Guest House by Crowne Plaza in Petra


On our trip through Syria - Lebanon - Jordan We will go down to visit one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

Petra It is the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom. Traveling here is visiting one of the most incredible natural and man-made enclaves ever seen. It is a World Heritage Site since 1985 and was in 2nd position in the 7 Wonders of the Modern World celebrated in 2007.

With Isaac's experience in the 2006 trip to Jordan (DAY 6. Petra), there were no doubts about the accommodation we were looking for. One very close to the entrance to get up early and enter very early. This, of course, is expensive. On that occasion we had stayed at the Movenpick Petra, but around € 150-200 per night, depending on the season. The other best option is the Crowne Plaza, a little cheaper, but in the same order. Looking, looking we have found a perfect option, the Guest House by Crowne Plaza, the poor brother of the former, and located less than 50 m from the entrance. It has 147 rooms and suites equipped with all the comforts although not forged in a cave like Crowne Plaza. What does not differ are the facilities, which are common for both hotels.

To manage the reservation, like the entire trip, we have used the Syrian agency Silkroad International. This hotel does not have its own website. per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds round 95-100 euros To the change.

his Location It is not only exceptional, but it is THE BEST of the entire Wadi Musa hotel complex. Even tourists who leave Petra come here to have a drink or use their amenities taking advantage of its proximity to the entrance.


The room In which we will stay is a modern motel room with elegant designs and decorations. The rooms are spacious and have large windows that will allow us to see the surrounding views. It has a private bathroom, accessories of all kinds in the bathroom, television, etc ...

Refering to cleaning, the comments read is that it is in perfect condition and very clean. The best thing is that the facilities are shared with the Crowne Plaza, so we have swimming pool of hot water to hit a relaxing bath after a hard day in Petra, jacuzzi to rejuvenate the hectic day, food service (we have breakfast and dinner included) with two restaurants (Aretas and Olive Tree) serving both international and traditional food, terrace, internet access, parking, cofee shop, gift shop, sauna, copy and fax service, safe, gym, etc ...

Highlight, without a doubt, the Cave bar which is a cocktail bar located in a Nabatean tomb with 2,000 years old that is next to the entrance of our hotel.

Upon returning from the trip, we present our usual "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

The Guest House by Crowne Plaza has been another of the great successes of the trip, very advisable for those who can afford a non-economical accommodation but also of a higher level. The best, no doubt, your Location. It is not only that it is located next to the entrance to the Petra complex (as seen in the map of the presentation), but that it is !! on top of the same entrance !! and in front of where they are bought. The other two hotels near this entrance are already 200 and 300m away (the Crowne Plaza and the Movenpick Petra Resort).

The rooms The entrance rocks themselves are used as a foundation and distributed as apartment blocks, going up the stairs from the main square where going to the left goes to the reception, going straight ahead goes to the Cave Bar and the right up the stairs that give access to the rooms

We expected some fairly basic motel rooms and yet we have found spacious rooms, clean, with all kinds of facilities (television with remote control, minibar, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, etc ...) and more than acceptable decoration. It also has ample space for suitcases.

He bathroom It is consistent with the room, also quite spacious and completely clean. It has all kinds of soaps and shampoos, as well as clean towels, hair dryer, shower with bathtub, etc ...

But the best thing about choosing this accommodation is that, despite being the "poor" brother of Crowne Plaza, you can go to this one (it is 200 m away) and use all your services (the pool, internet, spa, restaurants, etc ...). The best for a few tired days in Petra, without a doubt, !! the pool !!

From the outside area of ​​Crowne Plaza you can see the sunset and the mountains that separate the access to the complex from the great city of Petra towards the horizon.

He breakfast and the Dinner They are served in the reception area of ​​the Guest House. Both one and the other are simply magnificent, consisting of a very complete buffet with all kinds of food and desserts. We also take advantage of dinner to prepare some sandwiches and have a fruit for picnics in Petra.

One of the main attractions of the Guest House is the Cave bar which is located right next to the reception building. It is excavated in a rock that served as a Nabatean tomb more than 2,000 years ago.

Although their prices are not much less cheap, it is worth having a farewell drink both on the terrace and well within the facilities themselves.

To get an idea, take 2 Gintonic and smoke Seesha from any of the multiple flavors available can be a dive of around 21 JOD (approximately € 24)

The we would recommend? It depends a lot on the economic plan that is brought. Of course, we would definitely recommend it for location / quality / price. It is also true that we opted for economic options in Lattakia, Hama, Deir Ezzor, ... and here we could afford medium-level accommodation. Of course, there are more affordable options in Wadi Musa although somewhat further from the entrance that if it comes in economic plan could be good (the Petra Palace was the other we had looked at). We hope it serves as an alternative

Isaac, from Petra (Jordan)