Palmyra Hotel in Baalbeck


There is a moment of travel by Syria - Lebanon - Jordan in which we will enter Lebanese lands. There we will spend one night.

Baalbeck It houses one of the most impressive architectural wonders of the Roman Empire in the Middle East, and is one of the most spectacular archeological sites in the world.

When we considered making this raid, we were not sure what options we were considering or what route to make. We shuffled down Tripoli and cross the Qadisha Valley but at this time it could be closed, enter the southern border, etc ... Finally we decided to enter through Homs and spend the night in Baalbeck. As we don't know very well if we can see the ruins the afternoon we arrived or the next morning, we didn't want to be very far from the ruins. Then we discovered the Palmyra Hotel that collects more than 120 years of history between its walls. Around here have passed the German army in World War I, the British army during World War II, Jean Cocteau, Agatha Christhie, etc ...

From this hotel we have not found our own website to make reservations. In our case, Silkroad International It is the Syrian agency (as in the whole trip) that has processed the reservation.

The price per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds round 70-80 euros to change. Location she is fabulous. It offers magnificent views of the Roman acropolis from the rooms themselves. Without a doubt the best choice.

The room? What can you expect from an accommodation that is over 120 years old? Well, with a good remodeling it could be very good, but everything we've read from travelers, or you fall in love or hate it. The beds must be maluchas although it has the main endowments that a room must have, including a private bathroom. The heating seems not to work too well. Of course, the hotel has an extension of 5 new more expensive rooms recently. We will tell you

Refering to cleaning... is another incognita. There are not too many opinions about it, although for the photos of travelers it seems clean. For this the hotel has a terrace in front of the ruins where we can have dinner watching them as well as the mountains that still look snowy in the background. We can also sit relaxed in the garden to enjoy a snack. Guests say that "delicious dishes come out of their kitchen." It would be good to taste a good Lebanese wine, which also has a good reputation.

Only the hotel is if it is a true relic, a visit in itself, one of the greatest values ​​that Lebanon has, and we could not miss the opportunity.

Returned from Baalbeck, we make you a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel With more information.

The Palmyra Hotel in Baalbeck is not just a hotel, it is an attraction in itself, a museum of more than 120 years ... an experience. When we wrote in the introduction that travelers commented that you hate or love him, we still didn't know what reason those words were. We definitely LOVE it.

Upon arrival we observe that your Location It is unbeatable, right in front of the Roman ruins. In addition we receive all the ... !! Geriatric !!. If the hotel is 120 years old, the people who run it do not arrive, but by little. Even the trunks are venerable old men who almost give us a heart ache to leave our bags. Of course, kindness is absolute upon arrival.

And what to say rooms, true living story of Baalbeck. They have slept the German army in World War I, as well as the British in World War II, or characters such as Jean Cocteau or Agatha Crhistie. We hope that at least the sheets have changed ... What it seems they have not done is any restoration work in all these years, since rooms, bathroom and rooms look old. The numbers of the doors fall, the ceiling seems to be going to do it, we are left with the door lock in hand and even the decoration seems taken from a ghost mansion.

He bathroom It is another relic: the hot water does not work, nor does it drain so if you open the tap the water stays in the sink, the bathtub has rust inside it as if it had been washed in life and if you pull the chain, you You stay with her in your hand.

And despite all this, we are talking about old age, not dirt, because although the bathroom gives a pretty bad image, both he and the room are quite clean, like the bed and the sheets. It is such a curiosity that the "ghost mansion" awakens us that we are dedicated to investigate every corner of it:
- When walking through its corridors it gives the feeling that some "Casper" would appear. The walls are decorated with old paintings and surely very valuable
- The curious lounge on the first floor is decorated with real furniture relics, a blue stove with more than 60 years and a balcony that will surely inspire the very Agatha Crhistie to write her novels.

- The stairs that connect to the ground floor are also worthy of the mansion of "Psychosis" or "The Shining", with cracked walls, a light in the background that leads to a kind of bathrooms but that seems to lead to the room from Norman Bates

- The bar, located on the ground floor, reminds us of the day before seen in the historic Hotel Barón de Aleppo.
- The entire ground floor is a museum, with pieces of incalculable value. Tourists not staying at the hotel come to have a drink while they breathe the history and sensations that the place conveys.
- If you continue towards the bottom you reach a kind of room with fireplace where breakfast and dinner is served. Before entering, among paintings of characters that have marked time, you can see a showcase with a model of Baalbeck temples pierced by bullet grooves. It was in 1969, when a shooting from the area of ​​ruins came here.

Returning to talk about accommodation services, we have breakfast and dinner included. He breakfast It is very scarce (there is no juice, no buns or almost nothing - it is not buffet type). The Dinner oddly enough, however, it is spectacular, with absolutely all kinds of mezzes that serve you at the table (stuffed grape leaves, tabule, lentils, fattosh, hummus, baba ghanoug, falafel, ...) and mushakan (chicken with rice and pine nuts ). All this accompanied by a home fireplace and ...

… A good Lebanese red wine Ksara (there is also Chateau Musar, but much more expensive).

The we would recommend? Possibly no one understands us after everything we have written but ... YES! Definitely. The experience here is something VERY DIFFERENT to any place or lodging possible, and in a privileged location. This hotel is worth considering as an experience and not a hotel. Of course it makes sense to take a shower, or walk through the halls, but it's like staying in a museum or in the house that Norman Bates ran in the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie. And not only that, its walls breathe history on all four sides, its facilities are decently clean and the friendliness of the owners is absolute. Maybe something expensive not to be restored. And with this walk through this Baalbeck accommodation, good night from the gloomy Palmyra Hotel.

Isaac, from Baalbeck (Lebanon)