Metastasio Study in Rome


After spending a few days in Rome we will tell you where we are staying, in case it serves you for future trips. His name is METASTASSIUM STUDY and is part of an apartment network that rents RENTALINROME.

Booking here is very simple, you just have to fill out a simple form and they will answer you shortly if they have availability on the dates chosen by you and how to make the payment. Normally they ask for a signal that you pay with a credit card and then upon arrival, the owner of the flat pays the rest. All very simple and in Spanish thanks to the response of the manager, whose name is Roberto.

After a lot of spinning around, looking for a hotel in Rome in a central area that would allow us to enjoy the night happened to pay a minimum of € 135 to € 150 per night, something we could not afford, so we decided to try a well located apartment.

And so, with the help of the forums, we found the METASTASSIUM STUDY. Located in the nerve center of Rome, next to the Campo de Fiore.

A few meters north, 5 minutes walk, is the Piazza Navona.
From there, walking west, the main visits of romantic Rome: Pantheon, Via Veneto, Piazza Spagna, Villa Borguese and Trevi Fountain.
If what we want is to go south, we quickly get to the area of ​​Imperial Rome: Circus Maximus, Palatine, Roman Forum and Colosseum
But not only is it in the natural environment of these two important areas of the Eternal City, but if we cross the Tiber, in just 15 minutes we get into the Vatican CITY, or going south, in it Trastevere.

He price per day It's very competitive, just for € 90 / night and having a double bed its capacity is for 2 people.

his Location Exact is Via dei Cappellari, and as its website says, the apartment is recently restored and is located on the 1st floor of an old building of 1600 that has been for many years the personal study of the famous poet and writer Pietro Metastasio called to the court of Maria Teresa of Austria in 1760. It is said that Metastasio wrote numerous works such as Didone Abbandonata , Cato in Utica, Attilio Regolo in this study.

To reach After moving from the airports to the Termini station, the best option is to take the BUS 64. Finding your stop has no loss since as soon as you leave the station there is a square full of bus stops. You just have to look for the sign of number 64 and wait for it to come out, as it usually stops there for 10 or 15 minutes. The ticket, if you want to pay (since normally they don't even ask for it and nobody pays, as we had been warned from the forums. UPDATE: But be careful, you can upload a supervisor and put fines of up to € 100 as the traveler Pilar tells us) is worth 1 € at the time we went.

In just 20 minutes we will be at the VÍA ENMANUELE / NAVONA stop, where we will get off and go on foot (2 minutes) to Campo de Fiore, and from there to the Apartment. It has no loss. TAXI option? Personally, with how simple it is to arrive we believe that it is NOT worth it.

Refering to room, is composed of a single room with double bed, small dining room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower. Equipped with air conditioning, internet connection without a computer, telephone with free calls to landlines in Italy, plasma TV, DVD, hi-fi. It also has a modern decoration, with high quality upholstery, high wooden ceilings and floors in Tuscan cotto.

Finally, as for cleaning, impeccable. It shows that it has just been renovated.

Once the presentation is made, we invite you to make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the apartment with us.

Once we get off the bus, in 2 minutes we get in Fiore Field, a beautiful and lively square that will give us game day and night where there are flower markets, objects, necklaces, etc ...

In a corner of the square we take the Via dei Capellari, where almost next to the square, at number 29, we will find the apartment.


You just have to climb a few stairs, since we will be on the first floor. In addition, below or above will be waiting for us the owner of the apartment that will explain everything, a very nice person. This is when we make the payment of what is pending pending the signal.

The room It's a pimp. Both the videos and the photos of the Web They are the reality that we are there. In addition to plasma TV, DVD, internet if we carry a laptop, telephone, etc ... we find other details such as 2 garbage (one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom) or a complete tableware designed to the last detail. A couple of photics in addition to those already known ...

The kitchenIn addition to the aforementioned tableware, it has a small microwave. bath It is perhaps the loosiest of the floor because of its size but perfectly fulfills its function.

The bed It is a joy, possibly the best of the floor. It is a low bed, large and comfortable, ideal for those walks through the Eternal City.

And as we said before, finding ourselves next to Campo De Fiore gives a lot of play since it is one of the best places in Rome in terms of animation (although the noise does not reach the studio, hehe). Day markets of objects, necklaces and flowers. At night, meeting place of the "Roman" youth. It is possibly the night the best time of day to visit, have dinner or have a cool beer after a long day

And the penalty comes when you have to leave ... snif snif ... We leave you the keys to the owner inside the floor as he asked us, we pushed the door and ... Arrivederciii Romaa ...

So, as on other occasions, we recommend it for your visits to Rome without a doubt. Recommended by CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac, from Rome (Italy)