Preparing Peru: Budget


Whether we want it or not, for more than 90% of travelers the most critical moment when preparing a trip, overcome the problems of dates, destination and itinerary, is prepare your final budget.

It is true that we already have an indicative idea of ​​what a trip to Peru can leave when we make the decision of the trip and we know that it is not an affordable trip that will drop below € 2000 per person, but now we have to approach the final number.

How much can a trip to Peru leave hiring in Spain? There are many Spanish wholesalers that offer the services of a trip to Peru. All of them can be managed with any of the intermediary agencies that work with them. In all cases, without exception, services are contracted to a local receptive agency that is in charge of offering the contracted services.

Like everything, this has its advantage, such as not spending time on the trip and having everything organized, or the convenience of having all the transports resolved and (in general) not worrying about whether they will pick you up or not and that of not having to fight over the phone or mail with any Peruvian agency And I find no more.

Between his disadvantages, we especially see the rigidity of the package (always speaking in general), rigidity of schedules in the tours, the crowding of people of these, the little or little customization of the trip (and if there is one it is at the cost of making the package more expensive) and budgets with brutal margins with respect to the receptive ones of the country (except countries like Egypt or other overexploited ones).

Let's see examples with Peru and with three usual wholesalers in this country: Catai, Nobeltours or Tuareg (for looking for one that allows you to customize your trip more)

1. Catai, in its 2010 catalog, offers the closest thing to the itinerary that we are going to make with its 14 days + extension to Nazca. The price that we can extract from its catalog are 2,485 of base + 465 of extension + 400 of supplement for fees and fuel from A Coruña, all in 3 * hotels. This comes out about € 3,350 per person

2. Nobeltours, in its catalog also from 2010, offers a 14 day tour without Nazca very similar for € 3,190 to which we would have to add the supplement from A Coruña and the extension of Nazca and we would get approximately € 3,500 per person

3. Tuareg Travel, going to more alternative and affordable options, they offer us a appetizing 19-day tour With almost all the options considered in our trip, giving us another good price to value. A base of € 2,500 + € 475 jungle supplement + € 320 flight fees + € 50 overflight Nazca. An approximate number could be € 3,345 per person

In the first two cases, we forget to include the supplement that the jungle would entail, which would place the trip at € 3,700 per person as well as the extra nights until we complete the 18 days we have. In the latter case, what we ignore is the link with A Coruña, which would place the budget at € 3,500

A good number to value, therefore, could be € 3,500 per person and, being two people, we are talking about 7.000 €, which represents, as soon as, a lot of money. Here we could go to wait for UNCUSTOMIZED offers on rigid dates determined with catch, or other internet intermediaries, but we would already be talking about people who have availability of time and dates, which is neither our case nor the case of departure.

Let's look at our target price: € 2200 per person, that is, reduce € 1,300 per person and also customize the trip with the accommodations and visits we want.

STEP 1. With our personalized trip, inform us of the options at the destination

Here we have contacted (and especially thanks to the forum of and its foreros) with Inkandina, Lattravel, Trip-Peru, Clubdevacacionesperu,... All of them have treated us with exquisite kindness, but it is Inkandina and its operator Yessica, finally who has convinced us the most. We have broken down the entire budget and have seen what things might interest us and what not. For example, the jungle tour is almost impossible to do for free, but Machu Picchu was forced.

We have also read prices on other traveler blogs (hence people often miss them and ask us why we put the prices, we see it very useful for future travelers). So we know how much it can cost a meal, a dinner, a breakfast or any purchase

Finally, it is also important to know the prices of the means of transport to be used (Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu, Internal Flights - better to take them from Peru -) and other destination needs (insurance, vaccines, ...)

STEP 2. With all this, we make a small budget, well at hand, well in excel, which is what we use

This is where our PREPARATIONS budget usually goes: General

STEP 3. We compare what has been achieved with the target price

What price had we set? It is time to see where we can squeeze or what whims we can hit. Normally, we like to hit a whim on the trips that we bring other memories. In Japan, the helicopter overflight or the Miyajima and Hakone ryokan, in Syria the Damascus hotel or the Globe, in Antarctica ... well ... in Antarctica all this was a whim, haha. Here, in Peru, we have seen two accommodations (in Aguascalientes, at the foot of Machu Picchu and in the Colca Valley) that according to the budget, could become our whim of the trip.

STEP 4. After analyzing what we can and cannot include, we make the final budget and start the reservations, with an order ...

* SAFE: It is essential to acquire it before, at the same time, or within 24 hours after the purchase of the flight (as the case may be) so as not to lose the CANCELLATION options.
* FLIGHTS: Iberia's already commented offer of € 601.94 / person from A Coruña.
* VACCINES: We must not stop going to External Health. In this case, the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for the Amazon Rainforest.
* ACCOMMODATIONS: Email to email booking everything. In the case of Peru we have done it through Inkandina, which gets better prices at destination, although with cancellation option in case we vary things or improvise along the way. It is the part of the budget that we have played to achieve to fit it and we have even allowed ourselves two whims (Colca and Aguas Calientes)
* TRANSPORTATION: Email or online (never phone). We have bought the internal flights, the Vistadome, the Cruz del Sur public buses for certain dates, and the rest we leave there
* EXCURSIONS: Some in particular, in this case, especially the Jungle, that there is no way (that I know of) to do it completely for free and the Overflight to Nazca
* OTHERS: Lunch, dinner, shopping, other visits, other transport, fees, ... we leave it there

We already have our budget (in euros, with the change to $ 1.30 per €)…

FLIGHTS TO CORUÑA - MADRID - LIMA (i / v 601.94 pers with Iberia)
1203,88 €
140,00 €
VACCINES (Yellow Fever € 17.79 / pers)
35,58 €
INTERNAL FLIGHTS (CUZ-PEM-LIM) (€ 131.90 / pers)
263,80 €
266,40 €
NAZCA FLIGHT (€ 56.10 / pers)
112,20 €
339,30 €
MACHU PICCHU (€ 55.40 / pers)
110,80 €
160,00 €
ACCOMMODATION IN LIMA (2 days / double room)
112,60 €
ACCOMMODATION IN ICA (1 day / double room)
24,60 €
ACCOMMODATION IN NAZCA (shower and toilet / double room)
17,90 €
ACCOMMODATION IN AREQUIPA (1 day / double room)
37,85 €
ACCOMMODATION IN COLCA (1 day / double room)
91,20 €
ACCOMMODATION IN PUNO (2 days / double room)
79,10 €
ACCOMMODATION IN CUZCO (3 days / double room)
159,90 €
39,70 €
ACCOMMODATION IN HOT WATERS (1 day / double room)
343,80 €
OTHERS (Meals, rates, various, waters, ...)820,00 €
TOTAL TRIP (2 PEOPLE)4.358,61 €

And with this entry we have finished preparing a new trip. That does not mean that we all prepare them the same, but it is an indicative idea of ​​how we usually do it. Remains unveil the chosen accommodations, which we will do in the next few days. Meanwhile, a hug for everyone.

Paula and Isaac