Preparing Peru: Dates and Travelers


It is no longer the first time that there are people who ask us How do we prepare a trip?, either by the page or by email. We will take advantage of the preparation of this trip to Peru to explain how we do the "Keys" to get to what you read when you click on a trip, the front page ... let's see how we get to the PREPARATIONS: PERU (General).

The PREPARATIONS (General) of a trip it's just a summary of everything we have done to reach the personalization of a trip. It is all the research work behind. Start by choose dates and see which travelers we can go, continue to see the duration which we can have for the trip, follow by the decision of several destination options for dates, travelers and the weather in which we go and ends by the definition of an itinerary, places to visit, transport and all the customization that we want to give you that in keyways we take it to itinerary, transport, accommodation and budgets.

Any of the stages that lead to the preparation of a trip has its fun part, but it is possibly the last one, the personalization of the itinerary itself, the one that takes more time and the one that can take more time.

We will start by talking about the choice of dates and travelers.

Another of the questions we receive most on the blog is How do we get dates to go on a trip so many days? And we always respond the same, we try to "hook" bridges, look for the best option that gives us that day more that allows us to go more "light" to visit the places with more calm, ...

On this occasion, 2010 is a very complicated year to find dates in which Paula and I can "escape" and coincide. At the beginning of the year we make a common calendar and indicate dates. If we didn't have them, we looked for them. The calendar includes all the activities that prevent us from going on vacation in different colors (in this case garnet, orange, green ...). As you can see, until Saturdays we have busy this year ...

... but still we have found the dates on which we could better match both and we took the opportunity to fly the day April 30 in the afternoon and return on May 17, festive in Galicia for being the day of Galician letters. !! We already have 18 days !!

As you know, the "keys" are both Paula and Isaac, as Juve and Ruth, but this time the dates have not allowed us to match the 4 despite trying until the last moment, and Juve and Ruth have mounted another I travel to Morocco! from April 26 to May 8 that you can follow in (link that we recommend).

There are many ways to decide how to start a trip. There are people looking for flight offers and based on that adapts dates and destinations, others choose a destination and based on that adapts dates and itineraries. We have the problem that we value most, time. For us, choosing dates gives us time, and with that we decide destination and itinerary, but always starting from the first.


- We have the maximum time possible to make a trip
- Allows us customize the trip to the maximum, fleeing packages and tourist circuits
- We avoid problems at work


- We lose options of economic offers by having more stiffness of dates (although it has not been the case in Peru)
- We lose options priority destinations (Although we have such a list of destinations in all dates and climates, that we have not yet reached a critical moment)

In summary:

TRAVELERS: Isaac and Paula
TRAVEL DATES: From April 30 to May 17

We already have the first step. The following in the next article, the choice of a destination.

Isaac and Paula