Procedures for leaving Israel by air


These days before Jerusalem en route through the country, we had already seen from outside the "aggressiveness" of the Israelis behind the wheel. What we did not imagine is that today we would be part of the "surcharge" in something more definable as a rally of kamikazes than a shuttle service to the airport.

We have not slept. We have entertained a little talking with the family by whatsapp or skype (taking advantage of the hotel's wifi), enjoying the atmosphere of the Abraham Hostel hall at this time and reading a bit, because promptly at 1'00 our Sherut appeared (shared taxi ) asked the hotel last Thursday (on Friday they pay no attention to you from 2:00 pm) for tonight. Abraham Hostel, certainly a great option.

Between Jerusalem and Ben Gurion International Airport, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, there are about 60 km. If we count the exit of the capital and the possible traffic, we would be talking between 45-60 minutes of journey ... Well, no, !! 28 minutes of clock !! and skidding in the curves. But are these drivers crazy? What reason is Antonio Banderas in the movie "The Body" with that particular humor when he says "With this way of driving, the Palestinians will only have to sit down and wait for the inevitable to resolve the conflict without having to do anything."The fact is that here we are, suitcase in hand ... in front of our next challenge


The flight is on time, it already appears on the screens, but ... now we begin to understand why if in all International Airports they demand to be between 2 and 3 hours in advance, in this one it goes to 4. !! But if to enter it was not so difficult the DAY 1 in Tel Aviv!!


1. Pay the Sherut (optional, although if they run this way by car, it may be convenient to do so). About 62 ILS per head, set price.
2. Questionnaire to access the door... boarding? No, entrance to the airport. What if we came from? where we go? What if someone has put something in our suitcase? !!OVERCOME!! Between 5 and 10 minutes and yellow gift sticker
3. Entry through the door !!From the airport!! and first suitcase scanner. Endless tail Looking up, looking down. All good. !!OVERCOME!! Between 20 and 30 minutes.
4. Now to the check-in counters. !! Another checkin and other questions! But they didn't get them? What if we are married? What is your mother's name? Ahh, they have detected a book inside the suitcase! It will be necessary to verify it is not going to be of "how to make a weapon of mass destruction". Ah, well no, the book was nothing ... but here is a Palestinian that is more serious. !! Yes sir, in Spain they are used !! Any problem? What do I wear it for? Because I get out of the ... this ... because I was cold in Safed. Oops, what about that look? for ugly you ... If the dangerous was the driver of the sherut !! !!OVERCOME!! 30 more minutes
5. Billing opening, new tail. To the taste of the consumer. We another 30 minutes because we go with Iberia all the flight, but the return one way is operated with AI Airlines and the other with Vueling and online card or smell it. 45 more minutes.
6. Control of boarding passes and passports. Well, as usual, towards the air-land area, this more simple. 10 minutes.
7. Ah, what have we not finished? Handbag control. !! But we have spent 10 times already !! Well, give it to him… Another 10 minutes

A little joke is written but it can despair those less patient (read Isaac). Finally, more than 2 hours later we are having a small "dinner-breakfast" (31 ILS) before boarding.


From the flight of AL ISRAEL AIRLINES little to say. They are relatively new, spacious airplanes (distribution 3 + 3 + 3) and where to "disengage" the head well to fall asleep 4 hours and a half ...

... before landing at the Barcelona International Airport with the first rays of morning sun. And we have taken the return through Barcelona, ​​because Madrid would give us the night to reach Galician lands. The Vueling plane, also impeccable, awaits us, but not before having to pass as many passport controls and handbags, this time much more bearable.


A full breakfast, the last of this adventure (EUR 9.90) and a small wait are the pre-call of the boarding gate, luckily punctual. Our pilgrimage in the Holy Land ends, but the return home and family are once again that great moment with which all travel ends.

In the coming days, cold, it will be time to express our conclusions in the usual "THE DAY AFTER". Meanwhile, and Already from the heat of the house and with the well-kept "souvenirs" ("Portal" of Bethlehem included, right Kevin?) we say goodbye waiting for ...! new adventures!

Isaac and Paula, already from A Coruña (Spain)

EXPENSES DAY: 155 ILS (approx. 33.05 EUR) and 9.90 EUR