Practical advice for traveling Prague


Emulating what we already did in the Budapest getaway 2009, to end our year-end adventure in Prague, we will tell you practical tips for traveling Praguethat come from the doubts we had to clarify when we raised some of the visits these days.


The metro, bus and tram network in Prague is excellent. Its service works by zones (5 areas) and there are tickets valid for 90 minutes (32 CZK) or for 30 minutes and a single transfer (24 CZK). There are also bonuses for 1 day (110 CZK), for 3 days (310 CZK) or for long season. Depending on the visits we want to make an option to assess is the Prague Card. More information in your own web.

The big problem, what if I get up early and want to buy the tickets? Not everything is so simple ...

- In some stops there are automatic machines to get tickets (it is true that we saw few) ALWAYS WITH COINS
- In kiosks and other shops, usually near the stops, they also usually sell bonds and tickets for public transport. Problem, the one we found, were exhausted!
- By phone if we had a SIM from R. Checa , by typing a specific code to a number.
- The solution that never fails is to look a nearby metro stop where there are always automatic machines and WITH COINS take out the tickets valid for both metro and other transport.

Now alone we need to stamp the ticket when entering the subway, the tram or any other means validated in a small yellow machine for this use. No one here watches you but ethics as well as inspectors who identify with an official badge and who can put fines of up to 1000 CZK "will" encourage us to do so.


At the time of venturing up to the Clock Tower, initially it took us a bit to find out where the tickets were purchased and where the climb begins. If we are located just in front of the Astronomical Clock, there is a small door on the right where we will see an office to buy them. The entrance, however, is two doors to the left of the same clock, and is distinguished by being glass. It has no loss.

Now there is a small 3-storey climb that can be done by elevator or by stairs, to reach an area where another elevator or successive ramps awaits us to reach our destination and find the best views of Stare Mesto.


The Prague Castle is undoubtedly one of the most important attractions of the city and in times of high season it can be difficult to access it. Therefore, once past the first courtyard we will arrive at a second courtyard where we can observe several queues to buy the different tickets that give access to the different rooms of the complex (Cathedral of San Vito, Callejuela de Oro, Royal Palace ...). Yeah come on by the passage that leads to the Cathedral of San Vito, on the right we will see a small souvenir shop.

In this shop, in addition to Christmas lovers can buy a souvenir at the price of "Prague Castle", gives us access to a room with several lockers to buy tickets without excessive queues.


Another attraction of Prague is the small cruises on the river that runs through the city, the Vltava. In times of high season it can be difficult to get a place, especially for the night, so taking the reservation made online in advance can be a good option. For this there are many websites that offer different boats, although a good option is


In the vicinity of Prague there are several visits that one cannot miss if one has time for it. Cities such as Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary or Terezin and their concentration camp can be attractive to combine with the stay in the capital.

The communication of Prague with these cities in the suburban buses is very good, and there is even the possibility of taking it booked online on the web // A practical example, our visit to the Terezin Concetration Camp, for which the first thing we did was to click on the "ENGLISH" language and the second to complete the date and place of departure data (Praha, Nadrazi Holesovice) and arrival (Terezin , aut nadr.)

The result of the ticket is something similar to this (same for the return).

To get to the Holesovice station in Prague, the starting point of these buses, visit our experience on DAY 3 of the getaway.


If you are interested in having your visit in Terezin guided by a person in Spanish who can explain the history of the place and the meaning of each stay, do not hesitate to contact them in the email email protected where in a few days they will answer you with the possibilities of schedules.

When you decide for yours, they will send you a PDF voucher with the reservation (you don't have to pay anything before, you pay the entrance fee there).


Although we already commented DAY 4 of our getaway, as far as possible, avoid the queues of the main synagogues by buying your tickets for all in a secondary school (Masai, Klaus). Then simply access the site by "skipping" the tail and showing it at the entrance (although they look at you badly thinking that you are sneaking in).


Prague is still more. It is a place where you can enjoy one of the best opera at affordable prices or the best Black Theater in the world. To see all the events (and even buy the tickets before your visit to the city) the best website we found was


Finally, and within a good gastronomic route, a series of recommendations that we would make regarding a good meal and beer could be (thanks to the travelers who recommended them to us before):

- Cerberus in Soukenicka 19, Czech and affordable cuisine.
- Rusalka, of homemade food next to the National Theater and at great prices.
- U Cerneho Orla in Malostranske namesti 14, traditional cuisine and not overly expensive.
- U Maltezskych Rytiru in Prokopska 10, expensive prices but one of the most typical of both local, service and traditional food and wine.
- U Mecenase Restaurant, going down Nerudova and next to the Church of San Nicolás in the main square of Mala Strana. All our experience here.
- The U Fleku brewery / restaurant with one of the best black beers we have tasted and an ambience, behind Narodni street towards the new area. Our experience here.
- Novomestsky Pivovar, a typical local who makes his own beer (exquisite) in the area of ​​Wenceslas Square. Our experience here.
- Klub Architektú, very close to the hotel where we were staying, with a lot of variety and very cheap. It is also a very picturesque place. Our experience here.

If these suggestions or ideas are useful for future travelers to the city of Prague and its surroundings, there they remain, as we thank all those who helped us before preparing our adventures.

Isaac and Paula, from Prague (Czech Republic)