Shopping in Candem


Ringggg Ringgg !! 6 in the morning in London City !!! He macro-breakfast of theBalmoral House Hotel he's waiting for us. Juice, eggs, bacon, ham, mushrooms, sausages, coffee, milk, cereals, toast, jam, butter, croisants, ... and I don't know if I'll leave anything. Strength for a morning of shopping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newspaper was made on the v1 of this website, when we wrote only and exclusively for the family, so it is not as complete as the rest. However, you will find more information in the travel guide to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol of 2011 and we will be back soon to make a much more complete diary

We have not talked to you about Our english And how do we understand each other? Well in addition to the two magic phrases that never fail, "My English is very poor, slowly please!" "I'm improving my english this days, jijiji", the rest were ... Good morning, good morning ... Take advantage! !Take advantage!... and it is that in London today, low-cost flights have brought many Spaniards closer, plus emigrants like the Spanish family based in the Balmoral Hotel, our hotel. Even his own Candem Market It looked like the rake of Madrid !!!

With our early rises, we arrived at Candem very early by subway (£ 10.20 daycard all day). So much that nothing had opened. A sinister, and whore, a punk with good pints, and a very sleazy, hangover atmosphere, raised the Cadem area.

We took the opportunity to drink another juice (2 pounds) and see how the appearance of the streets changed as everything was opening. What used to be a dull street now was an incredible coming and going of people, markets, ... It had become a picturesque street.

!!SHOPPING!! !!SHOPPING!! ! SHOPPING !!! We take a blouse, a coat, 5 pants, a cup, a pants ... (90 pounds). The question you will ask yourself, worth? Well, the truth is that as a market, you will not find anything that you do not find on the Madrid trail, for example, nor any particularly interesting bargain. Maybe stirring more if one can be found. As shopping tomorrow, the truth is that it is worth it, a pleasant time in a picturesque environment.

From there we returned to shop at the hotel, stopping again at Paddigton Station. On the way we found an old and old parking meter (Long time no see)

And we go premiere!!! What do you think of my new coat (Isaac)? To the center, please!

And we talked about the topic of English. Understand each other, but ... And understand them? Sometimes there was no one who understood them, go chicken these English. When they wanted to cut a street they put something like "fun"Well, nothing, all to chop curb and there were steps to pedophiles and steps for normal people, would anyone sting? Anyway ... see that these Londoners are rare ...

The fact is that, STEP BY STEP, we reach REGENT STREET, way of Trafalgar Square, one of the big streets of big stores in London, next to Osford Street. In Trafalgar Square it would be where we would stop eat Our sandwich We walked with exhausted feet.

After a tasty sandwich, we were resting for a while and hearing a kind of "miting" they had mounted in Trafalgar. It was not among our ideas to enter the National Gallery, but finally we decided to go see the Boticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Velazquez, etc ... although far above, focusing on the "hightlights" recommended by the museum itself, free, like the British.

We could not leave London without returning to the center. That London atmosphere that we liked so much. If the other day we got to know Covent Garden, Trafalgar and Picadilly, and today we had gone down Regent Street, today we had to go to the Soho area and take the opportunity to go through the Chinatown. Shortly before arriving at this one we stopped to take a deserved cool beer Delicious (6.40 pounds) near Leicester Square

He Chinatown It may not be as impressive as those in the big cities of New York, just 4 streets. Of course, completely to burst.

The area of Soho It was also very lively, although it turned out to be another type of environment more own and closed than Covent Garden. From there, almost without strength, we headed for Osford street, the last street of the center that we had left to travel, until we arrived at a recondita street called Carnaby street with a great atmosphere, where we stopped to eat in a kind of Fish and Chips, our last dinner in London (£ 20.33)

We took Osford Station and after taking our night water (1.09 pounds) we barely climbed the stairs that separated us from that cozy bed, which was waiting for us. It would take less than -5 seconds to fall asleep. !!Goodnight!!!

Isaac, from London (United Kingdom)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 130.02 Pounds (Approx 187 euros, 130 purchases)