Martini Dar Zamaria in Aleppo


One of the most magical cities that we will find on our trip through Syria - Lebanon - Jordan It will be very close to the border with Turkey.

Aleppo, to the north of Syria, breathe history everywhere. Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, Ottomans, French ... many people who have used Aleppo's strategic position in their empires.

In a city to stroll like this, we have not doubted. We were looking for a good location. Of the multiple options that Aleppo holds and after shuffling so many other hotels, we have finally decided on the Martini Dar Zamaria, a beautiful house / palace of the 18th century with a spectacular courtyard of Ottoman architecture. He was not coverted to the hotel until 1997, bearing the name of the family (Zamaria) and with only 14 rooms (8 more were subsequently opened).

In the "RESERVATION" area of their website There is a very simple form to make reservations. In any case, and as in the rest of the trip, we have managed it using the Syrian agency Silkroad International that has processed us the transports in Syria.

This "little whim" for two nights that we will be here we get per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds around 80-90 euros to change. Location It is undoubtedly excellent. It is located in one of the best and most picturesque neighborhoods of the city, the Al-Jedaida neighborhood. Walking, dining and wandering in this neighborhood is surely one of the greatest pleasures of the trip.


The room, with double bed, is equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV, hairdryer, minibar, etc ... They are small but comfortable.

Refering to cleaning, reading in the forums seems to be "perfectly clean." As in Damascus, one of its biggest attractions is restaurants. He Al-Housh restaurant It is more western cuisine and is served in the patio. He La Terrace restaurant It stands out for its excellent views of the citadel. Either one has very affordable prices although here we have included the breakfast.

The hotel also has a laundry service, 24-hour room service, internet access, international calls and more facilities to make a perfect stay.

And as always, newcomers, we make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel.

No doubt the Location The hotel is excellent, next to the main square of the Aleppo Christian Quarter. So much so that it is difficult to leave the car for a moment to leave the luggage (but it is achieved). The hotel, once accessed through the main entrance, has several parts: on the right as soon as you enter and in the main house you will find the reception, the internet and games area and the patio-restaurant (beautiful), in addition to some rooms . If you continue in front of less than 50 m there are several alleys where the rest of the rooms are distributed (including ours).

The rooms They are simply amazing. Adorned with an ancient Arab decoration, they have thought to the last detail, with chandeliers, antique furniture (but cared for and clean), comfortable beds, flat TV, air conditioning, trunk, cabinets, etc ... In addition the service and the cleaning It is impeccable.

He bathroomIt also has a large shower, towels of all kinds, hotel shampoos and soaps, hair dryers, glasses, ... besides being all marble and also being completely clean.

In addition, some of the rooms are especially spacious, with a small table, interior arches and various details that make you feel like a true caliph.

Among the hotel services, we have all the details promised in the presentation, including a games room and internet in front of the reception where you can sit and smoke in seesha, use the internet computer for FREE, etc ...

Although one of the true attractions of the Martini Dar Zamaria is its backyard, with several tables distributed, where there is restaurant service and breakfast is also served. It has an air Dar Al-Yasmin Where we stayed in Damascus.

He breakfast It is buffet style. It has everything: juices, Lebanese cheeses, toasts, pastries, cooked eggs, French omelette, sausages, bacon, assorted fruit, fruit salad, tomato, various Arabic food, coffee, tea of ​​various types, etc ...

Finally, note that walking through the streets of the hotel grounds, it is observed that it is taken care of and in continuous renovation We find a new room that they are preparing (!! even with indoor jacuzzi !!), with upper patios, etc ... Because Aleppo It has a lot to do, but it was for a whole weekend just enjoying the hotel, hehe ...

The we would recommend? Without a doubt, and for the price it has, YES. It has an excellent quality / price / location ratio and, unlike the Dar Al-Yasmin Damascus (inevitably we have to compare it with the other great whim of the trip), does not apply considerable price increases when we meet on Easter Week.

Isaac, from Aleppo (Syria)