Bahamas Cruise


After almost a week in Orlando, the cotter family started a new adventure, this time a Bahamas cruise leaving behind all theme parks, attractions and emotions. It was the first time we were going to navigate this area of ​​the planet.

The cruiseDolphin He would also be in charge of providing us with a bit of tranquility and relaxation these days, a boat that had everything needed to travel with all the comforts of the world: swimming pools, huge lounges, casino and much more.

We left Orlando early direction Miami, where we would take the Bahamas cruise. The port of Miami is the largest cruise port in the world, its different terminals are represented by all cruise groups worldwide, as more than three million travelers use it annually.

There are nothing more and nothing less than seven cruise terminals which offer different services just as each shipping company has its own information point.

The most efficient way to get there, unless we have hired some additional service, is the taxi that depending on traffic could take the trip between 10 and 15 minutes, since Miami International Airport is only 15 kilometers from the port.

We spent the night on board, on our way to our next destination, until, suddenly, a great storm began. I have to say that as a child I was very afraid of storms and I especially remember three that I will not forget in my life. The first of them in Sevill, we were enjoying a holiday housed on this occasion in a campsite, and the storm was so strong that the tent was even flooded, moving the whole family to the nearest hotel, they did not stop Lightning strikes, the second in Donosti, my city and finally this one.

The cruise was in the middle of nowhere, we even thought that we could be sailing on the Bermuda Triangle, and that the Dolphin would disappear in the middle of the sea, we were in the great hall watching the show that was offered and the rays fell on all sides of the cruise a great storm invaded us so that night I did not go to sleep very quiet.


Bahamas It was going to be our next destination and Nassau, its capital, our base of operations so to speak, where we were going to be the next days.

Bahamas is a country consisting of more than 700 islands, cays and islets, geographically together with the Turks and Caicos Islands the Lucayan archipelago, also called by extension Bahamas.


Originally inhabited by the macaws, a branch of the Taino race, the Bahamas would be the place where Christopher Columbus He arrived on his first trip to the New World in 1492, although the Spaniards never colonized the Bahamas, if they sailed through the islands looking for natives to turn them into slaves and send them to Spain. The islands were uninhabited from 1513 to 1648, when English settlers from the island of Bermuda settled.

Thus, they became a colony of the British crown in 1718, after the War of Independence of the United States, thousands of Americans loyal to the British crown settled on the islands along with their slaves, which led to an economy based on plantations. Slavery was abolished in 1834 and a large part of the population descended from freed slaves and finally achieved their independence as a monarchy in the Commonwealth of Nations in 1973. In terms of per capita income, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in America by behind the United States and Canada.

The Bahamas are politically divided into a central district, New Providence, and thirty-two local districts, regulated by a total of twenty-five administrations that depend on the Governor General.

The Bahamas has a climate between tropical and subtropical, moderated by the influx of the waters of the Gulf Stream. Especially in winter, these islands suffer the scourge of hurricanes, whose season lasts from late summer until the last days of autumn.

In 2005 the country had a population of 301,790 inhabitants, of which the majority are black, whites being the minority. The official language is the English, Spoken by almost the entire population and Spanish is used mainly by Cuban and American immigrants of Hispanic origin.

The Bahamas is a very religious country, the Christianity It is the main religion, predominantly Protestant confessions such as Baptists followed by Anglicans. and some people are engaged in the practice of syncretic cults such as the "obeah", similar to voodoo.

Therefore began a new stage in our trip, a stage where we moved away from the large crowds and cities to be in a wild and quiet place. And with the same strength as always.

Isaac (and Family) from Nassau (Bahamas)