Eco Inn Lake Titicaca in Puno


Our travel through Peru 2010 this time he takes us to another special place, Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Fist, on the west bank of Lake Titicaca and surrounded by hills, it is one of the oldest towns in Peru. The story tells that it was one of the nerve centers of the Pucara culture, prior to the legend of the Inca origins.

There are two locations to stay in Puno, in the town or on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We have opted for the latter although in a very economical option, since the town offers practically nothing. After assessing the possibility of sleeping in the Casa Andina Private Collection, we have finally ruled it out because of its high price opting for the Eco Inn Lake Titicaca and with room overlooking the lake

The reservation, as in the rest of the trip, we have made with Inkadina Travel & Tours, the receptive local agency that has managed several services in Peru, although it could have been done through its own web.

The price of this accommodation, although in principle we thought it could be fired, is on the dates we go between $ 50-60 USD per night and room

This accommodation is located in front of Esteves Island, on the outskirts of Puno and less than 5 minutes walk from the port that will take us to the main visits of Lagot Titicaca.

Their rooms, of the 61 available, they have different orientations being the lake view chosen by us (there are no large differences in rates). They are also equipped with cable TV, hairdryer, heating, room service until 11.00 pm, telephone, voltage 220 / 110V, WIFI, laundry service and mail service.

The cleaning The entire complex and the rooms is adequate.

Something to highlight in this privileged place are its sunrises. It seems that it is very worth getting up to see them. Also the treatment and the friendliness of the service fall within its strengths. However, its comedy is simply correct for travelers who have stayed in it.

Already back, as always, we do our usual "GUIDED VISIT" of the accommodation With all the details and impressions.

When we left Puno, the initial idea we had was to put a lot of pain to this complex, but being objective and already cold, it may be an economical option with a semi-correct service.

The first hits start with your Location, far from Puno to walk (Puno is ugly to rage, so you do not lose much, but if you go to your jetty) and without views of anything in particular, because between the Lake and the Eco Inn there is a road and a railway crossing Your exteriors more of the same.

The reception and its employees leave much to be desired from the moment we enter. We were not accepted dollars to pay, the change had nothing to do with reality (it never is in hotels but here absolutely distorted) and other small service details.

The room However it is great. Spacious, with all kinds of accessories and furniture, safe, luggage, details.

The cleaning It is also scrupulous, as is the bath also spacious and with good separations, gels, shampoos, shower, etc ...

The restaurant, where the breakfast (and in our case also dinner because there was nowhere to go in the area), it is also very well prepared with an extensive menu. They also serve in the lobby.

As for the other services, note that there is NO WIFI in the rooms (it does not arrive) but in the Lobby. If you use the PC that has internet access and you don't carry your own laptop, they charge you a paste. There is also laundry service, postal mail, etc ...

The we would recommend? First we get a NO, but the accommodations in the area are expensive because of the privileged location facing the Lake. Going to Puno there are cheaper options but in dirty and lost streets of an ugly city. We wouldn't know what to say ... we left it to consumer taste.

Isaac and Paula, from Puno (Peru)