Arriving in Cancun: the Mexican Caribbean


As in the newspapers before 2006, I will tell this newspaper inoffline, that is, once past, as I remember today as I already did in the newspaper of Florida and the Bahamas (in 2010, with 31 years) and thanks to the videos, the photos and a good afternoon of coffee remembering with my parents .

WasAugust 1996. Who was going to tell me that it would be my penultimate jump to the Atlantic that we were arriving in Cancun, (a year later I would go to Puerto Rico) and then it would take more than 10 years to cross the puddle again. (it wouldn't be untilWest Cuba 2008 when I would do it again). It was himbeginning of the penultimate trip that I was going to enjoy in the company of my parents and my sister, at least until today (although it may not be the last one we do together).

Crossing the Puddle one more time: Arriving in Cancun

And there we were, once again, very early, at the Madrid - Barajas terminal, to fly at 10'00 to Cancun. Although it was no longer the first, nor the second flight we made to this area, we still had the same nerves of the first day. Summer was coming, and the time we all expected was coming. We flew once, determined to arrive in Cancun.

Heflight we get it throughVacation Club, managed withEcuador Travel, despite the fact that we were completely free and adventurous on this trip, far from the current packages that offer Riviera Maya. Being strict, it was not even about Riviera Maya, since this term would be born 3 years later, in 1999. At that time the tourist area par excellence and where we would arrive was Cancun (later Cancun would be relegated to a more "gringo" tourism and in Spain Playa del Carmen and this area are offered more).


In 2013 we returned to the Yucatan, this time to Riviera Maya, and we made a very complete and updated diary with all the necessary information to choose your vacations, hotels and / or excursions. Expand your information in the side menu or directly in the Travel diary to Riviera Maya

Does anyone remember AAN? More specifically ... Does anyone rememberOasis Airlines / Aerocancún? This line was founded in 1986 and called Andalusair but in 1987 the Oasis hotel group would buy it by putting it that name and began operating very successfully on routes between Great Britain, Scandinavia and Europe. Later I would buy Aerocancún and it was very successful until 1996, the year in which we traveled, from which it began to compete in the local terrain due to the drop in foreign demand and ended with many financial problems. Alreadyin 1996 a group of Italian and Dutch investors had been made with her. There is currently an Oasis Airlines, but I don't know if it has anything to do with the one we traveled at the time.

Although they are not too many hours, it gives time to think about what we are going to find arriving in Cancun. I was especially excited because we are going to step on land where not many centuries ago I inhabit the greatMayan civilization.

The Mayas, in reality, were several towns and not just one. They spread through the current Mexican states of Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas, through a large area of ​​Guatemala and through certain regions of Belize and Honduras.

This town, in addition to a very well defined area, has 3 stages very well studied: an initial or preclassic dating back to 1600 BC until 300 A.D., the classic from 300 to 900 A.D., of full splendor and thepostclassic, from 900 to 1542, in which the decline of civilization coincides with the arrival of the Spaniards.

The most impressive thing about the Mayas is that they were able to make spectacular constructions and immense cities in this great Empire of Mesoamerica.

Well, there will be time to continue talking about the Mayan world, but the fact is that the flight was much better than expected, and on time we were arriving in Cancun and we were heading to the hotel.

Landing in Cancun

Cancun It is, along with Acapulco, the largest tourist center in Mexico. The truth is that it is the least curious how an island (now linked by bridges) has become what it is today. And is that Cancun is formed by a "language" of 23 km of hotels that leaves beaches to the open sea and a kind of inland lagoon.

After staying and eating something, we spent the afternoon with the first bath on the beach and the first steps of the hotel facilities. For today it had been enough, it has been many hours already. Tomorrow we will continue to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean.

Isaac & Family, from Cancun (Mexico)