Disney Studios MGM


Disney Studios MGM, today renamed as Disney's Hollywood Studios, it becomes one of the four main parks of the complex of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, is focused on the film industry in the purest Disney style

After entering the Disneyworld bigger and enjoy yesterday's attractions in Epcot Center more futuristic today we immerse ourselves in the world of celluloid for lovers of the seventh art

Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and the mythical movie studios of the first half of the 20th century, Studios Disney MGM allows us to stroll through the famous streets of movie mecca such as Hollywood Boulevard or Sunset Boulevard.

The original idea arose when Walt Disney wanted to open to the public the experience of being behind the scenes in the great recording studios. After having spent three such intense days both at Disneyworld and at the great Epcot Center, I had high hopes for this new world we were entering, both for its environment and its attractions.

The park can be explored perfectly in a single day since it is much smaller than the Epcot Center or Magic Kingdom, and the most famous attractions are more concentrated, when leaving one we will face each other. The most popular of the attractions and the one that kids will enjoy the most is Toy Story Midway Mania, a combination between game and animation based on the successful Pixar films (and that at the time of the trip did not exist).

Another of the most popular attractions and that can not be missing in any itinerary that is provided, is “The Twillight Zone Tower of Terror”, the best attraction of all Disney World, combining an exciting journey with a great story behind it and a great staging. The tower looks abandoned, dusty, old and dark. With more than 60 meters high, it is the largest of all the Studios Disney MGM park, we receive a successive free fall from an elevator, in some sections the doors open and we witness some visual effects, as well as a flash of the whole park from the thirteenth floor. It is an elaborate experience with all kinds of details that connects us with the best of the park.

A little excitement always comes in handy and the next attraction has all this, it's about “Rock and Roller Coaster ”, we are located in a recording studio of the group Aerosmith, where Steve Tyler will get us an invitation to the concert, after this we will take a limousine and start the trip, which will mark the whole experience with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / hour in less than 3 seconds, shot towards the darkness only stopped by the fluorescent signals of Hollywood Boulevard, and all this accompanied by Aerosmith music along with jumps, turns and loops.

One of the great claims of Studios Disney MGM, is the amount and diversity of shows that it has, which can not be missing in our visit to the park and that completely enliven the stay.

One of the most innovative is the "Jedi Training Academy", a 30-minute show where the little ones can become authentic Jedi and fight the terrifying Darth Vader.

“The Great Movie Ride” a 19-minute show where you can see classic scenes from the most mythical films in history: The Wizard of Oz, Alien, Casablanca, the ride takes place in huge buses all entertained with members of the park and animatronics of renowned actors.

But, for me one of the most impressive is, the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular", based on the famous George Lucas saga as well as being one of my favorite movies, starring risky doubles in a large outdoor theater

This show is suitable for the more adventurous as it has everything: explosions, fights, chases ...

Although it is possible, and after the meal, that the one who got up from the chair was the final part of a little train that ran through the facilities where an avalanche of water and a subsequent explosion of fire and flames, envelops everything that surrounds the assistants getting to introduce you within the film itself.

As it is already tradition, at the end of the day in all the Disney parks we were surprised by another night show on “Fantasmic”, one of the most elaborate live show in the whole park, with a duration of 25 minutes closes as usual the activity in the Disney Studios MGM.This show is represented in a huge amphitheater behind the Tower of Terror, completely open with a capacity for almost 7 thousand people. Made by Mickey, in his version of the movie Fantasy and his fight against evil, draws on spectacular special effects, lasers, light effects, projections on the water, fireworks and even a dragon throwing fire, all with a great display of music and sound effects. A real pleasure to see and with an ending that one cannot miss (photo taken from one's own Disney's Hollywood Studios)

After this last show our day ended not far from there, with a fabulous dinner at the restaurant Arabian Nights, where beautiful horses of all kinds paraded to the sound of music.

Here we finished our first stage in the trip, we left Orlando behind, and the magic of Disneyworld and its parks, everything lived had been really impressive and will remain forever recorded in our memory. The next day Miami was waiting for us, in a new experience and our first experience in a big city in the United States.

Isaac (and Family) from Orlando (United States)