Preparing Peru: Destination Choice


Yesterday we talked about how "the keys" we did to choose the dates, the travelers and the pros / cons that came up. For Peru the decisions had been to leave the April 30 to May 17 as dates, and not coinciding with Juve and Ruth on this occasion, leave as Paula and Isaac travelers, on a journey of 18 days.

Following this series of related entries of how we choose the trips, today we will talk about the most exciting moment, the choice of destiny.

To be honest, at the beginning we chose the destinations by opening a wide range of places on the planet from which we read, watched documentaries or simply created us illusion. Today we have very clear our preferences, and there are a dozen countries that attract us especially and that are the first to look sideways when we have decided dates.

1. The most important thing to have dates is to know where you can go and where not. Know what we are going to find. No one would think of going to Cambodia between June and October, especially September and October, at least, no one who can afford to choose another place, since there we would be in full monsoon and rain every day. And whether we want to or not, it is not pleasant to visit a country with an umbrella unless there is no other choice. We talk about weather.

In that sense, of the ten countries with which we played, a few were already discarded. For example, we would love to go to New Zealand but we believe there are better seasons. Or even do the Trans-Siberian, but we don't think May is the best month to appear for Siberia ...

Peru is a complex country in terms of climate, having 3 very different areas, although experts agree that between May and September is possibly the best time to visit.

- We met a coastal area (Lima, Nazca, Paracas, Ica) where from October to March are the hottest months, however from April to October the weather is milder and more pleasant.
- On the other hand, there is the mountainous area (Andes, Puno, Cuzco) where the rainy season extends from November to March and the dry season and bluest skies comes between April and September.
- Finally, the Amazon jungle (Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos) where the rains occupy the months of October to April being from the end of this month when heavy rains can occur at specific times but the sky remains clearer. Throughout the year there are average temperatures of 28ºC

2. It is also very important to keep in mind that, in some places, there are certain "shows" or "certain phenomena" that only occur at a certain time.

Thus, for example, the Great Migration of the Serengeti reaches its peak between August and September in Kenya, or the whale watching in the Argentine Atlantic has more possibilities between September and October, shows, all of them, of incalculable value and that would be a It's worth getting lost once you decide to visit that place in the world.

In Peru it also happens, and until just a few days ago Machu Picchu remained closed due to the floods generated by the rains this year. Peru without Machu Picchu ?.

Only valuing the weather and certain phenomena, we had already stayed with 4 or 5 countries on our long list.

3. Here comes another fundamental discard that, whether we like it or not, greatly influences the decisions of every traveler: the hated budget. There are countries that allow you more flexibility by fleeing from wholesalers or organized tours and budgets can be lowered considerably (as is the case in Peru) but still, in a minimum budget, only flight and accommodation accounts for more than 70% of the budget end of the trip and you can play quite little with them.

The "keys" we usually consider two types of trips a year (in addition to some getaway): one cheaper and closer and another more distant and with some other savings. This 2010, being special, we have decided to roll for the second option for this May trip, since we consider Peru as a medium / large budget trip.

4. Here, perhaps, we would also have to value, very much related to the budget, the personal and economic situation of each, since it is not the same to decide a destination with children, with mortgages or with short-term economic commitments (weddings, removals, etc ...)

In our case we have a privileged situation in this regard, and you rarely see the "cotters" talking about trips through Spain or nearby Europe (without being escaped), not because we consider that there are fewer things to see, but because we consider it more affordable for the future. And this future is never known as it will be, so we prefer now to make those dream destinations that we may not be able to achieve, one day with firm belief, that there may not be culturally rich countries like Spain.

5. There is a point on which we would like to make reference, the state of mind. More than one has happened to be in a daily routine (which is difficult to leave many times) and want to lose yourself in the world and look for adventures that evade us from it. However, there are times when even one is so tired that neither for adventures is the body and prefers to relax while relaxing on a beach. Or even combine it.

In this case, and although winter is still horrible since it began in October until April, we have decided to go for new adventures, sensations and experiences on a great trip and with new civilizations of the ancient world. Peru is that.

6. Although less influencing the decision of a destination, also the way we want to do it At the certain moment we are deciding, it is a point that plays. Good because we have more or less time to prepare it, or because there isn't or we don't want to eat our heads a lot.

"The keys" have never been bound in a way to travel but if we tend to make it as personalized and free as possible. There are many ways to travel, travel completely without backpack or without it (Argentina, Uruguay, Getaways in Spain or Europe, Japan, ...), combining free and local agencies (Antarctica, Syria, Lebanon, ...), do it with a local receptive (Burma), do not complicate life and take a tour in Spain (Mauritius), or even do it for free but take a package in Spain because it economically compensates or a multitude of combinations (Cuba, in which the flight + package Hotel was cheaper than the flight itself and then we took a car and backpack and went around the island ...).

On this occasion, for Peru, we will take advantage of the fact that it is "all invented" and we will combine freedom with the support of a local agency to reserve both accommodation and some other options.

7. Another aspect that greatly influences is the company. It lends itself much more to adventure trips if we travel the whole "keys" (Ruth, Paula, Juve and Isaac) or else we go more travelers. It also lends itself to adventure but also relax or getaways if we go Paula and Isaac. With the family you want another type of trip.

To Peru, without a doubt, we go in the best possible company but we were about to change our destination and leave the keys completely (but we couldn't fit dates)

8. With all this, the list of countries that may remain is very small (just 2 or 3). There enter the factor last offer, fundamental in the case of Peru.

Here comes the research work. If it is convenient to go directly or stop in some country to get better prices, if it is better to go with one company or another, if special offers are going to be available now, next Wednesday or we will look at a flight + hotel package that will be more profitable ...

There was no doubt here. It was to see them and buy them. Some flights that seemed complicated because they can reach 1,200 and 1,300 € at other times and also Aircomet in bankruptcy (the one that had better offers). But fate wanted us to go and Iberia, a few days before our decision, took out an offer for € 561 from Madrid, which would become € 602 from A Coruña. An unbeatable price.

9. If necessary, the last decision remains, the final decision, the heart. But is it the last or the first? We are not going to cheat you. Many times, regardless of dates, offers and moments, there are destinations that can above all and get between eyebrows and eyebrows and forget about the rest.

In this case it has been able to influence a bit because during the long waits between vacations, "the cotters" we usually go looking at destinations, and even ask for offers to estimate budget. This happened with Peru last year. It is a dream destination for a long time and we already had a lot of information. In the end, despite everything collected, last year was not the date to go but if we have privileged information since Isaac's parents were the ones who were encouraged and came delighted.

It is time to go. The heart asked us that.

We have:

TRAVELERS: Isaac and Paula
TRAVEL DATES: From April 30 to May 17

So far the explanation of how we choose our destinations. And you, how do you do it?

Isaac and Paula

P.S. The next chapter, Customizing an itinerary ...