More places to see in Hong Kong


It seems like a lie as the days go by, almost without realizing it, when one is out. We are already on the last day of this mini-trip to this southeast area of ​​China and the truth is that we are looking forward to more. Surely we will be back very soon. Even so, we did not want to leave Hong Kong today without being able to visit those other faces that do not appear on postcards or the most viewed icons. That is why today we will get to know a little more about the southern part of the island of Hong Kong and a particular experience on the island of Lantau.

Today we don't get up early, after several days doing it. We have a quiet breakfast in the Harbourview Hotel (complete analysis of accommodation in THIS ARTICLE) and we approach the subway (4 HKD per person) to get to Central Station, from where to catch a bus (7.90 HKD per person) in the Central Exchange (numbers 6 / 6A / 6X / 66) towards the scenic town of Stanley, south of Hong Kong.

TO CONSIDER: The buses require the exact amount, they do not give change. If you want to round up is your problem.

The route takes us through the beautiful places of Repulse Bay, where we see the first beaches of the trip and a kind of villages similar to southern Spain. In about 40 minutes "full milk with the bus" (they look like "kamikaces") we have arrived. Luckily we have not caught too much traffic jam from the city, which is a permanent collapse always.

The first thing we find when going down is his famous flea market, Stanley Market, a permanent market much quieter than the madness of the Temple Market or Lady Market, with garments of all kinds and souvenirs, but somewhat more expensive.

I particularly still can't find anything that excites me, yet I have some more gift (240 HKD). Of course, the girls put on "boots."

Although it is a somewhat absurd comparison, Stanley has a certain air to the city in which we live, A Coruña, because of its peninsula shape with two different walks. The first one has the main beach, and in which we have gone there is a very pleasant, relaxed and more rural promenade.

There are also lots of terraces, which indicates that in the afternoon / evening the area should be very lively. Curiously, all the businesses we find are foreigners, an Irish pub, a French cafe, an English pub, a Vietnamese restaurant ... !! siiiiiiii !!, and even a Spanish restaurant / buffet called MIJAS RESTAURANT

With our very port custom of "traveling breakwaters" we reach the "Blake Pier at Stanley", from where some boat is leaving at this time

We could not leave here without having a cool beer (152 HKD all) in one of the terraces, !! that is never missing! From there we return to the bus station (which is still a square with several buses) at the point we have left and we will continue along the coast to Aberdeen by bus (number 73 for 3.90 HKD)

Aberdeen It is a place that has really surprised us, not only because of its location, that we have not visited, but because of its Bay between it and the island of Ap Lei Chau, an island at a short distance and with several tall buildings and skyscrapers as well . The contrast between these and small floating fishing houses is, without doubt, the most curious image of traditional Hong Kong.

There are several boats of the local people themselves that offer you 1-hour rides for 120 HKD, which begin to decrease proportionally in time and money to the distance that you are moving away from the heavy sellers, reaching 30 or 40 HKD for 30 minutes . We have decided to take the free transport to the Jumbo restaurant, which also gives you a walk through the bay and where we can observe that there are not only floating fishermen's houses, but that some live in their own boat

It is incredible to see how a culture so ancestral has survived between decades of future and wealth, as well as the boats and wooden structures that are so deteriorated today. And is that Hong Kong is not only the image of the skyline.

Another of the great successes of the day is called Jumbo kingdom, one of the most famous restaurants in all of Hong Kong

It is located in the richest part of the bay, where the old houses give way to real luxury yachts. Here we are going to eat today

We are in the LARGEST FLOATING RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD, with capacity for more than 2,000 people, and one of the jewels of tourism in the region. As it is our last day, we will pay a little tribute, and that is why we decided on the restaurant upstairs (there is another one on the second floor of modern Cantonese food) and we asked for some prawns, a stuffed crab, a little rice looking very good ...

... and an exquisite, delicious, tasty (and any adjective that would fall short) ROAST DUCK, which can not be missed on any trip to China

The place must be recognized that it is prepared for the tourist, as it is seen that many groups are brought by their guides to eat here, but I must admit that we have spent the most fun time of the whole trip, one drinking the water of wash your hands, the other by bundling it with the rice, another eating the chilli peppers, ... Yes, the quality of the food has been excellent, as well as the price (1408 HKD), which is around 25-30 euros / pers

We set foot on the ground again, arriving at the Aberdeen bus station, heading to the starting point, Central Exchange (bus number 75 for 4.70 HKD). From there again metro (21 HKD per person) until Tung Chung, to go out in a huge mall and catch another experience for a great day, a cable car

We are in the cable car, cable car, also called NGONG PING 360 EXPERIENCE (HKD 169 per person) that travels from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village.

We are also facing one of the longest cable cars in the world, with exceptional views (you can see the impressive International Airport with land gained from the sea from which we will leave tomorrow), more than 8 km in length.

We have also chosen, from the two types of cabin, the glass cabin on the floor, and we are seeing a path that "Uncle Jose" would love to get lost in the "meadow" and go up to see the famous Great Buddha. Really, this one can be seen once arrived at the town with "only" climbing 200 stairs.

We accumulate tiredness and it is getting late. The town seems like a pleasant place that brings together restaurants, leisure centers, shops, the Po Lin Monastery (with more than a century of history) and the, already commented, Big buddha. that symbolizes the union of man and nature and that reminds us a lot of the enormous seen in Kamakura that DAY 14 of the trip to Japan 2008. We spent some time there, we took the opportunity to have some ice creams (30 HKD)…

... and we return to the starting point, returning to enjoy a great experience recommended for everyone (those who suffer from vertigo, refrain from glass cabin)

And as a farewell, we didn't want to lose ourselves in any way, the power enjoy the Symphony of Lights again. Metro (21 HKD per person) and Star Ferry (3 HKD per person on the weekend) from Central, put us on the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. There are very cool cruceritos from which it can also be done, but it gets very late if you don't eat dinner in them

Although we already commented on the past DAY 6 of the tripIt still seems like a show lacking in strength, and it's a real shame. The sound is very low and the music is not very emotional. Even so, the show of lights, rays and buildings "dancing" to the sound of music is worth it. Thousands of people crowd there to see it.

The day does not go far. We return to take the Star Ferry (3 HKD per person), this time to Wan Chai, and as we did at lunch, we hit ourselves again to say goodbye with a dinner that we had also loved that DAY 6 of the trip, at "Al Dente" restaurant (951 HKD). Behind we leave intense days in another corner of the world that is very worth visiting. Tomorrow we will head to Madrid via Moscow, 10 hours, plus 2 of scale, plus another 5 hours, come on, a little nap. Until then, a big hug to everyone. Family, readers and friends ...

Isaac & Family, from Hong Kong

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 3503 HKD (approx. 316.19 euros) and GIFTS: 240 HKD (approx. 21.66 euros)