Dreams are dreams


It all started that December 31. Dreams? We have not been able to distinguish between dreams and sensations for a long time. What are dreams? Why do we always wake up when we are fulfilling those dreams that we could rarely achieve? ... How to know if I'm awake or dreaming?

The story is maintained as it was done at the time when everything was a Christmas story, a dream without preparations or routes or anything

3'00 in the morning. Looks like we just arrived at Dubai International Airport. We did not just understand this airport. So much waste, so much to boast, so much to show off… and we are not even able to have a finguer to disembark, not to mention the 30 minutes it takes to “park” or “catch track”. Our stay is short between walks, mini-breakfasts (€ 14) and boarding gate search.

What we cannot complain about is the wide spaces, the good information and the comfortable seats that you find throughout the terminal. He flight is on time And it's starting to dawn.

Dubai looks beautiful at this time. This little emirate has been attracting our attention for a long time and we have no doubt that we will disembark on one of our trips. For now we have to settle for seeing its impressive symbols from the air, although seen on the other hand, it is probably from where they can best be observed. We talk about the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, the second tallest hotel in the world and it has !!! 7 stars !! and of Jumeirah Palm Island, three artificial islets in the shape of a palm leaf, the largest created by man.

The truth is that people have all kinds of skills and we will never cease to be surprised, but the ones I get (Isaac) on the planes must be Guiness record.

STEP 1.- Undress my neck. There is no pain
STEP 2.- Pressure me between the window and the armchair
STEP 3.- Close your eyes and do ZzZzZz

It doesn't seem difficult, right? Although others have special ability to "devour" books, because while 1 hour from landing I finished the ONLY book to read that I took (Glen Cooper's Library of the Dead, which by the way has LOVED me because it is very "mine "), others (Paula)" eat "one (or !! two !!) per week ...

12'40 is the time when the Emirates from Dubai lands in Spanish territory. !! We are in home !! Madrid - Barajas. Little new to tell, perhaps only that we see the plane that brought the South African team after being world champions, that airport food is still bad and expensive (€ 17.60) and that we already have boarding gate and time to take us home.

But on the way to A Coruña a strange sensation travels through our body again. It is as if everything we have lived fades for a moment. A feeling that we already lived on DAY 1 travel when we didn't know if we dreamed or were living it.

!!!!!!!!!!! FLASHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did we get here Isaac?
I don't know Paula, the last thing I remember is a plane, some beaches, a turtle ... called Tomasa.

Sometimes dreams are so real that they can lead us to error, but you dream it… ALWAYS COMPLETE. You just have to insist on reaching them. But and if everything has been a dream ... why not keep dreaming?

Our last memories fade ... Champagne glasses, family dinners, year-end bells appear again. The place where we stay.

!!! Noooooooooooo !! !! Can not be !!!! That little piece of heaven, those beautiful beaches, those incredible moments ... that our paradise, Has it never happened?

Charles Dickens comes to mind again. But today is January 9. At least that puts our watch. What has happened all this time?

They say that stress plays bad passes and can lead to hallucinations. They say that when you want something with great force you can make it happen on nights of deeper sleep. We only know that everything will finally be like our CHRISTMAS TALE. Something that we want with all the force but that our rhythm of life and our desires have made it come true in our dreams. Something impossible that could happen. Something unfeasible. Something that could never happen ...


Paula and Isaac, from A Coruña (Spain)