Zenobia Cham Palace in Palmyra


Our adventures for Syria - Lebanon - Jordan They take us to one of the most magical places in this world, the oasis of Tadmor.

Palmyra It is the capital of the kingdom of Zenobia that dared to face Rome. It has always attracted a multitude of artists and writers. The incredible and wonderful ruins of this old caravan city are a must for any history lover.

And although the budget has to be tightened as much as possible (we will do it elsewhere), we have not been able to resist the temptation to stay at the Zenobia Hotel (which is not that expensive either), a hotel that the French countess Margot d'Andurain together with Her husband opened in the thirties using some of the stones of the archaeological site. Place where Agatha Christie herself also stayed to write some of her novels.

The hotel is currently called Hotel Zenobia Cham Palace 4 * (Check In 2pm - Check Out 12 pm) since in 2007 the famous Cham chain acquired and renewed it. Formerly the hotel with this name was located on the outskirts of the ruins but was renamed simply Palmyra (and is still from the Cham chain). It has two parts or buildings, the section called Palace's Room of only 26 rooms (from 101 to 106 even facing the ruins, Agatha Crhisthie was hosted at 102) and the section called Oasis Room of other 104 Bedouin-style rooms and views of the garden, which is where we will stay (the others are more expensive and do not contribute much)

With the Syrian agency Silkroad International, as we have done throughout the trip, we made the reservation. Their website It also has a "RESERVATION" section to make the reservation directly in a very intuitive way.

The price per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds is around 40-50 euros to change in the Oasis Room. If we go to the rooms with more history we would be at 70-80 euros. Need we talk about your Location? It is not that it is near the ruins, or they are seen in the distance, it is that it is ... !! IN THE VERY RUINS !! Being part of them. It was built between 1920 and 1930 next to the Baal-shamin Temple, in the archaeological complex. The situation is magnificent as well as the views from the patio and the restaurant.


The room that we have chosen is, as we have commented, located in the area of ​​the Oasis Room. The truth is that we do not know very well what we are going to find from such an old accommodation. It has air conditioning, central heating, telephone, etc ...

Refering to cleaning and at bath, unlike in the old Damascus accommodation, the criticisms are disparate. There are people who have loved it and people who consider that it was not as careful as it should be. We'll see. It also has two other restaurants, the Wahab Ellat Restaurant (of Eastern and Western cuisine) and Al Tannour (in a Bedouin tent with music and traditional and Eastern cuisine) as well as a Lobby bar. But without a doubt, the main claim of this location is its restaurant "Le Terrace"where can we have breakfast (since we have it included) in front of the ruins or, with its pleasant shaded terrace of olive trees, have a beer and snack some snacks (mezze).

Finally, note that among its accessories, the hotel has internet, meeting and banquet room, swimming pool, outdoor parking, etc ...

And, as you can literally walk from the hotel to the ruins, we will not miss Palmyra at night.

Already back from the trip, we invite you to a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

In a few places in the world they allow you to put a hotel inside a protected, cultural or UNESCO World Heritage area (and it is only to kill them). In this case either, but the Zenobia Hotel already dates from 1920 and has allowed its permanence. This makes your Location be exceptional, next to the same ruins, breathing its tranquility.

When in 2007 the great Cham chain acquired and renewed it, it asked for permission to expand. The Old Cham Palace was renamed only Palmyra Hotel and this, formerly called Zenobia Hotel was renamed Zenobia Cham Palace. The extension could not be a great work, but it had to be very limited. Thus the hotel was divided into two parts, the old historic rooms and some new prefabricated modules in what was formerly its back garden.

The rooms They are small but cozy. The bathroom is proportional to the room too. They have everything, including minibar, television, bedside table, shampoos and soaps, telephone, air conditioning. Above all, most importantly, they are very clean. We do not know how the old rooms where characters like Agatha Christie, located in the main building, will be housed.

As we mentioned in the presentation, the complex has 3 restaurants, although at the time of our accommodation the Bedouin tent was closed. Of the other two, one of them is the Wahab Ellat Restaurant which is completely covered (thank you if the morning or evening is cold) and the other is the Le terrace, the main attraction for its views.

Between the services The hotel highlights that it has internet (but only after 20.00), room service and parking. It does NOT have a swimming pool, contrary to what its website says. But all this is secondary if we focus on its location and its views ...

… Few hotels in the world can boast of being able to serve you a very cool beer sitting on their terrace while the sun sets on the horizon between silence and tranquility that is breathed in Palmyra. Very grateful that the hotel does not mount any tourist as would happen in other countries, to enjoy this peace.

With respect to breakfastIt is very complete, as well as the service quite attentive. In fact, the day we left the complex we took advantage of a picnic at the breakfast buffet: juice, coffee, tea, cheese, toast, pita bread, buns, french omelette, hard boiled eggs, sausages, Arabic food, etc ...

The we would recommend? Of course, for the price of the Oasis Room, no doubt deserves to make the effort, so the answer would be a YES ROTUNDO. We can not talk about the oldest rooms, but if we say that it is not the room that is really important, but its location, tranquility and terrace, so we do not think it is worth paying double for another type of room. ? Who knows…

Isaac, from Palmyra (Syria)