The best of Peru to visit


If there is something that travel usually brings us, it is that transporting us to a world mix of adventures and mixed sensations that allow you to escape from daily life and live in a bubble for a few weeks.

It's been 15 days since our return from Peru and already cold, we believe that it is fair to say that it was possibly one of the most complete and contrasts trips we have ever made. From the desert coast to the most special oasis, from the colonial cities to the most authentic indigenous peoples, from the natural sites of some islands in the sea to some volcanoes at almost 5,000 meters, from a sacred city lost in the mountains at a privileged lake lost in the Amazon jungle ...

Possibly, as always. We have not been able to transmit more than partially what we have experienced these 18 days, but we hope (as always) that it will help a future traveler to help personalize their adventure and choose their experiences, just as others helped us before. Welcome to our traditional travel summary or "THE DAY AFTER: CONCLUSIONS".


Thanks to Elias Badenes (our old friend of Castellon) for allowing us to have this WEB and your help to make everything work and to Ivan for his great drawings. Special thanks to all who have written (or not) for the multitude of samples of affection received and because without you this website would never exist: to grandmother cotters (always so wise), to our families (Mami, Papi Isaac, Miriam, Tom, Mami Loly, Miguel, Papi Paula and Abuelo Paula, Zano and uncles Jose and Ketty), the Secouias (Juve and Ruth), friends and readers (Sonia, Raquel, Natalia, Josy, Angela, Sele, Fmanega, Josep, Toni, Carme, Elena and Sonia, Amparo-Antonio, Javier Las Palmas, Jason, Desika, Ana, Vanessa, MC, Isabel, Sandra, Javier, Bea , Victor, Monica, Nuria, Christian, Jose, Rocio, Marcos Nasca - thanks for your explanations - Fernando Sepulveda, Daniel, Tigrys, MC, the Villabuena + Robur family and all those who can forget us or are in the shade) ... and all those who can forget us ...


Isaac and Paula


- He Ica town, shattered by the last earthquake. Poor people
- The poor roads and how bad you drive In Peru, for some reason it is the 4th country in the world in traffic accidents. They also whistle and whistle and whistle for everything.
- The political situation of Peru with a town that feels true helplessness (although it would not be bad to look at our navel).
- !! Than the flames spit out !! Something we will do to them, hahaha
- Puno and Juliaca, horribly ugly villages
- Cuzco, home of travelers seen as "walking dollars" and people harassing you for everything (not seen in the rest of Peru)
- He guide René and his way of destroying the mystery of the Sacred Valley.
- !! THE TIMO SURROUNDING MACHU PICCHU !! Abusive prices, overvalued monopoly, shameless people, null management of everything and going through the lining to UNESCO and its advice, so much that it gives you to think if the people who wear this really deserve to have this wonder in their lands.


- The city of Lime In general, a South American city without too much charm, although with visits that are very worthwhile such as the Catacombs of the Convent of San Francisco de Asis, its library, the Water Circuit or the Miraflores Love Park with views of spectacular cliffs
- The experience of flight over the Nazca Lines although the mysticism that gives off the place makes up for it.
- The ceramic factory and the gold mining workshop of Nazca, curious but expendable.
- He town of Chivay, we expected more from such a popular town.
- What Laguna Lagunillas It is drying up, despite being still a beautiful place.
- La Raya and Andahuaylillas, dispensable stops of the route "of the origin of the Incas".
- !! Than Lima is 12 hours away from Spain !! ahgg


- Share the trips with the "Secuoias" from different points of the planet. Priceless.
- Peru's land and air public transport services, especially South Cross, Punctual, effective and comfortable.
- In general, the Gastronomy of Peru, but we couldn't with the condiments (specifically with the Coriander).
- Hit us relaxing baths in the pools the first week of the desert coast in Peru.
- Be able to observe pelicans fishing in its natural state in the Paracas Reserve.
- The creepy mummies from the Regional Museum of Ica and the Chauchilla Cemetery in Nazca.
. The Nazca aqueducts, legacy of intelligence of one of the many pre-Inca cultures.
- Arequipa in general, one of the colonial cities with more atmosphere and more picturesque than we have seen.
- The multitude of flora and fauna seen in the multiple places visited (coast, desert, Andes, jungle), as well as the contrasts from a country rich in nature and life.
- Bathe in the natural hot springs of the Colca Lodge at night in the light of a completely starry sky.
- !! Than did not give us the dreaded altitude sickness !! Oeoeoe eoeoeo (long live the Edemox).
- Pucara, its culture and its history, as well as the tradition of toritos. A discovery and an essential stop.
- Raqchi and the largest temple of the Incas dedicated to the God Viracocha.
- Cuzco as a historic center, surrounding ruins, nightlife and "navel of the world"
- The Inca people of Ollantaytambo and his incredible strength, of the best visits of the trip.
- He Inkaterra Machu Picchu, an attraction in itself.
- Except for Cuzco, the Peruvian population, lovely, humble, kind and hardworking, including the services provided by Inkandina Tours and its managers Yessica and Evelyn.


BALLESTAS ISLANDSPrivileged Nature Reserve ...
... where to observe thousands of birds ...
... among them pelicans in a natural state ...
... sea lions and even !! PENGUINS!
Keep the Candelabra mystery on its shores

HUACACHINE OASISA chosen place in the middle of the Peruvian desert
Collect natural groundwater
Access point to a special desert ...
... and an unforgettable sunset
Cluster of experiences: boogies, sanding, etc ...

ST. CATHERINE'S MONASTERYIt looks like a city of its own within Arequipa
Excellent condition
With a story behind worthy of a movie
Seeing it illuminated at night is essential
Quiet, nice, emanates peace

COLCA VALLEYNatural wonder of the world
Fauna, flora, altitude, terraces, canyons ...
... rivers, volcanoes, mountains, ice, desert ...
See the condors rise at dawn ...
... in the Cruz del Condor is an incredible experience.

CHULLPAS DE SILLUSTANIOne of the largest Necropolis in the world
Stunning mortuary turrets ...
… Over the beautiful Umayo lagoon
Mix of the pre-Inca culture of the Collas ...
... and the Inca colonizers

TITIKAKA LAKEHighest navigable lake in the world ...
… To over !! 3,800 m altitude!
Uros Islands, pre-Inca town, of the most picturesque
The Island of Taquile, descendants of the Incas ...
... maintains the most ancient customs

THE MYSTICISM OF MACHU PICCHUTrue and incredible Wonder of Humanity
Breathe aura of mystery at any time of day
It is essential to climb to Intipunku, the Puerta del Sol ...
... and approach the Inca Bridge ...
... !!! HUAYNA PICCHU, the adventure !!

SANDOVAL LAKEThe most amazing discovery of the trip ...
... in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest ...
... in the Tambopata Nature Reserve
Black alligators, birds of all kinds, turtles, ...
... monkeys, spiders and! TARANTULAS!

CONGREGATION OF PRE-INCA AND INCA HISTORYMagnificent Inca legacy very well preserved ...
... congregation of dozens of pre-Inca cultures ...
... Lima, Ica-Chincha, Paracas, Tihuanaco, Collas ...
... Nazca, Cabanas, Pucara ...
... an essential country for any history lover
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