Moscow fashion tourist destination


It is well known that Travel Keys, one of the destinations that we have left in the inkwell and that makes us especially excited, is to be able to one day make the Trans-Siberian / Trans-Mongolian with time, with calm and with all its splendor.

With this inertia, we cannot avoid sighing every time we read any story, anecdote or news from the Russian country, although what really catches our attention is that, thanks to a series of circumstances ... !!! MOSCOW IS FASHION !!!

The visits of recent travelers twinned with us as Blai and "A life in Mil Viatjes", Yadnakis and "The best is yet to come" or Edu and Eri and "Edu & Eri Viajes" support this thesis every day. But what makes Moscow take on both prominence and future multi-day getaway?


There are more and more airlines that have approached all of Europe, and especially Spain, to the capital of Rusía.

Moscow has three international airports and a small regional airport. The first and largest is the Moscow-Domodedovo, It is located 35 km south of Moscow, is the most modern and comfortable and is the center of operations of some of Russia's most important companies such as S7 Airlines. Another is the Moscow-Sheremetyevo, base of operations of Aeroflot, the national airline, which since 1994 has been modernizing and replacing the old Russian aircraft with others of European manufacture and that flies in code share with companies as well known as Air Europa or Air France, more A long etcetera. Finally highlightsMoscow-Vnukovo, of minor importance.

We can say that today Moscow has a large number of companies that fly there, such as British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Iberia, Vueling, ... Which gives us the ease and opportunity to see Moscow as a destination to consider in planning future destinations.

Moscow, moreover, has become an excellent hub for those of us who are considering a European entry scale to Asia. Its privileged location as well as the multitude of affordable flights means that someone who wants to consider as destinations China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, ... should not miss the opportunities it offers, as will happen to the keys in our recent trip to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao 2011.


One of the big problems that any visit to Moscow continues to pose is still visa processing, an essential requirement if you want to enter the country.

Although it seems that their suppression is getting closer and closer (The current president of Russia, Dimitri Medvedev has repeatedly declared his intention to finish off the project initiated in this regard), today, to travel to any Russian city, such processing and passport are needed.

What the theory should be something simple to carry out, in many occasions it becomes an arduous task difficult to achieve and even with large disbursements of money if we need it urgently or not, if we have to hire it from a company that manages it in the city ​​where the consulate is located ...

The first step is to contact the Russian consulate in Spain. There are two, one in Barcelona that deals with the Mediterranean coast area, and the other in Madrid that does the same with the rest of the country. Although there are several visas the most common is the "tourist visa" that allows you to be in the country for a month, enough time to get to know in depth a city like Moscow. There is also the possibility of an invitation letter that is not very easy to obtain either.


We all know the corners of Paris (which we already knew in several trips, as in the trip to Mauritius 2008), the narrow streets of Rome (Rome getaway 2009), the greatness of London (London getaway 2007 or recent Getaway to Stonehenge and Bath 2011), the life of Madrid (getaway to Madrid 2007) or the picturesque german cities (Berlin getaway 2007 or Getaway to Munich and Austrian Alps 2010). Little by little cities like Bucharest (2011 Bucharest and Transylvania getaway), Budapest (Budapest getaway 2009), Dublin (getaway to Dublin 2009), Salzburg, Amsterdam and a long list, have been positioned as places of visit forced by the historical and cultural wealth they offer.

Moscow, always away by distance but now getting closer, is a true cluster of cultural and historical wealth without limits. Do we review?

The kremlin, known to all, is a set of fortifications, civil and religious buildings located in the heart of Moscow, facing the Moskva River in the south, the Red Square in the east and the Alexander Garden in the west. In ancient times the word "kreml"it was used to denominate the walled part in the center of a city, at present it is where the President of Russia resides. This is the most important of the Russian Kremlin including in its interior four palaces and four cathedrals, of paramount importance like The Cathedral of the Assumption, The Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael

The Red Square, It is the most famous square in Moscow in the commercial district known as Kitay-górod, from it the main streets depart in all prolonged directions on highways to the outskirts of the city, so it is considered the center of the city and all of Russia. In it we also find Lenin's world famous grave. Over the years it has been used for multiple functions, has served as a market, to perform ceremonies, including crowning of czars, has hosted large concerts. The following photo shows the celebration of the anniversary of the victory? in World War II.

St. Basil's Cathedral which is located inside the Red Square and that is as spectacular inside as outside. It consists of no less than nine churches of the sixteenth century. If we had to keep something, without a doubt for us this is the true icon of the city, symbol of postcards and souvenirs.

The State History Museum, collects relics of prehistoric tribes that occupied the territory of present-day Russia, to works of art of incalculable value.

The Tetriakov Gallery, which houses the best collection of Russian art.

The Izmailovo market, It is the main souvenir market in Moscow, here we will find all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, jewelry, antiques

I could not miss a tour of Old Arbat Street, the most popular street in Moscow, where we can find more memories of Moscow and where they will accompany us, depending on the weather, street performers that liven up the walk.

And as a climax a boat ride on the Moskva River, which will allow us to see the Kremlin towers and various monuments from a privileged place.

We could continue writing places, stresses and corners of Moscow but the best thing will be to do it in person. When? Surely in the very short term.


And for those who love (like us) the culinary aspect of any getaway, we are facing one of the most varied and rich gastronomies, but also of many calories to be able to withstand the cold seasons.

They are typicalbreakfasts of semolina porridge, kasha and yogurt. Notable are also their meat, its fish and its prestigious black caviar.

Fundamental is to know your entree, known as "Zakuski", a set of hors d'oeuvres that they put before meals.

There are also the well-known soups (the Borshch of Ukrainian origin is the best known or the Solianka), the salad "herring under the coat" (curious salad made with herring covered with potatoes, beets, carrots, eggs and mayonnaise) or the famous “Russian salad”, known there as Olivié Salad, the meat dishes (Stroganoff, Shashlink, chicken to "the Kiev") or fish, the potatoes with caviar or the pelmeni (a kind of ravioli with butter or ketchup).

As to dessertsFor the sweet tooth, just name the famous Blini (crepes) or the Prianiki (candy with ginger).


In this small introduction of what a fashion destination can offer us, we could not end without commenting on the best times to enjoy the city.

Nobody ignores that Moscow has long and hard winters and short summers. For intrepid travelers (as we usually are), winter gives a beautiful picture worth enjoying, but in return returns never above 0ºC and snow usually covers the entire city.

The Spring, from the months of April to May, it is the rainy season, so although the temperatures begin to be bearable, it is not the most frequent season for tourism. Is possibly June, the date of realization of this article, when the temperatures are milder and the rains begin to cease, the best month to "drop"

For those who withstand the heat well, the summer that lasts from July to August, with temperatures around 30 ºC and a humid climate, it is when more colorful and more visits the city has, being able to find some sporadic storm.

Before saying goodbye to this article, comment that the photos (in the absence of our "visit") are taken in a large part of Google Images, except for our own, and that on Monday, finally and as we promised, we resume the daily trip to Maldives 2011, and after the small survey conducted these days in our Facebook cotter channel, will be accompanied by the first prize contests (because you have wanted it that way), a small test in the face of the great contest / club that we will do on the occasion of the summer trip. You sign up? You only have one requirement, be our fan on Facebook to participate.

Paula and Isaac