The marine beauty of the Maldives


The day that Ask us what we liked best in the Maldives we will not know whether to start talking about its incredible and paradisiacal islands or that its greater beauty resides under the sea, with more than 700 different species of marine life, its colorful corals. Today is already the 7th day of travel, and it seems that, although fast, we have lived a month of experiences. East video is our particular summary from an indescribable place, that no one should miss once in a lifetime (don't miss the final part almost touching the sea turtles)…

Maldives, that little "sky" ...

Today is our last day in Kandholhu. We don't know how time has gone by so fast, we don't feel like leaving because… Can we come back again? I don't know but, in any case, it will be in a long, long time.

At this time we could not imagine that the feeling that will accompany us forever is the nostalgia of the experience. Isaac wanted the Christmas Story he had prepared for me never to forget, and he got it, yet I think some days he would like me to forget it even if it was a little bit, right?

We are lazy to get up, as if we were to make sure that the day did not end, because although tomorrow we will also wake up in our cheese, it will be already to pack. We know it will be ours last snorkell in one of the most charming places in the world, and the best reef we are going to find.

Today we will visit our friend after breakfast, like these days, the first hour is one of the most special and lively moments. From the cabin that houses the buffet, we observe how the island rises, while we savor a delicious breakfast, touching the sand with our feet and allowing ourselves to be pampered by the first rays of sun. As soon as we finish we will enjoy the reef fund again, where all the life in it will fire us with a “see you soon?”.

We see again a multitude of goldfish, corals with their different forms, flora of different species, ... In short, we have before us what has been "our life" for a whole week.

Snorkeling in Kandholhu is a pleasure. We float almost naturally, with hardly any effort. Especially in the area of ​​the main jetty, the best without any doubt

And we could not miss in our farewell our friend already forever ¡Tomasa !!!, who once again came to see us so we could swim for a while with her (we recommend you see the last part of the video of the beginning of this story).

At this moment we can say that the time was coming ...


After our last "immersion" (and return the material), we are going to brown a little more on the beach that welcomed us all these days ...

... although as we do not stand still for a minute, we are dedicated to make a little goose in the water, making what will be one of the last pictures in Maldives.

He Sun has not abandoned us at any time. We are in the best time of the year. However, the rainy season that runs from May to October, leaves rainfall and winds much milder than in any other region influenced by the monsoon. It also enjoys warm weather all year round, due to its location near Ecuador, with sunbeams around 2,700 hours a year and with an atmosphere of peace and relaxation without limits. This deserves a cocktel ...

And when we thought we had already made all the friends we could make on the island the crab Sebastian, a nice little crab that looks at us in the completely static towel. When we go through it, he runs away running towards the water and tries to hide under the sand, even changing color. It does not do very well, but we quickly return it to its habitat. Here there were baptisms almost every day, haha ​​...

And we wouldn't leave without asking us to eat our already particular menu, Pizza to the tone and Sandwich Kandholhu. Today we have also decided to eat near the shore, in one of the sofas that is near the cabin that serves as a restaurant to have a little privacy and that until now we had not used and since here you are in a true paradise, they bring it to you all without bothering you.

Today, after one of those naps that make hobby, we have signed up to another spa session, a facial (the DAY 3 of the trip We explain all that there was), the last one we will also do on our island. A holiday like this is a pleasure, but the "good" is over soon and the "best" is not easy to repeat.

Night falls again on the island. The sun gives way to the first hint of the moon we see on the island. In this trip we have not needed and has also taken the opportunity to rest. Now you can see leaving the silhouette that takes the flag of Maldives as a symbol.

He has come to talk to us "the mafias", the manager of the island. Our seaplane tomorrow leaves at 16'00. !! What a badge! It won't give us time to see anything about Male. Sniff sniff. We have told you to try any way we went before, that we wanted to know the capital. He tells us that seaplane companies do not depend on them and the schedules mark them from the central. Anyway…

Another moment to which we say goodbye to our dinners on the beach by candlelight and stars, to that letter in which we did not know (most of the time) what we asked for and all those people who made our stay in Maldives so special, kind, simple people, always with a smile and ready to help you at any time .

Tomorrow the official farewell of this, my Christmas Story ...

Isaac and Paula, from Kandholhu (Maldives)