Christmas story


Tic Tac Tic Tac ... The noise of the alarm clock. We can't sleep ...
Tic Tac Tic Tac ... Restlessness. Anxiety. Nerves ... what are they due to?

The story is maintained as it was done at the time when everything was a Christmas story, a dream without preparations or routes or anything

Dreams. We have not been able to distinguish between dreams and sensations for a long time. What are dreams? Why do we always wake up when we are fulfilling those dreams that we could rarely achieve? ... How to know if I'm awake or dreaming?

The vast majority of dreams are lived asleep and simply remain in that. Maybe that's why we're awake today, wishing that some of the dreams could come true. Who does not know the story of the stingy Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas, the present, past and future that Charles Dickens so masterfully told in 1843?
... An image does not escape from our mind ...

It is December 31. A new year is ending, a new decade ... it is as if we do not want to go a step further, although I do not think it happens to us like the grumpy and petty Scrooge in the novel until the ghosts managed to open their hearts, because we ... ! WE LOVE CHRISTMAS! At this time everyone has their own story, como Rocio, our faithful travel companion who told us his story (thank you very much, companion, the whole family has reached our heart)

“This year, as things are going to change, they will be a solidarity Christmas! What better end to a story !!

Santa Claus has brought him a Isaac sled and after receiving a few flying lessons, he has managed to convince Paula to accompany him to give gifts to many children in need and so, check, even though the world is big enough, it is true that in one night he can share happiness.

He dog tom He has said that he does not move from a little house, that he is warmer there (that is why he does not change). Also do not trust that you put a parachute and release it in full flight ... that lately you are eager.

It is necessary to shelter in these dates because in the sky it is very cold. !! Beware of Christmas stars that go crazy without respecting traffic rules! and watch out with the air controllers of sleds, it is not going to be that they truncate the story ...

Oh, and watch out for the champagne at the end of the video, they won't blow you in the middle of the flight and annoy you at night ... ”- DEW

Like Rocio's CHRISTMAS TALE (which demonstrates the true spirit of Christmas), it's time to fulfill a dream ...

Tic Tac Tic Tac Are we awake or are we already dreaming?
Tic Tac Tic Tac ... Maybe we don't want to know ...

Isaac and Paula, from A Coruña (Spain)