Movenpick Dead Sea in Dead Sea


Our personalized trip by Syria - Lebanon - Jordan It will end in one of the most curious places on the planet.

The dead Sea It is a salty lake located 420 meters below sea level. It is its very high salinity that makes that curious effect of floating without being able to sink (see DAY 4. Dead Sea of the JOURNEY TO JORDAN 2006), besides being curative for many.

This accommodation was clear from the beginning that it would be a whim. After 15 days between Romans, Ottomans, Arabs or Nabateans we will relax completely spending a day lying in the sun, relax and the good life. And the hotel chosen is the Movenpick Dead Sea, where Isaac had already been on his trip to Jordan 2006. !! A marvel !!. It is a luxurious resort with traditional villa-type constructions and with all possible availabilities.

To manage the reservation, like the entire trip, we have used the Syrian agency Silkroad International. Even so, in their website There is a very simple "booking" system.

He price per day and room is not cheap, it varies between 150 and 250 euros To the change. Is it worth it to indulge? We believe that every trip has to have one. Those who already know us know it, hehe Location it is located at the lowest point on earth (the entire Dead Sea is). Any hotel in this area of ​​Jordan would be an excellent choice, and this will be no less.

Among all the rooms (there are 358 throughout the hotel), the room Beach Room is chosen (there are views overlooking the garden, the mountains or the sea). Its decoration is very modern, reminding us a lot of that of Mauritius. It has a private bathroom, satellite television, telephone, tea and coffee machine, minibar, hairdryer, safe, air conditioning, etc ...

Refering to cleaning, it goes without saying, that every detail is taken care of. But the best of the hotel, in addition to the rooms, are its installations. Dispose of private beach where to bathe in the Dead Sea, of different pools with various salinities, of several bars (on the beach, in the pool, in the main building, at reception and in other locations), of !!4 restaurants Where to enjoy our breakfast and dinner included !! (Al Saraya, Luigi's, Chopsticks and The Grill), from a SPA with all kinds of health and therapeutic treatments, of a true "Arab" village, from Jacuzzi, of all kinds of games, tennis court, solariums, volleyball court, gimsasio ... etc ... etc ... etc ...

Finally, note that Check In starts at 3 pm and Check Out is until 12 pm. It also has a banquet room and bussiness center with internet access.

While we return, a snack, from the trip to Jordan 2006… !! enjoying in the Dead Sea from the private beach of Movenpick Dead Sea !!

Already returned, we make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel To tell you our experiences.

The Movenpick Dead Sea not only remains impeccable when Isaac was in 2006, but even the beach facilities have improved. Of course, it is still a 5 * and, therefore, any extra service (spa, meals, etc ...) is expensive, very expensive.

From his Location and of its reception little must be said. Only it is in one of the best areas of the entire Dead Sea. Perhaps, to put some fault, that your check-in (although it can be done before) does not allow you to enter the room before 15'00.

The room It is simply magnificent. All kinds of facilities and services (television, telephone, massage, internet, meletero, etc ...). Of course, completely clean and very wide.

He bathroom with all kinds of details, soaps, shampoos, hair dryer, 2 "free" waters, glass cups, shower with bathtub, etc ...

The room also has a terrace overlooking the sea, from which you can see the entire complex, the small imitation of town that also contains accommodation, etc ...

As for the breakfast, food and Dinner, as planned. The hotel has a large buffet in the main building, where in addition to serving as a restaurant at other times of the day, they serve breakfast with all kinds of juices, buns and meals. At dinner time it is transformed and every day of the week they offer a different type of international food. It was our turn ... Arabic! (send carallo !! haha). More than 20 different dishes. Very complete Regarding the food, among the 4 restaurants that the hotel has we decided on the Luigi (Italian), in its terrace part. Expensive, but good Italian food.

But if there is something to talk about at this hotel, it is about its services: - It has an internet room with 3 computers
- It has a "carrichoche" service to access from the Main Building to any point of the hotel, including the beach, crossing the entire complex. It is very much appreciated is very very large.

- The beach has improved a lot since the last time Isaac was, now having three distinct parts. One of them is a cold water pool next to a kind of coffee bar and an area for sun loungers. Another is on the floor immediately below, and down some stairs, the area of ​​sunbeds, umbrellas and artificial beach itself

Finally we are going down other stairs, the sea area, where they also have a couple of jars full of the famous medicinal mud of the Dead Sea


And of course, the saline effect of this curious place.

We are on the opposite side of the Dead Sea to which the Israeli territories are located. The sun goes down as the day progresses and leaves a beautiful sunset, going over the horizon and leaving a reflection worthy of the best photo.

- It also has nightly entertainment. For example, next to the pool area and the Luigi restaurant, there are shows with music and traditional dances.

The we would recommend? First of all, it is an expensive hotel. Starting from that base, and as long as the whim can be allowed (that is, not valuing the quality / price but the quality / location alone), it is one of the best hotels we have been to in any country. The Jordanians themselves go to their SPA (which we do not test for their prices) when they have vacations since, like the rest of the services, it is the best SPA in the whole east. To the taste of the consumer ...

Isaac, from the Dead Sea (Jordan)