The trip to Cuba in photos (I)


He trip summary at the time of arriving in Havana, from day 1 to Havana, it could not be another.

In all these days it has been impossible for us to access the internet and now, in a quiet time with a little musician in the background, we will try to tell you these days ... and we believe that the best way to do it, since you will see us in a few days, is in images , ONE OF MANY YOU WILL SEE. Away from the tourist package, families of Cubans, night parties, practically virgin paradises, nature, lost villages ... We hope you like them, enjoy them !! (NOTE: We have changed the date of entry to 15, to follow a chronological order)

Trinidad by day (lovely little town)

Trinidad at night (we mobilize Cubans, Irish, Valencians and half the people with our bottle of rum)

Ancon Beach (near Trinidad, Caribbean Beach)

Casilda (Sunset, en route)

En route to El Nicho

El Nicho (wonder of nature)

Cienfuegos (Neoclassical city)

Giron Beach - Bay of Pigs - Larga Beach

Guama / Crocodile Farm (and zampada in a strangle house)

Varadero (after the party, connecting with the plane to Cayo Largo / we slept 1 hour /)

Trip to Cayo Largo

Iguana Cay

Caribbean paradise

Sirena Beach

Cayo Levissa (Transfer, Vendabal to receive us and sunrise)

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