Enjoying the attractions at Epcot Center


A new day dawned in Disney's paradise. It was time to enjoy another of the most important parks in Orlando, as well as unique. It was time to dive into the attractions in Epcot Center.

Still excited about the experience of the previous day, it was time for a new day and enjoy the Epcot Center attractions. Since I was very young, I was always interested in everything that had to do with space, the future, technology, I suppose that like any kid at that age who enjoys Science Fiction, that when they ask him who wants to be older he answers full of reason: Astronomer although the most normal would be Astronaut but this was not the case. Things have not changed much since then and any news about new technologies, the future or space has seemed extraordinary things to me. So this new park offered me everything I had always liked.

EPCOT means, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, translated into Spanish, the Prototype of Experimental Community of Tomorrow. An idea that Walt Disney did not see come true as he thought it, and is that the park we know today as well as the attractions in existing Epcot Center, have little to do today with the project that Walt Disney planned in his moment.

He initial project was to build a futuristic city from scratch, with its businesses, and residential buildings, recreational complexes and even schools, where the monorail would be public transport and the roads would go through underground conduits leaving all the upper part to the pedestrians, but once Walt Disney passed away the company decided to change the plans by those of a theme park, since they were not interested in entering the business of building and managing a city of these characteristics, they still tried to reflect the ideals embodied in the EPCOT project, which would not have the same success and profitability as a park thematic.

The park opened its doors on October 1, 1982 and became the second theme park within the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, all under the name of Epcot Center finally changing to Epcot in 1996.

The theme park (official website of Epcot Center) is divided into two large thematic areas totally differentiated. In a first zone there is the most technological part, so to speak, where the importance of the future, technology and evolution lies, and a great Expo where 11 pavilions meet representing countries that try to show the best of their culture and customs, creating an international harmony, promoting peace and prosperity between cultures. For its design, some of the characteristics of the initial Walt Disney project were taken into account.

When we arrive, the first thing we have to do is look up as we find a large and huge sphere formed by 12,000 plates, which becomes the icon of the park, in turn the best known in the Disney world.

Here begins the first of the attractions at Epcot Center, the Future World Before we know it we are below the sphere discovering the first of the park's attractions,“The Spaceship Earth”, a trip of almost 15 minutes to the past narrated by actress Judy Dench, where we can see how the history of humanity has evolved through all the moments of antiquity: prehistoric man, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans until arriving at the industrial revolution, all of them, key moments in our history with inventions and essential milestones for the progress until ending in the world of the future through the universe.

We continue with another trip, this time until the age of the dinosaurs, "Universe of Energy", a long journey of 45 minutes, narrated this time by Ellen DeGeneres, in which we see how energy is produced and the history of the process, alternating scenes such as the creation of planet Earth, oil, gas and ending with the incessant search for new types of energy, in this case renewable energy.

We continue with our adventure of becoming astronauts, in this case in “Mission Space”, here we will travel to the year 2036 where we will be protagonists of the first manned trip to Mars, once aboard the ship, we will be assigned to each of the people who embark on different roles, as captain or commander ... The force of gravity will multiply up to almost twice thanks to the centrifugal force available to the attraction that will not stop spinning remembering the training performed by NASA astronauts. So it is not very advisable for people who experience dizziness easily, although it is possibly one of the attractions in Epcot Center that we liked.

If in our previous attraction we had to be astronauts, in “Test Track” We will be a car mechanic, we can design our own car, then try it out for a circuit outside the attraction, and finally we will become the protagonist of a television ad with our creation.

We enter now what would become the Future World West, where we will dive into the pixar world of the movie "Finding Nemo" with the favorite attraction for the little ones “The Seas With Nemo & Friends”, this time we left the spacecraft and cars behind to board a large seashell, embark on a trip to the bottom of the ocean with the characters of the movie Nemo and Dory so we will arrive at a huge aquarium to see dozens of marine species. (This attraction would be created after our trip)

The last of the great attractions at Epcot Center is about "Soarin" a kind of hangar of a small municipal airport, is one of the most innovative attractions at the level of simulators in the world that Disney has come to create, consisting of a trip in hang gliding through several corners of the United States to end up flying over the same park .

The other areas are composed of small pavilions oriented towards a more educational sense where different Disney characters teach us aspects about the environment.

To end this new great day in Orlando is celebrated every night, close to closing time and already leaving the area of ​​attractions at Epcot Center, a great show called: "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth”

We are facing 13 minutes of fireworks, projections of laser beam, flares of fire and water sources, synchronized with music reminiscent of the great African tribes, a project to accentuate the idea of ​​the union of cultures. Also in the center is a rotating luminous sphere that represents the terrestrial globe with its continents and that finally opens as if it were a lotus flower.

This great show puts the finishing touch to an excellent night in the United States that we will never forget but still much more remained to be seen.

Isaac (and Family) from Orlando (United States)