Tulum, the last Mayan vestiges


While it is true that already theDAY 3 travel we had enjoyed one of the wonders of the world that left us the Mayan Civilization legacy, we were left wanting to continue immersing ourselves in this adventure to the past in Tulum since theDAY 4 when we approached they were closed.

Well, we didn't want to leave without being able to enjoy this privilege and today we have approached precisely here again, to Tulum.

The majestic Tulum

Tulum It was a large walled city on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. In ancient times his name wasZama meaning dawn, for its unique location on the edge of the cliffs that let you glimpse beautiful sunrises. An outline of what's left of it could be something like that ...

It was already in the 20th century when the city took the name of Tulum, whose meaning is walls, when this city was already only ruins.

But what kind of mysteries does this city contain? There is a multitude of Legends about Tulum, but especially important is that this port city was the site chosen by priests-astronomers to see Venus born as an evening star and reborn as a morning star.


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From the first moment we enter the great archeological complex we can observe, as theDAY 3 travel in Chichen Itza, what once had to be a magical place.

However, it is important to know that Tulum was born when the Maya Civilization was already in its Postclassic and even decadent stage, in the year 1,200 A.D. and that was one of the last strengths of this town as we can see in the type of stone constructions that surround us as well as its famousWall between 3 and 6 meters that gives it its name.

The first important vestiges that we find are calledTemple of the Frescoes, two-level building with a large porch supported by columns that on the second level has frescoes representing beings from the underworld and theHouse of the Columns, which is still in quite good condition.

As in Chichen Itza, the area of ​​the so-calledCastle It is the most spectacular, since we are facing the tallest building in all of Tulum, built on earlier smaller buildings. But not only that, but it is practically on the rough cliff that separates it from the sea.

A staircase gives access to the temple. This is divided into two rooms, one that works as a porch and another as a sanctuary, the interior decorated with wall paintings that show the image of Venus

If there is an especially important construction in Tulum, that is theTemple of the Descending God, since the cult has said God took special importance in this place and this stage. The descending figure of a winged god cannot be anything other than the representation of Venus. The building consists of a platform on which a one-piece temple was built and with a vaulted ceiling and a window in the background.

Debt settled at last! We are in Tulum

It is very hot. Possibly the hottest day since we are in Mexico. That is why it is inevitable that we will make small stops in the little shade that we find.

But if Tulum has something good, it's not only ruins and legends, but some turquoise blue beaches They invite a good bath next to an incalculable archaeological zone. Who gives more?

Thus we spend our last hours in an unforgettable land, under some cliffs that support one of the places that we will remember most throughout the trip. Already in 1518, Juan de Grijalva's expedition saw from the sea the towers of the city of Tulum, "the city of dawn". But Grijalva, despite the call of beauty, did not stop his ships. Who knows who and with what intentions would await you there?

Isaac & Family, from Cancun (Mexico)