Excursion in Kandholhu


There are few times that, as many will have happened before, we have been surprised Google searching for a beach on a desert island or just where to spend a few lost days in an isolated paradise. In Maldives, tourism is controlled to the limit where the underwater environment and the Robinson Crusoe factor are taken care of to such strict details that it becomes their main attraction. For us that desert island already has a name.

Like the previous days in Kandholhu, we woke up to the sun entering every corner of our bungalow with its warm good morning and the sound of the waves knocking on our door. Although peace invites the pereceo, here it is as if it would cost nothing to get up, we were going to spend a new day in paradise….

Isaac gets up quickly, puts on his fins and his glasses to once again tour the reef snorkeling, this time around the area that they say is the best area of ​​the island (All the information on the island in the articles KANDHOLHU CRUISE & SPA RESORT I and KANDHOLHU CRUISE AND RESORT II). This fact is also demonstrated by the fact that there are boats from other areas that come exclusively to this reef (and to this place in particular) to snorkel. Isaac wants to see his friend the turtle Tomasa again. !! Tortoise !! !! Tortoise !! !! Tortuguita !! From the fuss she makes, I understand that she has managed to greet her friend and sees her eating placid coral again. Me while I walk along the shore watching the awakening of Kandholhu. I walk the path that Isaac does in the water. Goldfish and goldfish, of different colors, of different shapes, larger, smaller ... !! It looks like a real National Geographic documentary! And for me! a real postcard !!

To turn our morning to the island to go to the restaurant where we have breakfast, although it is very small, is to feel like Kaio in his world (for the followers of Goku in young days). On one side or the other, you are able to lose yourself. The best thing is that you always end up at your destination, even if you change your route every day and don't know where you would arrive before. It is a very strange sensation difficult to explain.

After breakfast and our daily visit to Tiburcio (our Baby Shark who visits us every day since we met him on DAY 3 of the trip), it's my turn, I also want to see all this, !! enjoy !! (hoping that this time he can breathe like a person and not like a walrus with the happy tube). !! Ohhh !! Is incredible. It is as if every day they change the landscape at the bottom of the sea ... but ... what is that ... !! AHHHHHHH !! THAT IS NOT TIBURCIOOOOO !! A BIG SHARK !! (although they are really harmless)

Little by little, I managed to adapt to the feeling of Snorkell, even though it already arrives for today. It is easier than I thought. The Indian Ocean is calm today and it gives pleasure to the sensation of floating being able to observe all this marine life.

Isaac continues snorkeling and sees her again. Here they They are the queens and we luxury spectators. !! TORTUGAAAAAAAAAS !! I will not leave Kandholhu without seeing them ...

We spent the rest of the morning sunbathing, bathing, taking pictures, reading, relaxing ...

Before we went through our bungalow to leave things to eat and there it was Luke Visiting again. For animals other than ... So tiny and so big at the same time

We feel again that time does not pass as slowly as we had read. It is time to eat again!

The little nap in the shade in our hammocks is not taken away by anyone. At half past four we depart for a particular journey through the Maldives, since we have pointed to an excursion (SUNSET CRUISE). There are not many in Kandholhu. We will take a boat trip around some islands to finally stand in front of ours and enjoy a spectacular sunset ...

We approach the jetty, a wooden walkway where a motorboat awaits us that will take us to our little boat. It seems that it is not the typical one that we have read that they use in Kandholhu to do the excursions, the sailboat Air Explorer II, but it is a small beautiful schooner, made of wood and with the biggest helm that we have seen in our life. It's funny, in this world of "drawings" in which we have gotten Today the schooner drives ... !! "Professor Miyagui" !! He climbs almost over the helm to drive the ship.

The ride is very nice. In addition, they give us skewers and drinks to finally toast with champagne while the sky begins to slowly darken.

The moment when the sun goes down behind the island is very special. Result !! magical !!

We return little by little to the jetty on the other side of the island we have left. From the sea it seems that we were sleeping on a true desert island, a little piece of land in the middle of nowhere with just a few palm trees, some vegetation and some sandy surface. Under no circumstances could we imagine that there was a amount of plants so high, from bamboo, pandanaceae, banana, mangroves, banyans, tropical vines and numerous coconut trees.

Here in Maldives the sunsets are beautiful, they mix infinity of colors that dye the island and we feel privileged to be able to see it from afar, in the middle of the sea, from where we can appreciate how small our "quesito" is.

Back, we changed, and again we are cleaning our bungalow. They do it twice a day. They keep the island impeccable all day, also sweeping the interior sand roads avoiding "losing" them by abandonment.

Let's have dinner A new night under the stars, by candlelight, in the middle of the beach. Although it is already the fifth day, this seems unreal, a scene that seems taken from the best fantasy movies. A cocktail and a good book Together with the tranquility and peace that is breathed, they give us good night.

We say goodbye to a new day in paradise, on our small desert island, in our Kandholhu.

Isaac and Paula, from Kandholhu (Maldives)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 53 USD (approx 42.40 EUROS)