This «January 4»


"HIt's been several months now and I keep remembering every day, every morning, as if I had been yesterday. It was my island, my island Kandholhu"

I keep in mind every day its smells, its colors, the noise of the sea, its sunsets, its beach at my feet, its calm waters that invite you to dive for hours and hours, its reef full of life, its people. I still sing the song of the turtle Tomasa (how we baptized the turtle that we saw some morning snorkeling - although perhaps it was not the same every day) - and I guess it will be like this for a long time or so forever.

The trip to the Maldives or, rather, my gift to the Maldives is one before and one after in many things. I imagine we all experience this sensation at some point in our life. Some of them will know and others will remain forever between my Kandholhú and me ...

And, Maldives represented for me, my first Christmas story, one of my dreams come true, a visit to paradise, the discovery of a small part of underwater life, (for the first time in my life) but above all it was surprises, emotions, illusions and total complicity with my faithful traveling companion.

This is just an attempt to describe something that only feels, lives, alien to the world around you. How in such a small place can there be so many things to remember?
The awakening accompanied by the sun every day ...
... the morning swims in its warm waters ...
... daily visits to our "friends" tiburcio, tomasa, ...
... sunbed sessions reading by the sea ...
... starlight dinners ...
... The tranquility, the peace ... our paradise, Kandholhu.

At this point I still did not know everything that my little sky was going to bring me, and specifically I could not imagine the surprise so great it would bring me this day. A day I will never forget ...

We got up early with the noise of the sea at our feet, and never better, because it was our second day in the Overwater. It was not necessary to get up early, our desire to enjoy another day of our cheese made this possible without alarm clocks. The sun did the rest. What an incredible feeling to give you a dip early in those crystal clear waters

The first thing we do like every day from now on until our march in Maldives, and with a growing illusion, is to dive into the reef to snorkel ... !! IT IS AN AUTHENTIC WONDERFUL !! How much life there is in so little travel. It is spectacular to observe a whole world just a few millimeters from us. In addition, today as yesterday we immersed ourselves, in the first hour, in the part of our bungalow, this will be the last time we do it in this part of the reef since after two nights enjoying these bungalows on the water we move after Breakfast at our new wooden house with the beach at our feet. Will there be anything more wonderful than sleeping on water? I would not imagine anything like it.

I still didn't know what I would expect on this day that would be the most special for me ...

After our morning dip, our little walk awaited us (where we can see again the flower that gives its name to the island, the flower of Kandholhu) and breakfast (although it may not seem like one day in Maldives is the same as the other). One more day we had breakfast in the little cabin that serves as a restaurant, buffet, different, delicious, accompanied by absolute tranquility, the sun warming and the waves almost greeting you ...

We take strength and ... !!!! Ducks to water !!!! It is Isaac's favorite phrase (although it comes from the grandmother cotters) these days in our cheese and applies it every day several times. Your goal is to see the Turtle Tomasa. Today it is accompanied by the island's snorkeling monitor, making a route that would reach almost half of the island.

The area they travel is really spectacular. It seems that it is known that one of the best snorkells in the world is practiced in my Kandholhu. And he got what he expected so much, to see turtles swimming calmly, eating coral so panchas. !! What envy! I also want to see them ... The corals are also really incredible.

If I thought that the bungalow on the water was the most impressive place I had stayed, the little cabins by the sea had nothing to envy, a real wonder, like everything that was happening to me in Maldives (All the information on the island in the articles KANDHOLHU CRUISE & SPA RESORT I and KANDHOLHU CRUISE AND RESORT II). A giant and very comfortable bed, a dream bathroom, a shower under the stars. IS IT A DREAM OR REALITY? But why would Isaac have taken so long to find out what our new bungalow is? He ignores me when I ask him. Mmmm, would it cost you more today than ever to understand each other in English?

Touch our sun and beach session. !! Who could move there just thinking about it (about two hundred times a day like me, haha) !!

Hitting another bath and waiting for Tiburcio visit us again ... !! the Stripe Ruperta !! This is a true underwater world of incalculable value

Although it seems that time stops (or we would like to stop it) it really passes too quickly. !! We are already hungry !! Today it touches, of course, our particular menu of the island, pasta and sandwich Kandholdhu.

Nap the shady and appear !! new friends !! If you take out the "panchitos" (6 USD) and friends appear everywhere. They are the baptized Lucas and Blanes, in honor of a friend from A Coruña. We also take the opportunity to write some postcards.

We spent the afternoon getting the "x effect". Why does everything that is comforting (without going into playful themes) end in x? RelaX, nap in the most fleX style, ...

The sun goes down again. The sunset It is another one of those moments that makes it special to be in such a place. The Deluxe Beach Bungalows also overlook the beautiful sunset.

"Where are we going and why do you send me to take the gift box from the suitcase?" Isaac had a few surprises reserved for me this day, this unforgettable January 4.

One of them, a great spa session with its corresponding massage, but not just any massage, but the “Coral Romance” (190 USD) accompanied by the "Sunset", a massage for two and an hour in a bathtub of flowers and oils watching the sunset with champagne and fruits. !! IT DOES NOT LOOK REAL !!

It looks like a set placed in front of you, unique and unique, something you do once in your life. As what followed next, which will be for a lifetime and I will never forget. I consider myself lucky, I never imagined that something so special could be accompanied in addition to a scenario like the one represented by my island Kandholhú. It was the best of my surprises. And with her my MALDI HIPOPOTAMA.

But my surprises didn't end here. After living the arrival of Maldi as the most special thing that ever happened to me, Isaac had a dinner prepared for us alone on the beach and under the stars! own cook included !!, table decorated exclusively for us, an exquisite meal and a toast with champagne. What more can you ask for a Christmas story? !!! My Christmas story!

Can't I stop time? I don't want this day to end. They say that we spend two thirds of our lives sleeping and of them surely eighty percent dreaming. I don't know if I'm still in one of them but I don't want to wake up ... See you tomorrow Kandholhu.

Isaac and Paula, from Kandholhu (Maldives)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 634 USD including lunch and special dinner (approx 507.20 EUROS)