Practical advice for traveling to Budapest


When we set out to prepare for the trip to Budapest, we had some doubts when preparing a route. Those of how fit the visiting hours of Parliament, the Opera or others, or how to optimize time and not lose it in long lines to get a ticket. We also made some discoveries, such as Wizzair or the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. Surely we leave many things, but we will leave some information that can serve future travelers.

The low cost company Wizzair It uses the same boarding system as Ryanair or Easyjet. This is that the plane is filled as it goes behind it, without an assigned seat. Also, like these, you have the option of priority boarding, but from our experience at the Budapest Airport where the queues were in the "Spanish way of stopper", it should not have satisfied many customers. But an option called extra space, currently at € 5 as a launch offer, it is a cheap option to secure an assigned seat, boarding preference and peace of mind not to be with the queues of queues that these types of companies have. Reserved seats are emergency windows. There it is.

It was the first visit we considered on DAY 2 of the trip, since it opens at 9:00. But if you want to ensure good views from the dome, it opens at 10'00. It is convenient to be at the door on the right (which is where the elevator is going up) at that time

The queues we found to get a ticket were immense. A small trick is, prior to the trip and from Spain, to send an email requesting reservation to the email addressemail protected. They will answer us with a group reservation for 2 people (or 3 or 4 or whatever) with the guided tour in Spanish from 11:30 or 16:00, upon request.

With it, on the day of the visit, you only have to go 20 minutes in advance and go to the start of the queue (skipping it), where a guard, prior to teaching you the role of the reservation, will let us pass to the door X where teaching EU passports will give us tickets for the reserved guided tour. The visit lasts 1 hour.

The opera theater has guided tours in Spanish at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm as a general rule. In our case, the day we went was at 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. A good option may be to buy tickets before eating and return with strength. The guided tour usually lasts about 45 minutes. More information in

One of the great discoveries of the trip has been the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. Finding it cost us a bit. The entrance is in the street parallel to the main one, in a kind of medieval house, going down some stairs. The price is a bit expensive (2000 HUF) but it is well worth it, for the absence of mass tourism and because on hot days it can be a good "refreshment place".

The operation of the spas and spas of Budapest is very similar in all cases, although we will talk about the Szechenyi Hot Springs, which are what we went to.

They are in a yellow building just outside the subway stop Szechenyi furdo. As you enter, there is an option to buy swimsuits, flip flops and towels, although there is also available within the premises.

The operation of the price is a bit particular. You pay a deposit-amount (and they give you a ticket that you don't have to lose) at the entrance as well as a cabin to change (if you need it). Once inside there is a room full of cabins and a lady opens one and marks a number with a chalk giving you a bracelet that you have to hang. Going down some stairs, at the bottom of the premises, it is possible to rent towels (also paying a deposit-amount and saving the ticket)

Ready We can now take the towels and go to enjoy the outdoor pools with water at 38ºC leaving all the belongings inside the cabin. What a joy!

Upon leaving, once changed in the cabin, we will be reimbursed an amount when returning wet towels with the ticket they had given us. The same happens with the entrance to the facilities, if we leave at certain intervals of time (1 hour, 2 hours ...) they return an amount of the deposit initially paid to enter. And that's it We got the two towels for 1200 HUF, 400 HUF for the cabin and 2500 HUF for the use of the facilities.

As a traveler recommended us before, we take the opportunity to suggest a restaurant with "solera" if you want to celebrate something or just spend a beautiful evening in Budapest.
- Fatal Restaurant, in Vacti Ucta. It is a rustic restaurant with typical Hungarian food and reasonable prices
- Gundel Restaurant, in the Heroes Square, next to the Szechenyi spa. It is the most famous restaurant in Budapest, although it is also expensive. Allows prior reservation online. His website is
- Spoon Cafe & Lounge Restaurant, which we went to. It is located next to the Chain Bridge, in a small boat anchored to the bank of the Danube and overlooking the illuminated Buddha. The atmosphere is very nice and its prices are medium-high. It also allows prior reservation online (we made it and answer quickly) and it is very necessary, as it is always full. His website is

Hopefully, these helps or suggestions will help someone to better prepare their getaway or trip to Budapest. A greeting.

Isaac, from Budapest (Hungary)