Noria Hotel in Hama


Following our routine for Syria - Lebanon - Jordan We will arrive at a city famous for its beautiful Water Ferris wheels.

Hama, south of the dead cities, is considered one of the most attractive cities in Syria. Much of Hama's charm is given by the Orontes River that runs through the city leaving beautiful places, including those ferris wheels, some of which reach 20 meters in diameter, providing water to the city.

Initially we had considered this stop as a dormitory destination, but after reading in the travelers forums and seeing that we would arrive earlier this day in the area, we could consider enjoying the night here. Prices helped, so we have finally decided on the Noria Hotel, built in 1995 and with 43 rooms, just 200 meters from the Norias area

As in the entire trip, the Syrian agency Silkroad International who has handled the transport in Syria, we managed the reservation. Regardless, in the hotel website They have a form to make reservations online.

As we mentioned above, in Hama there are quite a few options to choose a cheap and very well located accommodation. In this case per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds has cost us 45-50 euros to change. Location It is unbeatable, just 200 meters from the Norias and main attractions of the city, as we mentioned in the introduction. In addition, there are many restaurants where to dine so we have not taken food at the hotel.


The room It is very normal but comfortable. It meets all the basic needs, from private bathroom, minibar, television, air conditioning, hairdryer, etc ...

Refering to cleaning, the opinions of the forums in general say that "the rooms are cleaner, quieter and newer than expected." Here we will not make dinner, but if we have included the breakfast. He restaurant The hotel is very basic and the rest of the facilities too.

The hotel also has a small reception and a small bar in addition to the restaurant.

Back, we invite you to the usual "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

The Noria Hotel is a hotel… very particular. From the very moment that finding it is an experience, you get to the idea that it will not be a usual accommodation. In addition, the receptionists are ONLY women.

It's found located in an alley, on a street parallel to the Orontes River, next to the Norias area (just 200 meters away), next to several shops, an ice cream shop and a cyber. Access is a ... "ELEVATOR", which places you on the first floor where you go directly to a carpeted floor with the reception on the right and a living room in the background. It looks like a hostel.

The room It is far from what your website offers. An old bed, low luminosity (motivated because we find a Zulu with a small window) and very little space, are the characteristics of a room that however does have a cooler, telephone, bedside table, tea and coffee and air conditioning.

He bathroom It is according to the rest of the room, small but complete. There is no shampoo or soap.

However, both bathroom and room are perfectly clean, important thing, like the rest of the hotel facilities. Some things to keep in mind…
- If you can, avoid the rooms near the restaurant. Everything is heard and there is no one to catch an eye. Also, the phone does not stop ringing in this location and the walls look like paper.
- To give electricity to the room you have to place "EL TOCHO" of the key inside a hole next to the door. Curious system that fails more than a fair shotgun.
- The space to open the suitcases is rather scarce


But not everything is negative, the breakfast In the morning it is abundant: juice, chamomile, tea, coffee, toast, eggs, fruit, etc ...

The we would recommend? You have to enter to appreciate that Hama is a place of passage, where spending more than € 40 can be abusive and the truth is that the Noria Hotel perfectly fulfills its function. The fact that the room is rather a zulo may be secondary although the issue of night noises is something that we did not like at all, to need rest this day as the stomach began to wreak havoc. We leave it to the taste of the consumer

Isaac, from Hama (Syria)