Colca Lodge in Colca Valley


We continue for him trip to Peru 2010 reaching the valley whose main stage is the impressive Colca Canyon.

He Colca Valley, furrowed by a canyon with very vertical walls, presents one of the most spectacular environments in Peru. There are many stories and legends about the Inca presence in the area giving an air of mysticism to these deep gorges.

When we arrive at the Colca Canyon, we will be on one of the most complicated days of the trip from the point of view of height. That is why, within the "excesses" of the adventure we have chosen in this place the Colca Lodge, a picturesque accommodation with hot springs next to the river.

We have made the reservation with Inkadina Travel & Tours, like all of the trip, the receptive local agency that has managed several services in Peru, although its own web It also makes our homework much easier.

The price of this accommodation is among the $ 100-130 USD per night and room

Built entirely of stone, mud and straw, the Colca Lodge is locate in the heart of the Valley, on the banks of the Colca River, in the middle of ancestral cultivation terraces. There we can experience the enigmatic customs of the Andes, discover the past of the Incas and experience the sensation of being in a special place.

Their rooms They have private bathroom, heating, hot water (using solar systems) and outdoor terrace with excellent views.

Among the opinions of travelers who have stayed in this accommodation there are no complaints as to the cleaning of the site or the rooms.

But if there is something that stands out in this place are its outdoor thermal pools, which at night, and with the milky way in the sky, can be a very special moment. Also outstanding is its restaurant for breakfast and dinner, as well as the "facilities" to disconnect (without TV, radio, mini-bar, or internet, designed exclusively for the rest of "some").

Already back we make you our traditional "GUIDED VISIT" of the accommodation.

The first thing to say that the Colca Lodge is ... !! a marvel !! !! a haven of peace in the middle of nature!

his Location It is absolutely privileged. Even reaching it is achieved through a trail without even paving the other side of the river. We go down and after overcoming reception we see the riverbank surrounded by small small houses that make up the rooms.

What to say about rooms... ARE PALACES! They have an outdoor terrace, huge living room, bedroom area, multiple furniture, candles and decorations as well as accessories ...

Also the bath It is thought to the last detail, with shower gels and with a wide disposition.

The cleanliness is absolute, both inside the room and in its completely maintained exteriors.

Speaking of its exteriors, they are undoubtedly the best of the Lodge, with small stone paths among the vegetation. There is a SPA with high prices for those who want to stick a "massage" ...

... but who wants a SPA having a natural hot spring next to the river ?. Indeed, the Colca Lodge's great attraction is its hot springs at different temperatures, where you can enjoy all day but especially a beautiful sunset / sunset while you have a good cocktail from the attached bar.

Next to the reception is the restaurant, where without abusive prices, you can enjoy breakfast (included) as well as a buffet dinner for whoever wants (in the surroundings there is nothing, unless you are a good "hunter" of animals, LOL).

There are more services of rigor of a lodge of this category. There is no WIFI (but who wants it in such an environment?).

The we would recommend? Yes, yes and yes. The Colca Lodge is not just an accommodation, it is an experience in an enviable environment that can perfectly be the "base camp" to spend a few days enjoying nature. Also at a very competitive price without going to abusive prices from other better known places. It is recommended by CHAVETAS.ES from here.

Paula and Isaac, from the Colca Valley (Peru)