Preparing the Riviera Maya suitcase


It is very possible that more than one the fact of preparing the suitcase or travel backpack is very heavy. Others have simply forgotten dozens of things we consider important once on the road. Today we start one for our vacation in Riviera Maya, one more, this time suitcase, although the truth is that only that smell that comes off when you lower it from the storage room fills the house with "travel aroma", that we like so much. Do we prepare the suitcase?

Although the video is made with a certain humor and that a trip begins at the moment you decide the destination (a few months before), today is a very special day. Those tickles in the stomach before traveling are the "alarm" that tells us "it's time to leave"

STEP 1: A good inventory can be very useful

Any preparation of a suitcase should have an associated inventory, although perhaps its "departure" is the day you start to remember all those things you want to carry and that are useless. What do you want hair straighteners for? !! But if you are not going out of the pool !! And where are you going with so many tripods? !! Yes, then you just walk with the water chamber !! Does it sound to you? Yes, we all see each other at the end with the water around the neck looking for the really important things, like the last clothes or accessories last-minute, especially for trips

We already drag a list of essential things that we take to each trip and that makes things easy for us, and one is always fulfilled ... !! it is easier to make a backpack for 43 days than a suitcase for 15 !! In the end the first weighs 13 kg and the last !! 23 and by the hair!

Another good idea may be to take advantage of certain trips to wear those clothes that no longer serve you, or are simply too worn and that need a "retirement" ... it's time to renew that closet bottom! and leave her on the road.

STEP 2: Choosing the right suitcase or backpack

The truth is that we are more backpack. It gives you flexibility and comfort to access through all types of places and lands that are not given to you by the suitcase, in addition to adapting better to the concept of "improvisation". Do you see sleeping under a tarp in the middle of a storm on a lost Pacific island with a suitcase? Neither do we ... yes, the backpacks ended up soaked in full Samoa, LOL.

For a trip like Riviera Maya, where the route of our beloved suitcase will be boarding from A Coruña to Cancun directly, from there to a bus and then to a "bellhop" to the room ... ... as if we carry a trunk of memories !! We are not going to find out. Suitcase! Decided!


One or two? Well, that for the taste of the consumer. To ask the "cotter parents" who always go with one and return with two. The day you ride a suitcase rake we promise to invite you. There are suitcases for everything ... the planet

STEP 3: What can not be missing in a suitcase?

While the issue of clothing is something very personal, there are things that in certain destinations are essential. A swimsuit, your own glasses and snorkel tube, a good water camera, protection creams, sunglasses, flip flops, pareos and all kinds of things you can think of related to the main activity What are you going to do at your destination?


He toiletry bag as well as a small medicine cabinet (With medications for the head, dizziness, feet, stomach, mosquitoes, eyes, wounds or throat should be essential).

And something that can never be missed, and more in a destination of relaxation and disconnection, is a good book. We, perhaps even because of the tradition of when we have ended up in a resting place, started that Gleen Cooper's "Library of the Dead" two years ago in the trip to Maldives 2011, the first book of a trilogy that continued with "The Book of Souls" that we would not stop reading in our passage through Tonga in 2012.


It is time to finish the novel with "The End of the Scribes." He comes with us (at least for the first week because it is one of those books that "hook")

We already know what to carry in a suitcase but ...It would really occur to someone to carry some of those items that they put on airport signs as prohibited? And since we are ... has anyone ever answered on customs papers that carry drugs, tobacco, weapons of mass destruction or hand grenades? The truth is that it is quite ridiculous. Well, that, do not carry bombs, delicate porcelain vases or a samurai sword even if it is a souvenir, if you want to have a quiet holiday.

STEP 4: Fill it, close it (not always simple) and a good farewell dinner

What may seem obvious a priori may not be. Filling a suitcase is the simplest thing in the world, now ... and close it? These flip flops here, that loader over there. Paulaaaa !! that does not close !!

What to do when everything fails? There's a infallible method in any aspect of life you will have to remember from these moments. It is called the "Russian" method. If a suitcase does not close ...! Push! !! sit on it !! press! !! sit two or three !! Where were the advice of the "grandmother cotters" that said that it is better tomorrow than strength "... ahem ...

!!All ready!!? Noooo Do youAnd if the world falls while you are asking for the seventh daikiri of the day on your deckchair at Cocoteros Beach? !! You have to say goodbye to home and family in style! See you later Tower of Hercules! Bye bye A Coruña

You never know, and although we propose a family dinner, we have taken it very seriously and made lunch and dinner, one in each family home, so that nothing is missing (! And how well the mum cooks! How we will miss that octopus and that potato omelette in any destination in the world). Today we also had the "Italian family". !! Miriam and Giuseppe !!


Now yes, everything is ready. 1, 2 ... testing? Calling Javi and Silvia. Suitcases ready? Yes now…

Paula and Isaac (and Javi and Silvi), crossing the puddle again
!!! WE CLOSE FOR HOLIDAYS !! (You can call ... and the world falls ... ahem ...)