Titicaca Lake


When you plan a trip, you usually want to cover as much as possible. I have never hidden that the keys we like to have a high travel rate, combined with small days to explain ourselves in certain places or in certain whims. There is one thing that makes our friends very funny about Secuoias Juve and Ruth, which is that we always tell them that we like to prepare the trips "IN-CRESCENDO", that is, leaving surprises for the end and that the trip goes further.

I don't know if we talked about "Kit-Kat" on some trip. It is that day that all vacations in the middle of the trip, to be able to make a semi-rest, a respite, a day at a slower pace. That has meant for us today Lake Titikaka, one day Kit-kat

It started the day very early, as we are already used to, and at 7'00, after having breakfast at the hotel, we were already at the Puno pier (city, which by the way, is immense and very ugly) by feeding us (water and cookies, 2.50 PEN ). There we took a boat, to say something, of wood and old, old to say enough. But the worst part is that they were all the same as the one we chose. Anyway ... let's go.

Our walk today takes us to two very different islands of Lake Titikaka, the island of Uros and the island of Taquile, which are usually the most visited, because they represent the diversity that this lake has lived.

Titikaka means "Stone Cougar"But, as it happened in Nazca ... how did they know that the lake was shaped like a cougar hunting a rabbit if they could not fly? Here the solution is simpler, because from the surrounding mountains you can see part of the lake. We are talking about a lake at more than 3,800 m altitude, the highest in the world fully navigable, with areas of depths greater than 280 m (Jacques Cousteau had to come to measure it, haha) and more than 194 mx 65 m. The first area in the one that we enter is in the protected reserve of reeds.

In just 20 minutes we are at Uros Floating Islands, which have reminded us for a moment of DAYS 14-15 in Inle Lake of the JOURNEY TO BURMA 2006.

Today we have met the Aymara, descendant of the Uros, one of the oldest towns in America that they were not considered men but the primal race. Some even believe that they come from a direct migration from Polynesia. The point is that After knowing the Lima, Paracas, Ica-Chincha, Nazca and several Andean Culture, today we finished our review of the Pre-Inca cultures of the country With a very particular town.

The Uros have the peculiarity that they live on Floating Islands They renew every 20-25 years. There they explain to us how they do it with the base of the roots of the together tied together, wrapped in several layers of cattails and tied with several ends to fix it. By the way, that the upper part of the whitish cat is eaten and tastes like… mmm… asparagus?

Although the show is very prepared for tourism, we must recognize that we liked it as it is very gratifying to see some customs that have lasted over the years. We take a souvenir (60 PEN)

It is also very relaxing the walk (20 PEN both) that we take for the other islands in a boat made of the same material.

In these islands barely live 4 or 5 families at most, they have no doctor but occasionally one visits them. Just thinking about the cold that can happen at night chills enter. At least, they don't pay taxes.

"Paulaaa, Paulaaa, where have you been?" (Go silly, isn't it? The island is not that big). Well there we have Paula again grabbed the children to give them candy and colored pencils. I don't know who will be more child. Although some of them would have been missing Isaac's Father with their traditional toothbrushes in the family, hahaha

Now if, at 9'00 or so, and after another small gift (5 PEN), we take the boat again to head for a farther destination, Taquile Island, more than 2 hours and 30 minutes from here . They still have much to improve because with a little faster boats the visits could be more profitable.

The Taquile Island It is one of the largest in Lake Titikaka (the largest is the Island of the Sun of Bolivia. By the way, Bolivia has 40% of the surface of the lake annexed to its territory and Peru 60% seems to be). There are about 32 islands in total. We arrived and looked up ... !!!! GO UP! !!! That we are at 3,800 m and without oxygen !!! !! There is no one to upload it!

Step by step we climb the millions of steps (or more) reaching a higher level each time and seeing around us a beautiful blue water. They say it looks a lot like the Mediterranean Sea.

Taquile is very different from Uros. Here people maintains the Inca customs and therefore adheres to the three proverbs: Do not steal, do not lie, do not be idle. It is also curious to note that there are no dogs on the whole island, and only pack animals. They carry everything with their own strength (and it will not be on the stairs, my mother!). We finally arrived at the Main Square

Here we find a not very lively square but with spectacular views. In the Plaza there is a museum of photography and a textile one, which was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as several inns and restaurants. We take the opportunity to buy some postcards (4.5 PEN) and a water (2 PEN). !! Madrid to more than 9,000 km !!!

By the way, we forgot, the day after we left Arequipa there was an earthquake of 6.4. !!! TRANQUILITY FAMILY! We didn't even know, we were at the Colca hot springs, so as if the stars fell on our heads, hehe ...

!! Time to eat !! Today we have tried the lake trout. It was very good, although it seems that it is not native to him, I do not always inhabit this lake, but they brought it from Canada to be raised later here. There are more incredible species, such as frogs that live without surfacing more than 20 m deep and over giant, discovered by Jacques Cousteau.

More traditions, although we could be days, is the one of the caps. Singles go with a half white half red cap, the leaders with a hat, the old high positions with a ridiculous one and those married with a completely red one. !!! Noooooooooooo, they put me one !!! What will it be?

Another curiosity here, and all over Peru, is that they haggle alone. You look at a carpet and they tell you 70 soles. You keep looking around looking around and self-working at 60 soles, and then 55. And then, finally, you get interested in the carpet and start your bargaining. Of course, they are not heavy at all. The population of Peru is very friendly and leaves you your space. In no time overwhelms you. It's a great people.

The majority of the inhabitants do not leave the island in their entire lives while maintaining their customs. Especially impressive is the technique of their tissues. Its very favorable microclimate for agriculture is also very special thanks to the lake's thermoregulatory effect.

If before in Uros the official language was Aymara, here it could not be other than Quechua, from the Incas.

It has really been like taking a leap in time, which we abandoned while we started a Empinanda descent of more than 500 steps to the other end of the island, to the main port. An island of 5.5 km by 1.5 km that still leaves many archeological vestiges of what were other times.

The descent, of course, much more bearable. It is incredible to see how the locals loaded and loaded with huge bags run up their loins.

The return is the same as relaxed one way. At 5'05 we are entering the ugly Puno jetty again, a city that has grown on the mountainside and where few things are saved.

Tomorrow we begin a new journey, abandon colonial Hispanic history and the multitude of pre-Inca cultures, and begin the birth of an empire, the Inca Civilization. But that will be another story. Before, One of Peruvian little boys. They are a charm. What sweetness on their faces ...

Cenita (44 PEN) and for bed, after a relaxing day on the banks of the Titikaka. Family and friends, we continue perfectly, so don't worry about us. A hug for everyone ... and as they would say on Taquile Island, ALLIN TUTA (good night in Quechua)

Paula and Isaac, from Puno (Peru)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 68.50 PEN (approx. 18.82 EUROS) and GIFTS: 69.50 PEN -approximately 19.09 EUROS-