Cozumel Island, among goldfish


Very early, with a good early morning, we were planting in Playa del Carmen (which we already visited under a downpour theDAY 4 of the trip) to catch the ferry, which is filled with tourists to visit the island of Cozumel, its Caribbean charm attracts a lot of visitors as well as cruises that usually dock for a few hours on the island. A very important point of interest and we did not want to lose it for anything in the world, and that both my sister and my parents were eager to visit it, and today was the day chosen, after the rain had given a truce.

Cozumel: Mayan Badge Ship

Cozumel is one of the great Mexican islands, the third largest and the second most populous, located in the southeast of the country sixty-two kilometers from Cancun.


In 2013 we returned to the Yucatan, this time to Riviera Maya, and we made a very complete and updated diary with all the necessary information to choose your vacations, hotels and / or excursions. Expand your information in the side menu or directly in the Travel diary to Riviera Maya

Recent research has shown that the first settlers who arrived on the island of Cozumel were about the second century B.C., semi-nomadic groups in the Caribbean that were primarily engaged in fishing and hunting. Leaving later in time we find a second wave of migration this time in the third century A.D. integrated by Mayan groups coming from the Yucatan Peninsula to Cozumel, with a cultural level far superior to their predecessors, that is why in the whole island there are still vestiges of constructions and pottery remains found on the island. Finally moving a little further, we find the third and final wave of migration in the eighth century, Mayan and Chontal tribes, navigators and merchants who arrived from Central America and made Cozumel an important point of influence. Its social organization, its architectural style and its religious cults especially the goddess Ix Chel, deity of the moon, fertility and birth made a sanctuary on the island, also becoming a pilgrimage rite of the entire Mayan world towards Cozumel

But returning to modern times, the true wealth of Cozumel lies in its funds, the oceanographer had already said Jacques Cousteau that I declare the island as one of the most spectacular places to practice diving, unwittingly becoming the best publicist that Cozumel could have, that's why people from all over the planet come to enjoy its great aquatic ecosystem and we were not going to be less like that That to be able to enjoy it, the perfect way is to take some of the excursions that are offered on the island and that better than a walk around its surroundings with the right to snorkelling.

We opted for a touristPirate Ship of limited places that also offered food and other activities.

Corals are waiting for us!

First things first, and to make a goodsnorkeling, the ship approaches the best areas and then a monitor is pulled with you to reach the most spectacular places.

A kind of "float" is provided for those who do not want to "get tired" but the best way to enjoy is to be able to dive into the depths without it. Are you ready? Let's go there!

 The crystal clear and turquoise waters facilitate the immersion between corals and at the moment a multitude of goldfish begin to surround you in a sensation that is priceless as if you were in a kind of cartoon movie for a moment.

One is a bit embarrassed to admit, that despite the aquatic beauties that the Caribbean can offer as well as in other parts of the world, I have not yet been able to sign up for a diving course or try to learn to dive beyond 10 meters.

Even so, only the fact of being able to share the waters among all those fish, corals and even that particular flora is a privilege and something unrepeatable.

But the experience does not end here, since after observing the beautiful corals, the trip still awaits some more surprise: a good barbecue on the side while we dry makes the delights of some, especially to liven up the return to the port.

In general I have to admit that, without expecting much from this experience, very prepared for tourists, I have been very happy especially with snorkelling, possibly the best that can be enjoyed in the world.

So to celebrate it, guess?who gets more tequila? Heading to Cancun again!

Isaac & Family, from Cancun (Mexico)