of life of ancestral customs and disconcerting political / military regime (this year for the first time since 1991 finally held a "doubtful election" in the country), those vivid and intense colors, real and unadulterated, that peace and serenity watching the most beautiful sunset lived in the country of the people of the eternal smile, the first moment we found our true path ...

Isaac, from the U Bein Teak Bridge in Amarapura (Myanmar)