Cayo Levisa Hotel


Following our Trip to Cuba 2008 We arrive at Cayo Levisa, whose access can only be done by boat.

Cayo Levisa It is one of the thousands of cays and islets where the sand and the green are mixed giving rise to true paradises that remain virgin or semi-virgin. In this case it is an islet of 3 km of beach combined with dense vegetation that is accessed from Palma Rubia.

The choice of this place is, next to Havana (semi-imposed), the only accommodations we have previously looked at. Cayo Levisa has only one accommodation, its own Cayo Levisa Hotel.

To manage this accommodation we have resorted, as we commented in the TRAVEL PREPARATIONS, to the receptive Cuban agency wowcuba.

The price of one night stay in this magical place is between 60-80 € according to the chosen stay regime.

On Location There is little to comment, since it is located right in the middle and middle of the island and is accessed from the jetty where the boat leaves you.

It has barely 40 rooms, or rather cabins on the beach, all with private bathrooms, television, radio and all kinds of facilities.

He bath it seems to be quite wide and the cleaning of room and impeccable bathroom (except the sand that you can get from the beach).

Also note that it has a main restaurant where breakfast and meals are made, as well as the availability of water sports equipment (snorkelling, etc ...) on the island.

Already back, we do the “GUIDED VISIT” of the accommodation with details and impressions it has caused us.

In general, Cayo Levisa is a true paradise. Any adjective we can say about this place would fall short. From blue waters to all kinds of "Cuban" amenities (understand this as within the possibilities of such a place with the means available in Cuba).

his Location It has two parts to consider. The first, the accommodation, in the middle of Cayo. The second, the jetty to access it, which is "lost" of the mother of God ... hahaha ... but it arrives, it arrives.

The rooms or cabins are distributed along the entire beach, there being essentially two lines of them, one on the beach and the other on the other side of the road. Without going into depth (since there is nothing to add to the previous presentation), they are more than correct

Also in the sections of bath (wide and with hot water all day) and cleaning (absolutely careful, except for the sand that may enter the beach)

Best of all, to be able to dawn with a good dip without just walking meters…

The restaurant works great too, being also the only place in all of Cuba where we could eat "mincemeat" (in the rest of the country, as the cows are scarce, you don't eat beef). The breakfasts, equally complete. The outside acts as a bar and remains open until the wee hours of the morning.

And, of course, the real surplus value of this place is its 3 km of beach (to literally get lost in it without people around) and its blue and crystalline waters, the closest thing to a mini-paradise.

The only pity we had left, was the fact that a wave of cold air coincided with our wind and temperature, our stay in the place (just 1 day).

Juve's reflections: "Cayo Levisa, a heavenly place, from there I keep my best images of the Caribbean beaches. A good dinner and an evening not to forget, with the hotel service almost complete after closing, a bottle of rum and some cigars from Vegas Robaina that would also bring lol tail. The next day we got up, walked a few steps and took a bath on the beach ...! On which we had slept!"

The we would recommend? Of course, YES, since in normal Caribbean weather conditions, spending a few days here may be the relaxation and loneliness sought by many, but rather ask Hemingway. Recommended, therefore, for CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac and Juve, from Cayo Levisa (Cuba)