How to visit Kilmainham Gaol, the prison-museum


Before entering fully into the stories of trip to Maldives'11, we had prepared an article that we believe is essential for future travelers to Ireland, specifically to its capital, Dublin.

In this case, it was during the 2009 getaway to Dublin when we could visit, the DAY 4 of the trip, the prison-museum that houses within its walls much of the history of a country. Your name: Kilmainham Gaol.

Today it is very easy to reach the Irish capital from Spain. Not only do the national airlines (Iberia and AerLingus, as we were) allow the connection with Dublin, but a multitude of cheap flights of low-cost companies make any travel budget cheaper.

Kilmainham Gaol is located on the outskirts of the city past the Guinness Store but, nevertheless, very well connected with any of the buses 78A, 79, 79A, 51B and 51C.

The first thing we find is an old building inaugurated in 1796 that emanates history from all four sides. Currently, and after its closure in 1926, it has been converted into what it is today, a huge and dark museum that will take us through the best moments of the "life" of a country like Ireland. Its price, very affordable, around € 6.

The visit is done in groups and at certain times but, nevertheless, the wait is worth it since it has a museum distributed on 3 floors, which can be traveled by free While we wait for our call.

He Museum It serves as a presentation of what we will find later. It introduces us to the separation and isolation between prisoners avoiding any type of communication and drowning them in their own loneliness and reflection. It also tells us about the stages and restrictions among women, men and children.

The first floor focuses mainly on the common prisoners, but the second and third highlights all the irish political conflict.

Throughout the world there are multitude of prisons / prisons that have left their mark, for its history, for its surroundings, and sometimes (unfortunately) for the macabre actions performed on them.

FAMILY PRISONS OF THE WORLD: Only for those more intrepid travelers, some essential prisons ...

- Alcatraz Prison, in the San Francisco Bay (United States)
- The tower of London, in London itself (United Kingdom) we visited the DAY 2 of the ESCAPADA A LONDON 2007
- Delta field, in Guantanamo (Cuba)
- Auschwitz concetration camp, in Poland
- Devil's Islandin French Guiana
- Hoa Lo Prisonin Vietnam
- Gorée Island, on the coast of Senegal
- Tuol Slengin Cambodia
- Robben Island, in Cape Town (South Africa)
- End of the World Jail, in Ushuaia (Argentina) that we visited the DAY 8 of the TRIP TO ANTARTIDA 2009
- Kresty Prisonin St. Petersburg (Russia)
- Tihar prison, in New Delhi (India)
- And many more ... Alcalá Meco? Which one did you like the most?

!! Call !! Guided turn begins, the real jail tour. It is important to know that The duration of the guided tour is approximately 1 hour and should go well sheltered It is a visit where you spend quite cold on certain dates of the year, and what better way to start in the prison chapel, especially known for being the place where Joseph Plunkett married Grace Gifford hours before he was executed.

We begin to see the first cells of prisoners. In the beginning, the jail was fundamentally populated by children (up to one of 7 years). And is that adults were sent to Australia by order of the British. Over the years, the intention to end all criminality (even the poorest in the era of the "famine" they stole to eat) led to an almost unsustainable situation in Kilmainham Gaol. There was no distinction in the cells for the prisoners and because of the prison overpopulation some inmates were forced to live in the halls with their families.

We continue to enter the most tetric and old part of the jail, a series of passages and cells in which the isolation between prisoners was total.

This part also coincides with the cells of famous prisoners of the Emmet's Rebellion of 1803, of the rebellions in the era of "famine", when US support began to be more influential, between 1845 and 1851, and especially with those of lThe leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, the most famous and cinematic, Eamon de Valera or Michael Collins.

All this before entering the modern part of the jail where movies were shot like "In the name of the Father" or "Michael Collins" (See more in "From history to cinema" at CHAVETAS.ES). This area, after its remodeling, served as a source of inspiration for the construction of many other prisons in the United States, fundamentally.

The visit concludes in the most breathtaking area in the history of Kilmainham Gaol ... the backyard. Here they shot, among others, the revolutionary leaders of 1916, including James Connelly, tied in a chair due to the serious injuries suffered in combat. A plaque on the patio wall remembers all the names and dates of the shootings.

Kilmainham Gaol an essential visit for any lover of modern history. It is a step through the history of a country that has lived a lot. It does not disappoint. It is the beginning, development and outcome of the History of the Independence of Ireland, the execution of this group of people and the victory of Sinn Pein with the proclamation of the Republic, until the so-called War of Independence or Anglo-Irish War and the desired establishment of Irish Free State that finally the April 1, 1949 would be recognized as Republic.

The Irish capital is well known for its pubs (Temple Bar), Rugby, its huge pints and the Guinness Store, Jameson's own distillery or Trinitty College ...

... but if you have one more morning (or you explicitly take any of the flights to Dublin), do not leave the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular museum prisons in all of Europe, Kilmainham Gaol.

In the next few days we get fully into the exciting trip to Maldives'11, of which we are already developing the definitive stories. Until then, have a good week ... in full January slope.

Isaac, !!! Run that Guinness !!