The Maldivian concept of paradise


If something we will never forget about our passage through the Maldives is, without a doubt, the degree of isolation and paradise felt these days. We do not know (as of the date of this story) places like Seychelles or Polynesia, but we can compare it with Mauritius where we were already in that trip to Mauritius 2008, and they are very different concepts. Mauritius (and it seems that Seychelles) base their offer on luxurious hotels and beautiful places combined with visits to nearby islands or excursions on the island itself. Maldives is different. Maldives gives you that luxury in certain resort, but if something is special in Maldives it is precisely the Maldivian concept of rest and tranquility. True paradise islands where privacy prevails over visits and where, perhaps, until some day is necessary to adapt to the stress that we bring all day to day ...

As every day, Isaac jumps up to run to visit our beloved Tomasa. It is strange to get up at seven in the morning, without an alarm clock, put on your swimsuit and two steps from the bungalow, private, intimate and only ours, get into the water. As if the story had been written with our own wishes.

I try to wake up the island while Isaac wants to do the same with marine life. Or is it the other way around and is it the island that wakes us up? Today I will see Turtles, but at this time I still did not know….

I'm still with Isaac. He makes every morning the route from zone two to zone three (KANDHOLHU CRUISE & SPA RESORT I and KANDHOLHU CRUISE AND RESORT II). They are the best for snorkeling. !! He doesn't get tired !! Enjoy like a dwarf, although the truth is worth it, not every day you find all this life around you. Banks of fish of all colors and of all sizes are waiting for us to say good morning, corals, crystal clear waters and ...!AHHH! !! A line passes by rubbing it! !! HUGE! Quiet Isaac is not going to eat you, you are very hard ...

On this tour he meets his friends again the turtles, who swim peacefully by his side. !! What a feeling! They are not imputed.

!! How close you have tortoise Tomasa today! Have you sung his song ???

I wait for him at the exit of the reef. Today his face is different. He has swum closer to the turtles than ever before, almost touching them (but be careful, you can't stress them - or so they say -)

We are going to have breakfast and thinking of going back quickly to get back into it in that particular aquarium that we enjoy every day. He breakfast as always very complete and delicious. Isaac, how many juices have you been? And eggs with bacon? Here we have met many kinds of fruit, most curiously some dwarf bananas, a kind of watermelon but white and black and something similar to figs but with lemon flavor, different types of cereals, pancakes, continental breakfast or English breakfast . And all this with a sandy floor next to the sea…. We also took the opportunity to sign up for another excursion in the afternoon, approaching a nearby reef to snorkel, although we only did it out of curiosity since the best one was "at home".

We are done !! Run Paula, run !! !! let's go for your fins and glasses !! !! Tomasa is waiting for you !! On the way to the room, touring again our little island, we stopped at the gym here. Yes, there is also a gym, although we will leave it for another occasion. We prefer to opt for the water sport that nature has in store for us.

!! TURTLE IN SIGHT !! A turtle beside me, a few centimeters. Isaac was right, it is a difficult feeling to describe, I get even nervous. I am swimming with a turtle and it is not scared of us, it eats calmly coral and climbs near us to breathe on the surface. !! WONDERFUL !! Can I take it home with me?

He just ate and says goodbye. !! See you tomorrow Tomasa !! We will make another visit ...

It is time for the excursion to visit another reef near our cheese. We will eat on the boat and spend a pleasant afternoon. Before, we meet again at Juancho gecko that we already saw the DAY 3 on the island.

Already on the ship, I prefer to sunbathe and read, while Isaac, with some of our “neighbors” (those we never see), will investigate if they will find the same as in Kandholhu, and…

... well, there are fish, seahorses, precious flora, corals of all kinds and colors but… !! not like in our reef !! It is not Kandholhu. You had to try.

He schooner ride It is very worthwhile, sunbathing on the deck while doing a small cruise on other islands. Again with our more than "private" captain, "Mr. Miyagui". Actually our schooner, in which we were already yesterday, is still an evolution of the typical Maldivian ship, the dhoni.


In a country of atolls, where everything is islands, a multipurpose boat is the best method for fishing, transportation of products and materials and domestic transfers. This is the DHONI, one of the best known and oldest ships in the world, of Arab origin, which has always been evolving true to its original design until today, where after being mechanized in the 80s, I change the traditional palm wood for fiberglass.

Nowadays they can even reach high speeds, with luxurious comforts inside, keeping their traditional helm that their "captains" deftly handle.

We will check again that wonder of islands hosts the Maldives. Some, how small they are, I can almost take them with my hand. I will think about taking one to my house and being in Maldives whenever I want ...

There are some that are really movie, absolutely deserted, without even a few small bungalows to stay. We stopped next to one of them to make a small picnic and enjoy the sole that has not left us any day (however, it is the best time of the year to come, between December and March)

We arrived almost for dinner but first a photo session led by a spectacular sunset, with practically no cloud, the only thing you want is to sit and enjoy the moment, hopefully the time stops….

... and really that time freeze we have done months later in the headboard of our bed, making a beautiful picture with this stunning scene ...

Do you remember that we are still at Christmas? Today the Kings also came to Kandholhu, but the gifts we leave for us. Of course, it will always be a different Christmas, away from the snow and the cold that accompanied us in the Getaway to Munich and the Austrian Alps 2010.

We had dinner on our penultimate day in paradise and enjoyed once again our Maldivian bathroom, that special bathroom at the back of the Deluxe Beach Bungalow where we enjoy completely uncovered, literally under the stars. But that's another story just for us. Good night my Kandholhu

Isaac and Paula, from Kandholhu (Maldives)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 111 USD (approx 88.80 EUROS)