Jabal Camp in Wadi Rum


After our steps through the pink city of Petra on the journey through Syria - Lebanon - Jordan we will continue our course to one of the most beautiful deserts that exist.

Wadi rum He is famous for the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia in his exploits against the Turks alongside the Arabs. Its golden or reddish sands or its eroded mountains well deserve a stop.

Although this analysis is a bit atypical since it is not a traditional accommodation, we will complete the information of all the accommodations. Here we have chosen one of the many camps in the Wadi Rum desert, the Jabal Camp. It is located at the foot of a mountain in a beautiful place of this immense desert. There are others (Sunset, etc ...), all of them in similar locations.


To manage the reservation, like the entire trip, we have used the Syrian agency Silkroad International. There are multiple websites that manage Jeep + accommodation although another option is to negotiate it as soon as you arrive at the Turistic center (next to the 7 Pillars of Wisdom) with the local Bedouins. More options to manage the reservation may be other local agencies such as Jordan-Travel.The price per night and for 2 people in haima, including 2 hours of Jeep and breakfast + dinner are 50-60 euros To the change.

his Location is incredible. What about being able to sleep under millions of stars in the middle of the desert? Only one catch, too touristy, which makes him lose some of the charm.


The habitac ... well, to say something ... rather, haima It has 2 beds, a lamp to light manually and little else. Check that there are no bugs in the sheets!


Refering to cleaning, ahem ... well, more of the same ... Finally, as for the installations, are protected from possible sandstorms in several directions, in an ideal location protected by mountains. You can take "taxi-camel" rides to watch the sunset at a nearby dune. At night there is dinner-show and the whole camp is lit in the middle of nowhere. It also has public toilets, the restaurant, and a cofee shop. Returned from the trip, we invite you to make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the accommodation with us.!! What anger! What a pity. If in the presentation we said that the facilities are protected against sandstorms in almost all directions today we have touched one in the only possible. The Bedouins who run the place tell us that there is more than 200 days a year that there is no wind and only 20 in the whole year that there may be a storm in the camp. We have touched this afternoon as soon as we arrive around 15:30

Still it seems that the haimas They are very well anchored because the wind hits hard and there they endure without problems. There must be about 80 or 90 in the whole camp.

The interior of these, although very basic, is really well mounted. Two comfortable beds with several sheets and blankets unmade (so that each one checks that there are no "intruders" between them), in addition to a pillow, await us. The "lock" are several strings tied at different heights. There are also 5 or 6 "suites" for more people and some sole proprietors. The rest are for two people. Despite finding ourselves in the middle of the desert, they are completely clean.

He bathroom It is located at the back of the camp. At the date of the article they are expanding them with another module of parallel concrete blocks. They are also clean and very complete.The afternoon improves. Let's talk about the Location. Leaving the Tourist Center and leaving on the right side the rocky mountains that contain the famous "The 7 pillars of wisdom", we access a road that runs parallel to the famous train track built by the Turks and was repeatedly sabotaged by Lawrence of Arabia At one point we cross it at a level crossing and turn left (the rest of the camps are following the road, entering more into the desert). At the end of a long, half-paved road is the entrance to the camp, protected by a high mountain.

It is possibly here, climbed on the mountain and watching the sunset, where you can breathe the tranquility and solitude of the desert. At night, when the camp is lit and decorated with music, this is the perfect place to escape and lie down to watch the starry night of the desert.

The facilities, in addition to its exterior where night barbecues are normally made, have a great haima for days like windy days. This is prepared with tables, amenities, tea and coffee, drinks ...

... and that is where the buffet is served Dinner (and breakfast) consisting essentially of chicken and rice or lamb and rice.

It is also here where desert spirituality loses its magic (at least, in our opinion) and music mixed with a tourist show Brighten up the night for some. However, also a good hookah and some shots of arak do it for others.

The true spectacle of the traveler is not far away, in the previously named mountains, which next to a lantern, take you to enjoy one of the best views of the desert (which for those who can afford it - for time - should flee of these camps and try to talk to a Bedouin to make a real camping in the middle of nowhere with a local family). Can you photograph the stars?

The we would recommend? The experience would surely fill more in other circumstances and in greater solitude, but we sincerely believe that camping in a desert is one of the most incredible sensations in this world. We promise to do it in other conditions in the future, but while, as you advance, it is highly recommended.


Isaac, from Wadi Rum (Jordan)