History of the Holy Land


Thursday. We open our eyes and stare at the nothingness of the darkness of these morning hours. "Why the Holy Land?" we think "What can be the reason for a non-believer and a non-practitioner to come here?" The Holy Land is considered that geographical area of ​​the planet where biblical scenes were developed both in the Old and New Testaments. The whole of Israel and Palestine, and areas of Egypt (which we will visit in the future), Jordan (which we already visited in the trip to Jordan 2006 and in that of Syria - Lebanon - Jordan 2009), Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria or Lebanon (which we also visited on the trip to Syria - Lebanon - Jordan 2009).

Personally Isaac, I was enchanted by this area of ​​the planet the day I first entered the Church of St. George, Orthodox Greco church, famous for its mosaic in perfect condition. This is the first one that reflected the lands of the region, a mosaic-map of Palestine, Syria and Nile Delta of the 6th century.

They were other times (and another teenage face), andIsaac I'm still as agnostic as ever, and perhaps arriving at a place that congregates so many sacred places for Jews, Christians and Muslims gives me answers to some of the universal questions of our origins, or perhaps continues as usual. Paula, however, is a believer (Although nothing in accordance with how he derived the Christian religion and perhaps is what makes don't be a practitioner). She was the one who pressed the most to make this trip ...

... and here we are again after taking a taxi (10 EUR),in our corner of the small Alvedro Airport willing to start a new route, having some coffees (2.55 EUR) and waiting for the Iberia plane to land with Madrid (rather praying to do it, because it is a wind of care).


Already checked the suitcase for Tel Aviv, we read together about the place we approach. And we love history, and more contextualize our destinations. It all starts thousands of years ago, where he nomadism and displacements between Asia, Mesopotamia and Egypt were common. The cities grew and left easily and already in 4,000 B.C. the Jebusites built Jerusalem. This Cananea tribe are the true owners of this land that many conflicts bring today.

Then there were no great empires but if a great civilization stood on the Nile. It would be the egyptian pharaohs the first to control these lands of tribes back in 1800 BC, at which time the Old Testament after The Universal Flood and The Tower of Babel and one of the most important characters of humanity, Abraham.

Abraham came from Babylonian lands in Mesopotamia, where I hear the call of God and where he began his journey. Those we saw in its upper part in the Euphrates Valley on the trip to Syria 2009. Ur belonged to present-day Iraq. Your trip would also go through Mari we saw on that trip, and Aleppo, Ebla, Damascus


his faith trip (with God's promise to give him a great nation) with his tribe of Chaldeans he took him through Syrian and Turkish lands until he reached Jerusalem for the first time, and the lands of Canaan

Later they were forced to cross into Egypt because of droughts and bad harvests, and there to offer his wife to Pharaoh, until he discovered and expelled them. He had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, and Jacob was born from the first, which would be important later.

While in Egypt, and around 1,250 BC, in full persecution of the Hebrew children, Moses was born, to whom Yavhe for the Jews, or God, would transmit the Jewish Torah (Old Testament), and ask him to lead the Jewish exodus back to Canaan. Here are the stories of the 10 plagues against the pharaohs to let them go, the journey through the Sinai desert, the Tables of the Law or the opening of the Red Sea that already We visited on the trip to Jordan 2006 in Aqaba


A map of trip from the exodus of Moses and the Hebrew people It could be something similar to the following ...

There in the Mt. Nebo we visited also in that trip to Jordan 2006, God showed Moses the Promised Land. From here we could see that day that can be seen until Jerusalem on a clear day.

A time of wars has arrived (with the mysterious Philistines) and the tribal system joins in a kingdom under King Saul, but its fall divides it into two, Israel and Judah. The latter is governed by David, which takes around the year 1004 a. C. Jerusalem to the Jebusites through a contingent sent through an underground spring, and made it the capital of his unified kingdom.

After the conquest of the Babylonians, a new empire grew, the Persian Empire, as well as the great Alexander the Great giving way to Greek splendor and ending the Egyptian. They were times of conquests.

Until the Romans who in 63 a.C would rule these lands within the great Roman Empire. The picture had changed. He arrived year 0, and with him another important figure ...

... that we will leave for another day because our plane is landing in Barajas, and it seems a good starting point for our adventures. By the way, don't be too hard on the maps and our "brief" summary of the story. We love it, but we could spend days writing and just want to contextualize a bit, not be historians.

Are around 19'00 and we have 3 hours of stopover until the departure of our flight to Tel Aviv. Paula, what do you think if we taste those exquisite sandwiches What do they smell from the backpack? !! Thanks mommy from Isaac !! They were delicious! (and a couple of natural juices for !! 7.40 EUR !!)


He rest of a 3 hour layover in Barajas Little has to count. Isaac wrote for a while, after eating those sandwiches, the story that I love so much while Paula goes around the shops, we make several visits to the bathroom, we read, listen to music, buy some water and ice cream (7.25 EUR) and pass the controls of the Terminal 4 Satellite from where Iberia leaves for Tel Aviv at gate S33.


Possibly when this story is published we have already taken off because everything is quite timely. Tomorrow we will write to you (we play wood) after the first exciting day in a new country, Israel, which surely brings us a lot. Until then ... sweet dreams (from the emergency seat we have managed to catch)

Isaac and Paula, surely already flying over the Mediterranean